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help 18 May 2010
My ward it looking for some pen pals for the Young Women to "meet" and get in touch with during Girls' Camp. If anyone knows some Young Women in the mission or those who have recently moved to the states, that would be interested, please contact me and give me their information.
Kim Leonard Send Email
Contact Former Kwangju Missionary 1980 11 Sep 2008
There were two elders and two sister missionaries that I met in a small town west of Kwangju South Korea in 1980, I remeber the names of sister Ann Bagley and Sister Cheryl Farmer. I would like to contact them I am a memeber of the Virginia Beach Stake. Does anyone know how to contact them?
Glenn Allsbrook Send Email (and, Korean bloggers?) 05 Dec 2007
Does anybody know about this site? ( ) I just ran across it the other day and tried to register for the message board, but I keep getting a little pop-up that says "중복 확인," which I think means to check that there's no duplication of user names, but no matter what I do it keeps coming up.

Also, I've been looking for Korean blogs that I can read and comment on (hopefully ones with lots of pictures--ha!) and I found a couple, but I was thinking it would be fun if I could find some LDS Korean bloggers. Anyone know of any?
Helena Jole Send Email
Hong Byoung Shik Mission Reunion 01 Oct 2007

Okay, each of you should have received an official invitation a month ago from Matt Wright. This is the follow-up email to make sure everyone knows where to go and what to bring.

Date: THIS FRIDAY, October 5th

Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm

Place: LDS Church 875 W Foxboro Dr. / NORTH SALT LAKE , UT 84054
(Please note: this is actually a town in Davis county just across the county border from Salt Lake City. See directions below. Traffic will be very bad from the south for about a mile. Plan a few more minutes than you might expect)

Please Bring: A DESSERT to share. All other food will be provided.
A Hanbok if you have one (for a fashion show. We’ll put them on after dinner)


From the South
· Take the "North Salt Lake" or "US-89" Exit (#312).
· Take US-89 to Center Street (1.6 miles)
· Go West on Center Street to Redwood Road. (1.1 miles)
· Turn North on Redwood and go 0.8 miles to Foxboro Drive. Turn West.
· The Church is on your left. (0.2 miles)
If traffic is really bad, get off on the "Warm Spring Roads Exit (#311), turn left and follow the road around to Redwood Road. Turn North (right) on Redwood Road and go 2.5 miles to Foxboro Drive. Turn Left. The Church is on your left. (0.2 miles)

From the North
· Take Center Street Exit (#314)
· Go West on Center Street to Redwood Road. ( 0.8 miles)
· Turn North on Redwood and go 0.8 miles to Foxboro Drive. Turn West
· The Church is on your left. (0.2 miles)

See you soon!
Ashley Jensen
Ashley Jensen Send Email
Missing Korea 05 Jun 2007
I just posted a blog entry about missing Korea and wanted to share with somebody who would understand. Sigh.
Helena Jole Send Email
Korean Language Textbook 07 Feb 2007
mission president made it, but if anyone knows, please let me know.
Jake Summers Send Email
romanization? 20 Nov 2006
Did Korea change romanization methods recently? I've been seeing a lot of "Daejeon" and "Busan." Seems to be pretty consistent.

Heck, I only just recently found out that they changed the name of the church. I feel so out of the loop.
Helena Jole Send Email
President Hong's Mission Reunion 28 Sep 2006
On Oct. 15th, President Hong and about 20 of the missionaries that served under him, met for a reunion in Provo, Utah. Although we always wish there was a greater attendance, it was a lot of fun to catch up, make new acquaintances, introduce our families, network, and OF COURSE, eat delicious Korean cuisine! Thanks to Sister Bae (I'm very sorry I don't know her full name or correct spelling) and her husband (former owners of the Korean restaurant Touch of Seoul) for cooking all day and preparing the food! Also, thanks to President Hong's son and 2 grandchildren for attending with him. They generously donated all the resources for the party. In addition, there was a special guest appearance of Sister Waddell (Her husband, President Waddell, was the next mission president) . It was fun to hear her reminisce about Korea and about their acquaintance with President Hong. Some other former missionaries in attendance were Westover, Glenn White, Micky Murphy, Kim Dae Ryong, Christian Ward, Matheson ?or was it Mathis?, Jimmy Clark, Aaron Lindhart, Matt Wright, Nolan Wright, and a handful of Korean missionaries--but I don’t want to slaughter their names in the translation. (SORRY!)

One final note is that Nolan Wright volunteered to coordinate next year’s reunion. It will be on Friday, October 5th 2007 at a church in North Salt Lake, Utah. Dinner will be served (as always and more details will follow as the time approaches. Please put it in your calendars now and plan to attend! I will mention this on the news page too. We hope to see you all again next year!
Ashley Jensen Send Email
Reunion & Korean Culture Night 31 Aug 2006
The Taejon Mission reunion for Pres & Sister Waddell's missionaries will be held prior to the Korean Cultural Night on Friday Sept. 29th from 4:00 to 6:00 at the LDS chapel located at 311 North 800 West in West Bountiful.Please bring good finger foods, light on the deserts please. We will be visiting and reminesing about the mission days. This chapel is located approximatly 1 mile from where the event will be held. The Korean Cultural Night will be held at 6:30 at the Bountiful Regional Center and is located at 835 North 400 East, North Salt Lake. Tickets are required. We currently have 25 tickets available. Please contact Sister Waddell if you need tickets by September 15th (, any unclaimed tickets will be returned to the ticket offcie due to high demand.
David Lynn Waddell Send Email
Korean Cultural Night 30 Aug 2006
Does anyone have any extra tickets to the Korean Cultural Night on Sept. 29? I would really like to go with my family but there aren't any left over.

Jamison Olsten Send Email
Thanks for the font help! 05 Apr 2006
Big thanks to everyone who helped me with the hangul fonts--it took a while, but we finally got it figured out and working! 감사합니다!
Helena Jole Send Email
이주희 자매님 17 Feb 2006
Does anyone know Sister 이주희's contact information or email address. I believe she lives in Taejon in the 대덕구 area.

Trevor Cook Send Email
Korean fonts 17 Feb 2006

Also, Adobe has some fonts bundled with their Acrobat Asian font packs but you have to locate the fonts after installation and move them into the fonts folder if you want to use them for other programs.
Dennis E. Hanks Send Email
hangul fonts? 14 Feb 2006
Does anyone know where I can get some nice hangul fonts? I love some of the ones at but apparently the font files aren't actually there anymore.
Helena Jole Send Email
Finding Companions 31 May 2005
I am in search of information leading to the whereabouts of Jason Ivey, Michael Steele, and Ben Taylor. If anyone has info please email it to me at
Michael Mathews Send Email
Korean Scriptures (electronic form) 08 Sep 2004
I am putting together a file that contains the Book of Mormon in Korean (web page based). It can easily be viewed using your computer in it's current format but I am reformatting it so that people can put it on their PDA (as long as your PDA can display Korean fonts (there are ways around this though) and has a web browser). The current format is too big and takes too long to display. I am doing this so my wife doesn't have to haul her scriptures around and to get her to use her PDA. Anyways, if any one is interested just email me at: I will send it to you when I am finished.

Jami Olsten
Jamison Olsten Send Email
Reminder for Stories 24 Aug 2004
Hey all, this is Jason Hall just reminding you that I am still taking stories of your "Best Discussion" from your mission. If you need more information get me at or 503-358-1091.
I would like to get them all together with at least 2 weeks before the reunion. To submit a story send it to the same address.
Thanks again, and keep the stories coming. We'll all love them.
With love,
Jason Hall
(Elder Hall)
Jason Hall Send Email
An English Teacher 24 May 2004
Hi! My wife is a program coordinator for a group of 15-18 Korean Students coming to Salt Lake City between July 21st and August 12th. She needs to hire a person to teach their English classes for that three week period. The students need to receive 12 hours minimum of class a week, so we could plan the classes around your schedule as long as it met the requirement. You need to have a teaching certificate. (It doesn't have to be in English though.) You will be paid (details are still being hammered out). The class would be taught in the West Valley City area. (to tell the truth we are still looking for a location). If anyone is interested, please email her at Her name is Annelise Murphy.
We are also in need of host families that will provide a home for one Korean Student. You will be responsible for transportation, lodging and food to and from their activities. If you are interested in this or know of anyone who is please have them email Annelise at the above mentioned email address. They need to live in the Salt Lake Area.
Michael James Murphy Send Email
what I'm doing 29 Apr 2004
I don't know how many of you that know me will check this, but here goes. I'm currently at my home in Montana. I leave here for Reno, NV to do a 10-week internship at Moana Nursery. I'm really excited about that, but am a little nervous because I haven't met any of the people that I'll be working with in person. I've talked to them on the phone and they seem nice, so I'm excited to go there, except that it would be nice to be home for the summer. I will then return to Rexburg mid-July to finish up. I will hopefully graduate in December, unless something changes. I'm rapidly approaching becoming a "menace to society" as Brigham Young would say, but am still hopeful that I will not end up being an old bachelor forever. Life is good with me. Hope things are going well for all of you wherever you may be. I would love to hear from you. Have great summers!

Lance Stott
Lance V Stott Send Email
Elder Prusse is going to BYU 29 Apr 2004
Hi everybody! Haven't posted here for quite awhile so here I go. I finally got my crap together and applied and got accepted to BYU as a transfer student. Now I'm looking for housing with mostly clean, organized people that don't party too much. Someone with good standards and solid haircuts.

I'm looking for someone outgoing and not affraid to take risks. I enjoy walks by the beach and evenings by the fire with Barry White playing in the background. We will have delicious lobster and dance to the soft music of the ocean breeze. The stars seem to call out your name and the visage of Lionel Richie singing "You are the Sun" parades in our heads wearing yellow eighties jogging shorts with a blue stripe.

So anyway, I need a roommate(s) for fall of '04. If anyone is or knows someone available, please E-mail me If you want to talk or learn more about Lionel Richie, you may also E-mail me. If you are interested in learning about snake charming, please ignore this post and look elsewhere, because I told you guys that's not my "thing".

Joyfully yours,
Chris Prusse
Christopher Michael Prusse Send Email
website 17 Oct 2003
Hey all, I have a website now. Check it out and send an email sometime! Thanks.
Todd P Hamilton Send Email
Klynn Donaldson & Peter Polis 17 Jun 2003
Does anyone know where is Klynn Donaldson and Peter Polis?
Kim Jimi Dorman Send Email
Sister Laura Evans 17 Jun 2003
Does anyone have an address for Sister Laura Evans? She served around 1990-1991. She was very musical.
Kim Jimi Dorman Send Email
Old Companion 27 Jan 2003
I am looking for Jon Tripp. Please contact me if you have any info. Thanks.
Judd R. Wattenbarger Send Email
Contacting a former missionary 18 Nov 2002
Does anyone know how to contact Richard Hemma? I met up with a member he baptized, and the member would like to contact him.
Joshua Russell Dey Send Email