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The links I have been providing were starting to clutter the main page so I have moved the links to this page:

I have updated the links. If there is a bad link let me know.




These are mission that border the Missouri Independence Mission or Missions that were at one time part of this great mission:

*       Missouri, St. Louis Mission

*       Nebraska, Omaha Mission

*       Iowa, Des Moines

*       Oklahoma, Tulsa

*       Oklahoma, Oklahoma-City.



Links that are Important or in the Missouri Independence Mission:


*       Visitors Centers Link to VC Site.



*       Greater Kansas City Area LDS Resource A Kansas City Area LDS Site.



Other Unofficial LDS Links


*       LDS Mission Network

*       LDS Church News - Church News Online.

*       Cumorah Project

*       Deseret Book A sponsor for Mission net.

*       SLC Deseret News - Online

*       LDS Music Pages

*       The LDS Hymns midi Web page

*       LDS Hymns Midi & Lyrics Site

*       Osmond Family Network

*       ldsmissionarymoms

* - Church owned & operated

*       .primarypage



Links to Official LDS Church sites:


* - Official LDS Church Web Site

* - Official Information about the Church

*       Provident Living - Church's Web Site on Welfare Principles

*       Church Online Distribution Center

* - Church's Internet Genealogy Service

*       Church Education System - CES

*       Stake & Ward Web Sites

*       LDS MUSIC

*       MSTAR.NET - Church owned & filtered Internet Svc Provider (ISP)


LDS Schools and Media



*       BYU - Brigham Young University

*       BYU Idaho Home Page

*       BYU Hawaii

*       BYU Radio - Listen to talks, music, etc.

*       BYU-Television - Program listings, etc.



If you can think of an appropriate link to add here, please contact me. I am not adding commercial links on this page. Missouri Independence Mission, or LDS Links only.