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Johnathan Sommerfeld 24 Sep 2006
I have been trying to find Jonathan Sommerfeld. He served in 1988-1990. If you know where he is have him call Kyle Smith in Mesa Arizona, 480-668-8925
Kyle Russell Smith Send Email
help me find Jared Johnson 09 Aug 2006
I served with Jared Johnson. I am trying to find him. If you have any information on him, please let me know.


Randall O'Donnal Send Email
just got called 16 Apr 2006
i just got called to Peoria and i am pumped. if anyone has any information for me that'd be cool.
Stuart Lange Send Email
getting married 17 Mar 2006
Just to let you know I am getting married on the 21st of April to Ryan Brandon Molsee in the Logan UT temple...Yay! Exciting!
Sabra Maurine Clapier Send Email
search 14 Mar 2006
Help me find Siter Durrant, whom served from 1992-1994
lehua S. mahuna Send Email
search 14 Mar 2006
looking for Elder Todd me find that funng guy!
lehua S. mahuna Send Email
search 14 Mar 2006
Looking for Sister Jan Cahoon.please help me find her!!!!!!!!!
lehua S. mahuna Send Email
search 14 Mar 2006
I am in seach of Sister Kristi Purdee Dial........Does anybody know where sjhe can be found?
lehua S. mahuna Send Email
Announcement 06 Apr 2005
I served 00-02.
Maybe someone on this site will be interested.
I am getting married June 18 in the Jordan River Temple to Kami Waite of Layton, UT
James William Erkkila Send Email
IPM Reunion 01 Mar 2005
If you served under President Lundgreen there is a mission reunion March 31st, in Midvale, Utah @ 7 pm. to when ever everyone leaves. Last years reunion was a blast, spread the news to everyone from the mission that you know. If you need directions or more info please e-mail me at,
Melissa Anne Stauffer Send Email
In Search Of... 01 Mar 2004
Hey Everyone!
I am looking for Elders Ethan Boehner and Michael Pratt who served in Jacksonville, Illinois in May of 1993. These guys were amazing and I just want to thank them for sharing the gospel with me! If you have any info please drop me a line!
Erin Lee Rettke Send Email
Looking for... 18 Feb 2004
David W. Harris Send Email
Baptized in Nauvoo 1982 13 Feb 2004
We were baptized in the church in Nauvoo in 1982. We lived in Montrose, IA at the time. Our last missionaries were Elder Sterling Cloward and Roger Hancock. We still exchange Christmas cards. I was married to Larry Allen at the time and expecting our daughter Calla. She was born on July 17, 1983, the one year anniversary of my "member missionaries" Gene and Chris Cheek of Ft Madison. Larry and I were divorced in 1987 and he now lives in Nevada and is remarried to Kathy King who is also a convert.

In 1989 Calla and I relocated to Council Bluffs, IA. where we are very active in the Kanesville Ward. She is now 20 and contemplating a mission later this year when she turns 21, unless the marriage bug bites her! lol!

I have two other children Annette and Michael Fullenkamp Jr. They were baptized in Feb 1983 in Nauvoo. Annette now is married with two children and lives in Alabama and Michael was killed in a car accident in Burlington, IA in 1997.

Would love to hear from any of the missionaries who may remember us and we want to thank you for being involved in the best decision we ever made. I cannot imagine my life without the church.

God bless you for serving and teaching us.

Sister Allen
Paula Allen Send Email
In search of... 12 Feb 2004
Does anybody know how to reach Sister Kara Ohlsen that served under President Dean Sorensen back in 1997? I have lost touch and would like to contact her. Please send e-mail to Danielle Wolf...
Danielle Marie Wolf Send Email
Looking for Information 11 Feb 2004
I'm looking for anyone that might have any information about President Rigtrup.
Michael Paul Wadman Send Email
Just recieved my call 29 Aug 2003
I have been called to serve in the Illinois Peoria mission, spanish-speaking! I report to the MTC on october 22, 2003. I am very happy to be able to serve, and look forward to doing so.
~Matthew Houston
Mesa, AZ
Matthew Houston Send Email
Old Messages Archive 24 Aug 2003

5/7/2001 - C. Harding -

Sons Mission Call

Adam-My heart is filled with joy at your call to the Peoria Illinios Mission, Son. I haven`t slept for 2 days since that call came! You seem SO happy, and anxious to serve. What a blessing you are and will bring, to your family, to your life, to the people in Illinois and your future companions. A mothers heart couldn`t hold more love than I am feeling for you! Mom

7/4/2001 - Peter William Matthews -

A lost sheep

My name is Pete Matthews and I was called to serve in the peoria Mission in 1988. I arrived in December 1988 with great hope and desire. Unfortunately though I returned home in January to attend to some serious family problems. At the time it was the hardest thing I have ever had to do and to this day remains the greatest regret of my life. Those who knew me, I am sure were shocked by me leaving and probably did not truly understand why I left. Even President Visick was not totally aware of the circumstances. Any way I wanted to get in contact with any of the missionaries that may remember me. Elder Geddes, Elder Brehen and Elder Alzinger especially.. Any one who does remember me please contact me as I would love to hear from you and share my story and testimony.

11/4/2001 - Robert L Borders -

Want to find missionaries serving in Burlington apr.1976

Had good fortune of overhearing 2 missionaries in Burlington Iowa in Apr.1976.Did not see them since I was in another rm and later joined the church. Want to find who they were.Do you know of or are you? please respond! bob b

11/28/2001 - Brent Nelson Farnsley -

Looking for my old companions

Hey everyone! I'm trying to find anyone that I served with or around. I'm especially trying to find Elder Thomas Havard or Hibran Borja. I`m now married and have two children and am in the military stationed in Texas. I sure would love to hear from anyone. Thanks.

2/5/2002 - Michanne E. Mattson -

Lost Missionary

I once knew a missionary named Elder Thomas J. Havard. I lived in Kirskville, MO at the time. He served until 1996, I believe. It is very important that I find him, I have news for him that is of grave importance. Please help me find him. He was from Texas. That`s about all I know. Thank you.Please e-mail me:

2/10/2002 - Bonnie -

My Missionary

Hello, Its only been a week since my boyfriend left for the MTC, he has been called to serve the wonderful people of the Peoria area. I would just like to say how proud I am and if anyone gets a chance to meet my guy, give him my love.

3/27/2002 - Brandon Wayne Keppner -

Nauvoo Temple

Hi, I served as a missionary under President Dean Sorensen from 1995-1997 and am now excited to be able to return for the Nauvoo Temple open house. I will be visiting from May 12, 2002 until May 15. If anyone knows me from being a missionary or who lived in the mission, I would love to meet up with any of you again. So please let me know if you will be around while I am out there. I know I sound incredibly cheesy, but just e-mail me and I will try to meet you anywhere when I can.

8/20/2002 - Shannon Leia Lawrence -

Looking for...

I am sorry to bother you all, I was wondering if someone could help me. On Sunday I met a RM by the name of Wiley...(SP)? I think his last name may be Jenson, but I am not sure on that. I know he served his mission here and I know he was from Idaho, the southern part. If someone could help me please...thanks, Shannon

9/23/2002 - Randall O'Donnal -

Lost Missionary

Does anyone know how to get a hold of Elder Chirstopher Hill. He served from 96 to 98 under Pres. Dean Sorensen. If you know how to contact him, have him get a hold of Randy ODonnal at (636)7899932 or email me at Thank you.

12/13/2002 - Troy Marshall -


Where is compas, young, peterson, pratt,jensen?

1/22/2003 - Devonee JoAnn Driscoll -

Coming to the Illinois Peoria Mission

I have been called to the Illinois Peoria Mission and enter the MTC on February 12 2003. I am very excited to serve the Lord and our brothers and sisters in the Illinois Peoria Mission.

4/2/2003 - Norma J Staley -

Still searching

I`m still searching for the two missionaries that taught me the Gospel 17 years ago in Macomb, IL. Elder Rodney Sherman and Elder David Reed. Please, if you know where these two brothers are, have them email me. I would love to reconnect with them. Thanks. Sister Staley

6/27/2003 - Michanne Mattson -

Still Looking

I really don`t give up easily. Thomas Havard, where are you?Thank you IPM board for your patience! Keep up the good work and the great message.

Cheree Daley Send Email
Sister Mortenson 24 Aug 2003
Does anybody know how to reach Sister Mortenson who served under President Burgess? She was in Quincy at the same time as myself and I have lost touch with her over the years.

Brett Michael Van Fleet Send Email
Looking for Elder Wilkins 23 Aug 2003
I am looking for any address or email of Elder Barry Wilkins of AZ. Please contact me if you know of his where about.

Matthew D. Friend Send Email
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- Elder L. Tom Perry
Ensign, Nov. 2001
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