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Looking for Richard Zinn 20 Mar 2012
Looking to contact (Elder) Richard Zinn who served in North Las Vegas during 1990-1993... Thanks!
Danielle Thorne Send Email
Looking for Sister Tateda 02 May 2011
I would love to get in contact with Sister Kozue Tateda. Does anyone have any information on her?
-Sister Rose
Wendy Send Email
Son will be serving in Nevada Las Vegas Mission 30 Apr 2011
My son will be serving in the Nevada Las Vegas Mission. I am so excited for him. He's going into MTC on June 22nd 2011. So good to see there is a great support system in place for Missionaries and Alumni on the www. We've already gotten great informatioon about the Mission from this website. Thank you so very much :).
Mary Tagilala Send Email
Looking for Max Davis 08 Mar 2011
I'm living in Belgium, near Brussels. I was baptized by Elder Max Davis in 1978, who lived in Las Vegas. I know he married after his return to the States a girl named Ruth, and they had three or four children. His father was a doctor who specialised in allergic disease.
Who can help me to find this lovely family? I would be very grateful.
Carine Maniquet Send Email
Find A Missionary 21 Jul 2010
I was taught by Elder Weeks and Elder Jensen and baptized in March of 1977. I lost contact with them. Does anyone know them? My name is Joyce Seegmiller.
Joyce Seegmiller Send Email
Music request 19 Apr 2010
A few years back a favorite song in the mission was "A Long Time Ago" (...a mother lay by the side of a tiny king"). I have the word but I am looking for the music. Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU!!!!
Herb Veasey Send Email
Looking for Craig Hill 01 Mar 2009
I'm the son-in-law of Bob Harper, and the missionary that baptized him is Elder Craig Hill. He has been looking for him for quite some time. if anyone on here has any information it would be greatly appreciated.
He was baptized in 1971. Thanks!
Eric Chantry Send Email
Friend of the mission! 18 Jun 2008
Just wanted to say hello! My parents live in Panaca and we are formerly from Las Vegas. Moved to Panaca in 1983 so it's been a while. If anyone knows the Beckstrands, drop me a line anytime!
Mike Beckstrand Send Email
Searching 24 Apr 2008
Hi, I used to live in Reno when Sister Amrine served there. I would love to find out how she is doing and say hello. She was a great missionary.
Tom Price Send Email
Grandparents 04 Nov 2007
Hello my name is Maggie. I am looking for my grandparents; they lived in Las Vegas and served as a couple in the temple or another. Their last names are Curtis and most likely my grandpa's name was Darren. Thank you.
Maggie Send Email
Searching for Elder Robert Fisher 1984-1986 23 Oct 2007
Searching for Elder Robert Fisher from Lethbridge, Alberta. He served in the Las Vegas Valley in about May 1985. He returned to the Las Vegas Valley to visit after completing his mission in March 1986. He lived in Provo for a time while attending BYU studying to be an attorney and married a young lady from the Salt Lake area. Her name is Julie. I would like to find them again. I just had a missionary return home from his mission! Please email me with any clues as to where he may be living! Thank you!
Cindy Englehart Send Email
John Hime 12 Sep 2007
I'm from North Las Vegas and had a real good friend that lived in Henderson NV. His name is John Hime and he had two sister missionaries teach him, back in 1983 to 1985 I believe. He and his family live in Mississippi now and often talk about the two missionaries that taught them. He would really like to see the two sister missionaries again. He thinks their names are Sister Smith and Sister Terry. If you might know them, would you please let me know.
Ken Woods Send Email
searching for an Elder 11 Sep 2007
I am looking for an Elder Richard Harris. He is from Springville UT and has been to school to be a Chief. He also worked at Zions Canyon before his mission. We are just wondering how he is doing what he is doing. If anyone would remember him and know where I could get in touch with him at I would appreciate an e-mail. He was a great missionary and we would love to contact him. Thanks, Sis. Grondel
Sis Grondel Send Email
Looking for Elders Rainey and Barclay 22 May 2007
I lived in Quincy, California, and I am looking for a couple of the missionaries that served in that area, Elder Rainey and Elder Barclay. They became very close to my family and I would love to find an address for them. if someone can find them for me or an address it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much,
Amber Couch Send Email
Elder Bangerter is married 30 Apr 2007
Just letting y'all that Elder Tyler Bangerter was married 9 March 2007 to a wonderful girl by the name of Kayla Daudelin and they are living in Vermont.
Nanne Miller Send Email
Otgonbayer? Sister from Mongolia? 28 Mar 2007
I am searching for Sister "O," Otgo, or Otganbayer from Mongolia who served in Las Vegas, lived in Provo/Orem area, and is now married with the last name of Baker (I think!). I have lost her address and would like to get in touch with her again. If you can help, please email me.
Betty Pearson Send Email
Looking for Elder Ron Cook 14 Mar 2007
Hello, I am looking for Elder Ron Cook who served in the Nevada Las Vegas mission in 1992. He baptized me just prior to going home to Canada. I would very much like to get in contact with him as it has been 15 years! Thank you.
Michelle Simmons Merrill Send Email
Missonaries that served in 1999 05 Nov 2006
I was just wondering who served in 1999. I'm looking for the missionaries who gave me my lessons. If you served in 1999 please email me!!
Lisa Send Email
Looking for Lori White 11 Sep 2006
HELLO! I am looking for my best friend and I do not know if some of you know her. Her name is Lori White. She was on her mission these two last months in Elko; sadly I lost her phone number. I would be so grateful if you send her a message.
Charloth Vanesa Send Email
Greatest Mission In the World 21 Aug 2006
TALOFA ! to all my white and brown people. i'm looking for a mission friend, jewelya lees. if anyone knows her where-abouts please let me know.
NVLVM is the Best ....
Pipi Kalauta Send Email
Elder Hotten / AP Hotten 06 Jun 2006
Did anyone on the site serve with Elder Hotten? Trevor baptised me into the LDS Church back in 1979 in Sydney, Australia. We left on missions together (me to California Sacramento, he to Nevada Las Vegas).
I'm keen to communicate with anyone who might have been close to him or served with him in 1980-82.
Please send me a note if you fit the bill and knew Elder Hotten from Sydney.
Malcolm Cartlidge Send Email
Jon Jaster 05 May 2006
Hello everyone,

I noticed the last news message on here was from my friend Jon Jaster. I spoke with his brother today and wanted to let you all know that this morning Jon passed away. Jon was an AMAZING young man whom was so well loved by all around him. Please keep his family in your prayers - and feel free to write anything special on here you know about him. I'm sure his family would love to read any great things ya'll would be able to write in his memory.

For those who are near his home ward, services will be held at the Camp Hill ward building, Monday, May 8, 2006. The viewing will be from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m., services begin at 12:00 p.m.

Anyone needing more info can feel free to email me and I can contact the family or ward for more info. Love and prayers to the Jasters. Jon, you'll be truly missed. Sending you our love...
Jennifer Kindrick Send Email
Vegas Mission 2001-3 30 Mar 2006
I was there from Feb 2001-2003, it was with out a doubt the greatest time ever! Especially in Kingman and the Ghetto (Northtown). I'd go back in a heartbeat if I could. I just finished school at BYU-I and am back in Pennsylvania debating about grad school and the Air Force.

I'd love to hear back from any of you who I may have crossed paths with. I talked to Pres Tate and Drapper recently and they both seem to be doing well.

Elder Jaster
Jon Jaster Send Email
finding Elder John Bittner 21 Mar 2006
I am trying to find John Bittner. It is very important that I find him, I realy need to talk to him. Please e-mail me if you know anything. Thank You
Jason Abbott Send Email
looking for a missionary 19 Feb 2006
Im looking for a Brian Swanson from Princeton, Illinois that may have served in the mission.
David Miles Send Email
Elder Tyler Bangerter 02 Feb 2006

I'm related to Elder Tyler Bangerter who served from 7/01 to 7/03. He's busy getting ready to graduate from college and I was wanting to put together a scrapbook of well wishes for his future. If you knew him please feel free to email me at I would love to have this project completed by the end of April, because he graduates the first week in May.
Nanne Miller
Nanne Miller Send Email
Looking for someone 18 Jan 2006
Looking for Kit Searle. He is a returned missionary who lives in the Reno Nevada area. He is approximately 49 years old.
Please have him contact:

Susan Peek
Susan Taylor Send Email
Looking for Gerry Zobrist and wife 26 Dec 2005
If anyone has conacts of the above person, please email them to me or call me.
Am attending the Northridge 111 Singles Ward. Am originally from Uganda, served in South Africa Johannesburg Mission between 2002-2004, but currently living in Los Angeles.
12600 San Fernando Rd #107, Sylmar CA, 91342.
818 833 1580(home) and 818 602 6332 (cell).
Robert Butchike Nzabandora Send Email
Elder Robert Butler -- update 12 Dec 2005
Update on Elder Robert Butler.
Rob was released from hospital on December 8, 2005, 30 days post accident. Heart surgery was excellent-- similar to bypass surgery; lungs doing well; steel and titanium rod in right arm, titanium rod in right leg. One more surgery anticipated for right arm, (bone graft from hip). Hopefully after Christmas.
Rob exceeded all expectations in healing. Doctors repeatedly commenting on his healing being miraculous and that he must have had "angels" working with him. He had @ 18-19 hours of surgery, @ 11 on date of accident, @ 4 each for next two days, (arm and leg).
He was brought out of coma after 10 days, utimately placed in rehab unit and simply exceeded all medical expectations. He was sent home to rest and continue to heal. He was advised he would be in wheel chair for @ 6 months. (Any bets?)
His mother is convinced that it was the power of the priesthood, prayer and Rob's living the word of wisdom that have contributed to his recovery. Your prayers, past and future, are appreciated.
Rob is back at home in Craig, Colorado, for now.
Thank you for your prayers and messages, they were appreciated. He still has a long road in front of him so your continued prayers and messages would be appreciated as well.
Bro. Brady, Skyline Ward, Henderson, NV.
Brother Douglas Brady Send Email
Elder Robert Butler 17 Nov 2005
FYI. Elder Robert Butler, released @ 11/04; involved in serious auto/motorcycle accident in Las Vegas on 11/08/05. Tore aortic vessel near heart; collapsed both lungs; compound fractures of right arm and right leg. Is still in a coma at Sunrise Hospital, trauma unit, 2nd floor. His family from Colorado are here in Vegas now. He could use your prayers and thoughts. Family would like Pres. Draper to be advised.
Thank you, Bro Brady, Skyline Ward, Henderson, Nv.
Douglas M Brady Send Email
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