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Looking for Elder Mapa Hafoka 15 Sep 2005
I'm looking for my nephew, Elder Mapa Hafoka from the island of Tonga serving in this Las Vegas Mission. I would like to get his email addy and home addy so we can write. I would appreciate any information that I can get....Thank you very much.
Telolini Kioa Send Email
My visa-delayed missionary 07 Sep 2005
Dear friends, I just received a letter from your wonderful mission president, John Wadsworth... My son is Elder Daniel Hyrum Millard and he is serving in this mission as a visa-delayed elder... waiting for his FBI clearance papers to come!
I appreciate the pictures; that was really great to see him in his missionary suit and name tag with the other elders and of course with the wonderful mission president... Thanks for the letter and for making him a part of your mission even though it will be just a short time,... the papers are on the way.... I was told that I will have them within a week... we'll let you know as soon as they arrive! Thanks again! Maxine Olsen
Maxine Olsen Send Email
looking for Elder Ghormley 30 Jun 2005
Hi, I'm looking for William Jared Ghormley. We've lost touch and I know he served his mission in Las Vegas and that maybe, just maybe someone here would know how I can find him?? Thanks
Laura Send Email
Looking for a friend 21 Apr 2005
I am Henry from Uganda, east Africa and a returned missionary who served in the London South Mission.
Am looking for a friend by the name of Gerry Zobrist who, to my understanding, is now serving as a counselor in this mission; before that he and his wife were a couple missionary in the Uganda/Kenya Nairobi Mission.
Hope you can be of help to me.
Hoping to hear from you soon.
Henry Mwesigwa Send Email
To Brother Matthews in Iraq 28 Feb 2005
As I always told the missionaries, "Keep your heads down and watch your back." That was true when I was on the streets of Los Angeles in the 1960s as a young street cop, during your tenure as a missionary, and now your service in this war. Remember angels protect. Read your scriptures daily as well as your Patriarchial Blessing once a week.
You will be missed at the mission reunion where President McEachran and I will we in attendance in April. This will probably be our last mission reunion held under his direction. May the Lord bless and protect you. Remember: Keep the Faith.
President Whitaker
Richard B. Whitaker Send Email
Las Vegas 94-96 27 Feb 2005
I'm in Iraq now serving in the Army. Our LDS group is only four members strong. This brings back some good mission memories. I'd like to hear from some of my old companions/friends. Elders Komer, Heieie, Mobley, Ayers, Bond, Snavely and many more. You know who you are if you served with me. I need help recalling some of our experiences because I never kept a journal. Take care.
Joshua Matthews Send Email
Looking for someone 17 Feb 2005
I know that this is a long shot but this is really important to me. I am looking for Elders that served in the mission from around 1978-1981 especially if they served in Susanville, CA and ever taught a young guy by the name of Dwaine Hiles. That's my dad. I served a mission and know that I would want to hear how the families I taught were doing. That is what I am trying to do. Contact these Elders and let them know what has happened to my family. Please if anyone can help me. Please help.
Thank you.
Elizabeth Hiles Send Email
Looking for an Elder 03 Feb 2005
I'm from the Canada Edmonton Mission. I know one of our missionaries went home and I have some pictures for him. Does anybody know Elder Blakes Larson? He went home at Christmas.
Rachelle Bruin Send Email
I am looking for a missionary 07 Nov 2004
I am looking for a missionary named John Mcmullin that served very recently in this mission or in the las vegas west mission I would love to be able to contact him if anyone has any information on how I can reach him please email me
seth Davis Send Email
need info 05 Nov 2004
Hi, My dad served in this mission in 1978-1980. I am trying to make him a christmas present about his mission. So if you have stories about my dad please email them to me. My Dad's name is Richard Burris from Tennessee.
My mom was also a convert to the church and lived in Fernley. I would like to get in contact with the missionaries who taught her. She was baptized on 21st of January or April of 1978. Thanks!
Katina Burris Send Email
My companions 18 Oct 2004
I have lost contact with two of my companions and they are not listed on here. I would love to know how Genia Lee and Emily Morse are doing and where they are.
Angela Babcock Motta Send Email
Looking for a missionary 1995-97? 13 Oct 2004
hi all i'm looking for a return missionary, Thomas T. Richmond, that served between 1995-97 i think. any info at all would be great thanks my email is
Cheryl Holley Send Email
someone to help me 23 Sep 2004
i need to find some mail, phone or somethins to comunicate whith president Tate. i served in his time, I`m from Chile and i lose contact whit everybody even the president.
Javier Carvacho Diaz Send Email
Searching for Elder Dennis Johnston from 1978 16 Sep 2004
I was baptized in Fallon, Nevada on Sep. 16, 1978. I only remember the name of one of the Elders, Dennis Johnston.

If anyone has any guidance on my search, I'd appreciate hearing it.

Rod Barnes Send Email
Find Sisters Berry and Ursem 13 Sep 2004

I am sending this note on behalf of Robert Cale. He was baptized in 1995 or 1996. He would really like to get in touch with the sisters who taught him when he was baptized. This would be Sisters Berry and Ursem (sorry if I am misspelling either of your names). Robert is currently in Japan. My parents have been serving their mission there and wanted me to try to contact these sisters who served in Las Vegas. Please contact me if you have any idea where I might find them. Robert Cale would really appreciate it.
Leslie Kerns
Leslie Kerns Email Not Available
looking for pictures of Sister Reney Montminy 24 Jul 2004
Last Sunday, my sister Reney's house burned down, and she lost all her worldly possessions. Most of these possessions can be replaced, but mementos and souvenirs can not.

I'm looking for anybody that knew Sister Montminy when she served in 1998-99, that might have pictures of her. I would like to put together an album for her, to try to help replace all the photos that she lost. If you have photos in digital format, please email them to me at . If you would be so kind as to be willing to send copies of printed photos, please email me and I will send you my snail mail address. I would be happy to reimburse the cost of postage through PayPal.

With gratitude for any and all help.
Kimberly Montminy Send Email
2002.2004 06 Jun 2004
Just looking for some one who served in NLVM from 2002-2004, Remember the Crazy Frenchie?
Miss ya'll, need some news!!!
Love, Peace!
Julie GENEY Send Email
The Best Mission in the world 01 Jun 2004
You are going to the best mission in the world. I entered the field almost 4 years ago on June 20, 2000. Go forth, open your mouth, and declare the gospel to every person.
John Lambert Email Not Available
Just got my call 07 May 2004
I just got my call a few days ago. I'm going into the MTC on July 21. From what I hear, I'm going at probably the hottest time of year, but...Bring it on!! Anyway, does anyone have any particular words of wisdom that I could learn from??
Stephen Stanton Send Email
hey 06 May 2004
hi ? i hope u guys know me? anywayz. i just wanna say nlv mission is the best mission . best 2 years of ma life , also all mongolian missionaries always thankful 4 prez tate , he is the man. aighty peace
ariunbold Send Email
what to wear 04 May 2004
i served in '96 and '97 so i realize the church went thru its suit phase but i believe it was just that...a phase. you will unfortunatly have to sacrifice some fashion sense and go for comfort. i recommend lots of jumpers w/ pockets...cotton skirts and shirts that you dont have to tuck in. you have to tuck in enough already. i do agree w/ the trench waste...cardigans or sweaters are better. i also shopped at ross and chadwicks' like another sister wrote.
amber west Send Email
amen 03 May 2004
Josh Biggley speaks the truth about the trenchcoat
clint edwards Send Email
Clothing 29 Apr 2004
Mind you I have been out of the field since 1999, so you will have to check the current standard, but when I was there sisters were not supposed to were cotton. I would just get some 2 piece suits of a light weight material, (I am from Alaska and it was definately HOT) watch out for linen that you have to iron all the time. If your on a budget, try Ross, that is the sister missionary place to shop in Vegas. If you live in a shoppingly challenged place like I did, hit the internet and try Chadwicks of Boston or Lerner's maybe...both of those are hit and miss. Hope that helps and good luck.

Sister Jacqueline Sierer Tupou
Jacqueline Sierer Tupou Send Email
The advice 29 Apr 2004
you poor person to get sent now .....just kidding congradulations to you it's the best of the best there i loved it there im actually going back sooner or later to visit now let's see what you got thats actually good it's still going to be hot when you get there maybe at it's hottest so youll fry anyway buuuuut .......the long sleeves will keep you hydrated alittle or aleast the water from leaveing you so quickly .....if on bike your going to have to tie your skirt or it'll get caught on chain i always feel bad for sisters on bike i give respect there anyway but you are on the right track just make sure to think light and not heavy anyway that's it for now any more advice feel free to ask i have no problems answering at all
Emily Flanigan Send Email
Save your money 29 Apr 2004
Well, I don't know about the Sister perspective, but as an Elder the *biggest* waste of money was a trenchcoat. I hauled that thing around the entire 2 years, but never wore it once! Save your money, a light jacket, and a pair of gloves will suffice in the south. If you get sent up North in the Winter, then worry about buying a jacket then.

Remember, wrinkle and stain free, and pack light. You'll be moving around a lot and you don't want to carry 6 bags with you.

Congrats on the call -- you'll love the mission. It's been 6 years, and I miss it (almost) every day!
Joshua Biggley Send Email
Clothing advice needed. 28 Apr 2004
I just got my mission call to nevada las vegas! i am in need of clothing advice (for sisters, that is) I've got long sleeved cotton shirts and a skirt, but before i buy any more i want to make sure this is gonna be comfortable and not fry me! any other practical advice, i would love it!
Emily Flanigan Send Email
Anyone out there? 28 Mar 2004
I am looking for anyone who served during 95-97 that knew me! I am wanting to get in contact with old mission buds/companions, etc. Please contact if you like!
Nathan Chambers Send Email
busquueda 15 Mar 2004
maria l. araya Send Email
Anyone have a phone # for Cody Hansen? 23 Feb 2004
I served from '97 - '99 and I'm trying to find a phone number or any other means of contacting Cody Hansen, I saw him up at the University of Utah the other day but wasn't able to talk with him. If anybody has any information on how to get into touch with him please send correspondence to

Dave Harnois
Dave Harnois Send Email
Greetings and thank you all for serving Our Lord 24 Dec 2003
Dear Elders and Sisters of the Nevada Las Vegas Mission:

Thank you all for your kindness to me. As a new member to the Las Vegas valley, I was quite lost and lonely. The Elders who I met during General Conference on Oct. 4th welcomed me. Elder Pollard was gracious and his companion welcomed me. Later, I met Elders Burak, Rivera, Bardi, Romney, Boswell, Cotton, and Olsen.

I've decided to go back home to Taylorsville, UT.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas w/blessed days ahead for all!
Sr. Christine A. Rocha Send Email
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