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08 February, 1998

Please use the following format:

name: Last (maiden), First M.I. [Example:Jones (Smith), Margaret A.]
*snail mail address: 1234 Any Street
Anytown, UT 98765-1234
dates served: MM/DD/YY to MM/DD/YY
areas served: area 1, area 2, etc.
personal info: 35 words or less. Include your employer and job title. To whom are you married, where married, and when. Where you live. What are your current hobbies or interests. What callings do you hold. How many children do you have. (I will only include things I think are revelant to the alumni. Please save lengthy biographies for private emails, etc.)
Birthday: MM/DD/*YY


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MBM Registration
email address:
snailmail address:
(phone number):
dates served:
areas served:
personal info:

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