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E-mail address - Pres Homer? 16 Oct 2006
Does any one have their current e-mail?

President Homer entered the Mission Field January of 1987 just a few weeks before 15 of us arrived as he and Sister Homer welcomed their "first" group of missionaries. President and Sister Homer are wonderful people and perhaps one of the reasons Pres. Homer was so successful at being a mission President was his love for the missionaries themselves. Because Pres. was unable to serve his own mission due to being the service, he viewed our callings as special, truly men and women of God sent to spread the word of the Lord. I was deeply impressed with Pres and Sister Homer and the love they had for us as missionaries.

Submitted by: Brian van Uitert
James Norman Gill Send Email
whereabouts of Pres. Milne 15 Oct 2006
Who knows anything about Pres. Milne. I have had no contact with him since at least 1987.
David A Evans Send Email
Did you guys know..the book Mafia to Mormonism.. 11 Oct 2006
is quite a good book, and if my memory serves me correctly, some of the Elders that served in Dearborn in the early thru mid 1980s are mentioned in this GREAT book. Buy it at Walmart or Desert Book if you haven't already.

It's a great read, and I read a great many books.

David B Schroeder Send Email
Thanksgiving Reunion 1981-84 Orem Ut 10 Oct 2006
Hey any elders or sisters that served between 81-84-

A few elders and 1 sister will be meeting up in Orem this Thanksgiving weekend. We would like to have more that served during this time period in Detroit(dearborn).

I should be arriving in Happy Valley Wed eve, Thanksgiving evening.

If you're interested write/call me at:
phone me

We're still not set with a precise time or location.

We'll work out the details in the ensuing weeks.


David Schroeder
David B Schroeder Send Email
IMPORTANT 26 Sep 2006
What's up! I was looking for information regarding a "PERSON OF INTEREST" by the name of Robert Mortenson from Ann Arbor, MI. However, I am also interested in hearing from any Elders I served around. Email me!
Matt Nephi Goldsmith Send Email
Gone Back 19 Sep 2006
Well I served in 96-98, and June of this year (2006), I finally went back with my wife and parents. What an awsome thing that was. It was a sacrifice to go but well worth it. I found my old areas and houses. If any one served in Grand Blvd. South, they no longer live in the Ghetto house with the psyco upstairs neighbor. I found Tina Albright Stringer if anyone knows her. She is still active and awsome. I stayed with the Seitz in Ypsilanti for 4 days. I visited the Whitsitt family, if anyone knows Sarai, Pedro, Ernesto and Jamie. I have some news if anyone is interested please write. Palmer Park chapel is same as always. I could not believe the flood of memories that came back to me as I drove through the areas and visited the people. What an awsome Mission...MDM
Stephen Hughes Send Email
searching for a friend 19 Sep 2006
If anybody who recently served in what was called Detroit Oakman area(not sure if it still is or not) knows Christopher Flournoy please contact me. I would really like to get in touch with him. He was the most awesome investigator. He was baptized and became Branch President before I went home in '95.
Nathan Beutler Send Email
found out some stuff about the mission.... 30 Jan 2006
My bishop( in my ward) son just came home from the Detroit mission, and last night we talked. Alot of things have changed! I found out that there are no sisters serving in Detroit! Even the Palmer park area got closed down to sisters. There are a few new ward(s) (in the westland stake, I believe)Southloin which used to be with Novi area, I believe is its own area now. ( I need to check on that) I believe he said there are 20 sisters serving there though, I wonder what areas they are serving in. I'll talk to him again and find out some more stuff. I wonder if the sisters will ever go back to Detroit? well, if anyone wants to talk-write me! talk to you all later:)
Sally J. Fox Send Email
Reunion 21 Sep 2005
What up all! I served from 98 to 00 and was wondering when or if there is going to be a mission reunion this year. Really miss all of you. Nyman, thanks for showing me how to ball.
Michael Allan Thompson Send Email
Looking high and low 23 Aug 2005
I am looking for a convert, that was baptized while I was serving in the Detroit area. Her name is Geneva Leath. She had 2 sons, one of mission age now and one of priesthood age. I served in her area around December 1994
Craig Noelen Berntson Send Email
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