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Mike Ralston 24 Jun 2004
Has anybody heard from mike ralston?
Jordan Alexander Hansen Send Email
New Son 23 Apr 2004
Congragulations to me! My wife just gave birth to our second son Jaxon Thomas Crow on April 12th. He was 8 lbs 8 oz. Click here to see pictures of him
Allen Crow Send Email
40th Birthday 23 Mar 2004
Hi there everyone. My name is Sheila Cox. My husband, Rob Cox, served in the Montana Billings Mission 1982/1984. His 40th birthday is April 3rd. If anyone who reads this served with Rob, could you please send him a card? My goal is for him to have at least 40 cards on his birthday. Our address is 6905 Brecken Ridge Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27615
Robert M Cox Send Email
Looking for Sister Condie and Sister Jensen 15 Feb 2004
I would like to get a hold of Sister Condie. If anyone has an address that would be wonderful. I'm also looking for Sister Ruth Jensen. She married Elder Stevenson. If anyone knows how I can reach her as well, that would be wonderful too.
Teddie McKnight Send Email
BYU Survey 27 Jan 2004
Hey you missionaries you,

I found this a neat exercise. Enjoy! love you - Marian

Survey for Returned LDS Missionaries

As part of a larger book project on gender and mission
experiences, we
are currently researching a paper on missionary
stereotyping to be
presented at a BYU Symposium in March, 2004. We are
asking anyone who
served a mission (as a single, not as a couple) to
please help this
project along by filling out an on-line survey at


We are looking for both male and female RMs of ALL
ages. The survey has
23 questions, most of which are multiple choice. In
order for responses
to be useful for the symposium paper we need them
submitted by JANUARY
31st, 2004. So please make this a priority and pass it
along to other RMs
as quickly as possible.

Many thanks for sharing your time and experiences with

Tania Rands Lyon, Ph.D., Princeton University
Justin J Olson Send Email
Upcoming reunion 21 Jan 2004
If you have the phone number, address, of e-mail address of any other MBM 88-91 missionaries please notify them of the reunion details to insure all have received these details of the reunion.
John F. Grove Jr. Send Email
To all my mooncrikets out ther!! 16 Jan 2004
malo e tau lava !!! hows everybody?????
to all dat knows dis tonganese UKU
im cool and evrything is cool ....... hope we all do da same no matter were we are..
im still in da middle of de ocean try to survive
so glad to hear all da good news in dis web.
so grateful for jeff j. snider for his willing to do dis so we can see each other eventho we are
in different worlds....... anyways i aint marry yet ,, wish somebody hook me up wit white
chick so i can take her to moroni.. he he he !!
uku is coming to da states dis summer and dont be mad if i stop by and eat your food ..ha!
need ya all to write let me know wat is up!!!!
miss ya alll soo bad........ later brodas!!!!!
love ya,,,,,, da polynesians kid UKU.....

ps. is all about love brodas !!!!!!
Haamoa Uku Send Email
Getting Married!!!! 08 Jan 2004
I am getting married on January 17th in the Jordan River Temple. I am soooo excited!! I will also be having a reception that night at the Walker Lane Reception Center in SLC. I am looking for a few of my old companions to invite them if anyone knows where they are- Sister Kristy Owens, Sister Susan Oliphant, Sister Karalee Headman and Sister Dawn Lewis. If anyone else knows me- please contact me so I can give you the info to have you come!!! YEA!!
Cara Jean Higley Send Email
Guess where I am? 30 Dec 2003
Out of the entire world, I get stationed at Malmstrom AFB, Great Falls, MT!! I am back in the 2nd Ward and back on old stompin grounds. It Is real cool being back here; it has been a while, but that's ok. I should be here for about 3 or 4 years, so plenty of time to get to go all over the place where I wasn't ablt to as a Missionary..this time I have my fishing rods and rifles, nothing's going to stop me this time. Feel free to drop me a line.
Jeremy Tiffany Send Email
Companions 26 Dec 2003
Looking to find Elder Blake Nay and anyone else with whom I served who has not registered on the website. Elders Folsom, Davis, Webster, Smith, Limbaugh, Child, Davis,(the second time), Tetterton. Where are you boys?
John R. Lee Send Email
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