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reunions 24 Jun 2004
any one there planning a reunion or know of one let me know
Bryan Lee Bekkemellom Send Email
Looking 23 Jun 2004
Does anyone who served near Davenport know how to get in touch with Eric Borsini? I think he lives near Boston. If you have any info please let me know. Thanks
Brian Michael Wilson Send Email
looking for address 16 Jun 2004
Can anyone hook me up with President Rowley's current address? getting married and would like him to get an invite.
Benjamin Jon Cardon Send Email
Rick Rietz 17 May 2004
I am looking For Rick Rietz. He was from Davenport Ward. I don't think he lives there any more. But I am trying to find his girlfrieds last name. Her first name was Deanna. If anyone knows were Garen Thompson lives let me know, I know that he knows. Garen may still be living in Ephram or Manti. Thanks for any Info. Kory Bundy
Kory L Bundy Send Email
Need a bike 12 May 2004
I am entering the MTC on Jun 2 then onto Des Moines. I need a bike. Anyone leaving have one they want to sell?
Geoff Belliston Send Email
Hey!!! 30 Apr 2004
I just got engaged on the 24th also! We're getting hitched on August 21st in the Mount Timpanogas (sp?) Temple. Her name is Brooke.
Benjamin Jon Cardon Send Email
I'm ENGAGED 28 Apr 2004
Hey Y'all!

I just got engaged on Saturday April 24! She's absolutely wonderful! We're getting married on 8/19/2004 in the Mesa Temple! Just wanted to let y'all know!

If you want an invite, send me your home address!

Michael Hilton Send Email
hello rowley and pehrsonites! 19 Apr 2004
well this is to anyone who remembers me and cares, i live in the philippines now, i got married a couple of months ago. anyone with Pres rowley's email address please send it to me, thank you. if anyone knows the emails of Elder aguilera and claudio Adams please provide me with and and Joe weeks as well. to lance hardin: dude you need to stay off your mission your long done. let other missionaries lifes alone, keep to your own business. i'm glad to see everyone posting messages on here. i probably won't see any of you again until the ressurection. but the gospel is true and the book will always be blue! peace to all!
Martin A Wilkins Send Email
I am getting married!! 28 Mar 2004
Waz up all my fellow Rowley-ites,
I am wanting to hear from those companions and other missionaries I served with. I really need your addresses for wedding invites. I am getting married as of May 1, 2004 in the Las Vegas Temple. If you not going to be at the reunion, email me ASAP!
I love ya'll
Sister Carpenter(Kruse)
shauna christine kruse Send Email
Rowley & Pehrsonites 10 Mar 2004
SUP! So I kinda went into hiding for a while after the misison, but I'm resurfacing and announcing that I, COOK, am getting married. The unthinkable is happening and while all the Rowley-ites are reunionizing and such, I'll be on my honeymoon. PEACE!
Aaron J. Cook Send Email
Looking for Elder Barrow 03 Mar 2004
I'm looking for Conrad Barrow, he served with me in Clinton. If anybody knows where he is could you let me know.
need a ride 03 Mar 2004
for those you need a ride or just want some company down to SLC for the reunion this year e mail me and let me know
or if you want to e mail me for a update as well
elder lot adams is my email
William Lot Adams Send Email
Finding butters 20 Jan 2004
I'm looking for Brandon Butler, he was my comp. in Des Moines my last area. The last I heard he was getting hitched, then nothing! Anyways if anyone knows his whereabouts please drop me a line.
Reunion 10 Dec 2003
Everyone out there who served during Pres. Monsen and/or Pres. Welling, let me know if you are interested in a reunion like in April. They seem to be few and far between. I would enjoy reminiscing and seeing old friends. Contact me at to get some plans going. Thanks
Brad Armstrong Send Email
Reunion 07 Dec 2003
Tell all the Rowley-ites to log as alumni onto this website if they want an invitation to the next reunion in April. It's supposed to be a dinner w/ the Rowley's and he'll get his invitation list from this website. So spread the word!
Gabrielle Hannon Send Email
Looking for Elder Reese 18 Nov 2003
Does anyone know where Stewart Reese is? I can't find his number or address any where! If anyone has any info I'd appreciate a tip!


Michael Hilton Send Email
Spanish Elders, where are you/ drop a line yall. 30 Sep 2003
Good day everyone. First off, I'd just like to say, Iowa rocked. Y'all know what I'm talkin'bout. Second, where did some of the spanish Elders go. I never see messages from any of them; did like, Ruiz get deported so he can't write ( I've been trying to find that guy for 2 years); do not Hellstrom or Stockdale have the internet, or what? Send me an e-mail guys.
Anyway, I'd love to hear from any of the Rowleyites/Pehrsonites-- By the way, if this is the mission website, we should have more info on Alumni, right? If anyone knows anyone who has served in the Des, Moines, tell'em to check the site out. Geeze, even a few mission presidents haven't put their information in.
Ryan James Astin Send Email
Hey! 29 Sep 2003
Hey all of you out there who know me and care. I'm getting married on the 14th of Nov. If anybody has a line on Wheeler, please let me know. I'd like to get a hold of him. Oh, this part is for Nick Park. I'm still waiting for my copy of the squirrel tape. It would make a great wedding present.
Jared Michael Wood Send Email
Mission reunions? 29 Sep 2003
Wayne, I am sad that I wasn't in your list of favorite Elders, but oh well. Just kidding ya dude. What's up everyone, its Nick Park. Wayne can you believe that we have been home almost 2 years?! And what do I have to show for it? Actually a lot. We need others to start dropping messages so we can stay in touch. Any word on any mission reunions this conference or next? I'm thinking it won't happen this conference, but next would be nice. Get back and I'm interested to know how everyone is doing!
Nicholas Stewart Park Send Email
Passing the News 23 Sep 2003
Well, I am a former Pehrson-ite, but only was able to serve for 7 months due to really bad and disgruntled knees! But I am here to Represent! If they are out there... Hi to all my comp's and also all 5 baptisms: Jim, Bob, Chris, Lloyd, and Logan! As well as all the members who helped me on my way!
Steven Jay Hansen Send Email
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