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Korean Language Textbooks

Learning the Korean Language is not a walk in the park. Many missionaries can testify that learning a language was the hardest thing they have ever done. However, it is not impossible to learn to speak Korean fluently. Below is a compiled list of time-tested, missionary-recommended, Korean Language Textbooks. These resources are invaluable in the mission field.

Foundation Grammar is the best beginning level missionary text on the Korean Language. This timeless book was written by Robert H. Slover II while he served as a missionary in the Seoul Korea Mission in the early 1970s. Elder Slover later became the ninth president of the Korea Pusan Mission (1999-2002). Please contact him if you are interested in obtaining a copy of the book.

Speaking Korean Book II is another excellent choice. Many missionaries find this book to be a great next step after Foundation Grammar. The great thing about this book is that it is packed with examples. Each new language form is usually accompanied by five to ten examples. This is a great choice for those who learn by repetition. For purchase information and reviews visit
ISBN: 1-56591-103-2

Korean Grammar for International Learners is the perfect book for in-depth understanding of almost every grammar form. It is also great for a lot of the more difficult forms of speech. This book is available for purchase at Amazon.
ISBN: 89-7141-554-1

Korean Conversation is a famous series of books found in most Korean book stores that teach vocabulary and grammar through conversations. Each chapter contains a new conversation with corresponding supportive material. Most missionaries find books two through four to be helpful.

Handbook of Korean Vocabulary is the best vocabulary building resource available. This "root dictionary" for the Korean Language contains more than 1,500 vocabulary lists consisting of words built from a shared root. This is must have for missionaries. For reviews and purchase information visit
ISBN: 0-8248-1815-6

A Guide To Korean Characters: Reading and Writing Hangul and Hanja is a fun resource for missionaries who are interested in learning the Chinese character origins of common Korean roots. This book features all 1,800 Chinese characters taught in Korean schools. All characters are accompanied by detailed stroke order images. For reviews and purchase information visit
ISBN: 0-930878-13-2