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I got hitched!!! 30 Apr 2007
I've been married for about 3 weeks now...woot woot now I know what I've been missing on. Her name is Jennifer Hendersen. Drop me a line if you want to know more.
Joseph Wayne Black Send Email
entering MTC 29 Apr 2007
I enter the MTC May 9th 2007
if any one has any thing they think that I need to know email me at
Daniel Dixon Gull Send Email
Missionaries 05 Apr 2007
I am looking to find the missionaries who taught me the gospel at Ricks College in the fall of 1970-1972. I remember one of the Elders was from Texas....in talking about his ancestors...he had a relative that was hung for being a horse thief. The other was Elder Jorgensen from Utah. At that time the mission was the Montana-Wyoming Mission taking in part of Idaho....Ricks College area. If anyone could help me find these Elders I would grately appreciate it.
Diane Jones Send Email
Russel Graham and Jim Hendershot 05 Apr 2007
Does ANYONE have any information on either of these two guys. They served in the 79 - 82 era.

If so drop me a e.mail.


Kenneth Cooper Send Email
Elder Dayne Ah Loy 03 Apr 2007
Bruddah Dayne Ah Loy who served from 1979-1981 passed away in Honolulu back in June 2004 after battling pancreas cancer. He was a computer analyst for Kamehameha Private School. He was a good friend and a great missionary under Pres. Joseph Milne who also passed away about a year after Dayne.
Leroy Aumoe Manumaleuna Send Email
Looking for Elder Frith 16 Jan 2007
I am trying to find Elder Robert C Frith. He served in the Lolo,MT area in 1996. He was a big part of our family get reactive and going to the Temple to be sealed for time and eternity. If you know how to reach him please let him know we are looking for him:). Thanks- Cheryl
Cheryl Jemison Send Email
Bryant, Natashia, Kendra 12 Nov 2006
If anyone has info about how Natashia Chase & Bryant & Kendra Manygoats are, I'd appreciate it if you let me know. e-mail me @ elderbrowley@yahoo.com
Benjamin T. Rowley Send Email
Missionary Reunion 15 Sep 2006
Please be advised that we will begin our reunion in the chapel at the stake center. Therefore, would you be so kind as to come in your Sunday dress.

The actual address of the stake center is 5165 Highland Dr. Salt Lake City. You will see a sign out front identifying the location.

Please pass this message on to as many of your former missionary friends and companions with whom you have contact.

President Hoglund
Boyd Park Hoglund Send Email
Update 25 Aug 2006
Periodically, some of your e-mail messages are blocked for whatever reason and we don't see them. In most cases, I am able to indentify who you are and will send a message to resend the letter to Sister Hoglund's e-mail.

So if you send us a message and don't hear from me within 3 days, try sending the message to: l_hoglund97@yahoo.com
Boyd Park Hoglund Send Email
Reunion 25 Aug 2006
In as much as I don't have every missionaries' e-mail address, I just wanted to extend an invitation to attend our reunion on Sept. 29 in SLC. See the mission reunion link for specific details.

Take a moment and contact all of our former missionaries with whom you have contact and remind them of the reunion. It will be great to see all of you again.
Boyd Park Hoglund Send Email
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