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Memoir of Jaredita 23 Aug 2007
I've known her since she was an early teenager. She's a bright young princess to all of us at that time. I think that Father loves her so much so He calls her on a mission to teach his spiritual children in the spirit world. See you up there Jaredita.
Anthonius Tena Ladjar Send Email
Condolence to Family Subandriyo 23 Aug 2007
I may not know the Subandriyo family well but the news about the sudden demise of Jaredita written by the Jensens were extremely sad and shocking for me. Jaredita was only 19 and about the same age as my daughter, Victoria. As I read all about her last part of life with the Jensens, they were really special and most beautiful memories for those who had met her during those few days. Her desire and passion to do many things were deep and it was a pity that she had to leave this earth much earlier for another mission of her next life. May I send my deepest condolence to her parents, siblings, relatives, and all those who were closed to her for the sudden loss of this beautiful young lady. The news shared by the Jensens were very touching and much appreciated as I was wondering who was Jaredita for a few days. Words are hard to express the pain felt for the family Subandriyo but I am very sure that the Lord will continue to bless Jaredita with another beautiful life after death in another world. I had died before and I know what it was to be dead. The spirit lives on but there is really LIFE after death. Jaredita can see many things in her new world but none of us can see her. I wished I could write to her family and share something with them in reality about LIFE AFTER DEATH. It's beautiful and very unique for me to witness my own short death and I want Jaredita's family to know that she is now HAPPY in another place specially reserved for her.
Cindy C H van Roosmalen-Teo Send Email
MTC/TRC not meeting this Saturday 12 Jul 2007
The MTC/TRC (Teaching Resource Center) has informed me that there will be no Indonesian session this coming Saturday, 14 July 2007.

Please come the week after. They will be doing all their practicing (conversation and teaching) in Indonesian from now until they depart for Indonesia.

Barry Nay
Robert Barry Nay Send Email
Kunjungan ke Indonesia 09 Jul 2007
Saya akan mengunjungi Negara Indonesia tanggal 28 Juli sampai 14 Agustus tahun 2007. Tujuan kunjunan saya ialah untuk mewawancari sebanyak mungkin anggota gereja tentang pengalaman pengalaman mereka. Informasi dari wawancara wawancara itu akan digunakan di buku saya tentang sejarah Gereja Yesus Kristus dari Orang Orang Suci Zaman Akhir di Indonesia.

Jadwal kunjungan saya ialah:
29-30 Juli --Menado
31 Juli-1 Agustus –Surabaya
2-3 Agustus – Malang
4-5 Agustus –Medan
6-13 Agustus – Bogor, Bandung dan Jakarta

Bila anda mau diwawancari atau mau menolong saya mengunjungi anggota anggota tolong kasih tahu. Saya akan berangkat tanggal 24 Juli.

Terimah Kasih

Chad Emmett
Chad Emmett Send Email
Hello, Si-Nakal friends! I know this is a short notice and maybe not the right time to some of you but I am scheduled to be in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) from April 21-26 for my business trip and thereafter I will take a short break to be in SLC from April 26-April 30. From May 1 I must fly over to Jacksonville, Flordia to be with Sister A. Shurtleff till May 5. She will turn 90 on April 18 and I have promise to give her the best of my time there. It would be nice if I could "kill many birds with one stone" to see some of you to exchange info of from you -- our long absence and all the successes that happened to you and me! I have asked Dave Brewer if he could make some kind of arrangements for me -- for meeting as well as a place to stay for a few days. If anyone of you have something, please let him know or get in touch with me. I can be reached at my email address : or or
My mob phone is +31.648-644-786 and I will carry it along with me on my trip. I hope to see some of you soon. HAPPY EASTER to all! If there is a group for a meeting, I would LOVE to cook for all -- cooking is also my No.1 hobby -- you name it and I will cook...both Asian and International as well!
Cindy C H van Roosmalen-Teo Send Email
Reunion 18 Feb 2007
I have heard 2nd hand that a reunion is being planned in Indonesia some time in mid 2007. Does anyone know any details about these plans?
Harry Denley Send Email
Thanks 18 Oct 2006
Thanks to those of you who responded to our email. We got some great ideas and learned a little bit more about Indonesia. Our son writes that he now has three great teachers. As well as volunteers. He loves the MTC and looks forward to serving in Indonesia.
Thanks again Debby Thiemann
Marcus Charles Thiemann Send Email
language helps 02 Oct 2006
Hello to all. My son just entered the MTC on Sept 27 2006 and has written home for any helps with the indonesian language. So far they have spent a day and a half trying to teach themselves. I have printed all of the language helps listed on the message board and the song itsee bitsee spider! I was wondering if there is anyone in the Provo area who could volunteer to round up any helpful materials and or volunteer to do some teaching either about the language or culture etc. Thanks Sis Debby Thiemann ps there are 2 Elders and a Sister in his District counting him. He already has some conference talks on CD that he took with him.
Marcus Charles Thiemann Send Email
Tsumani video from 2004 13 Sep 2006
Does anyone know if the video of the 2004 tsunami that was presented at the spring 2005 missionary reunion is available for purchase? There is a geology professor that is interested in obtaining a copy. Thanks, Jean.
Jean R Daddow Send Email
Wayne Jones Address 18 Jun 2006
I would like to know the address of Wayne Jones. I know he lives in the San Francisco area. He was one of my LTM teachers so that would put him in Indonesia about 74 and 75. While in Jogja working on the earthquake relief I ran into a family that adores him and asked if I would send a picture to him. I thought he would be registered with this site but no such luck. Please email me if you have his address.
Chuck Lambson Send Email

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