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what the frik is up 23 May 2005
same old elder K. littlest tongan causing big trouble. jsut kidding. im living it up in hawaii with my wife and son. going to school and chasing my dreams of being an artist. still think of the mission daily. i dont think that will ever stop. talked to primary kids today about the mission. bored them to death.hahaha. i wonder were William big gass gause is at? any one know, tell him hes a W.T.H.C. he'll know what im talking about. i think hes trying to avoid me for always knockin him down at basketball on P-days. that reminds me. i want to apologize if i ever played hard on the mission. i ve gotten a little better since then. i only foul most of the time instead of all the time now. hahahaha. aloha everybody. come to hawaii and look me up. i ll show yall around the island.
Jacob Manuia Epikopo Aholoelei KONGAIKA Send Email
sup yall? 05 Apr 2005
Those who knew me on the mish wouldn't believe me when I say I miss the mission. I've lost touch with tons of families and converts, but have also lost touch with my mission buddies. I made a lot of good friends and I want to keep in touch. Give me a call on my cell at 801-473-6168. Love to talk to ya. Peace.
Matt David Pease Send Email
Attn: Northwest Residents 21 Mar 2005
"Anyone want to do a reunion in The Northwest?"

Grant E. Starley Years. 1997-2000

I was thinking we could do it in the Seattle area possibly this summer. Let me Know. I am trying to find the level of interest. Or just send me a message to say hi.
Barrett Jason Moulton Send Email
Howdy from Texas 21 Mar 2005
I just wanted to say hey to everybody. I'm out of school and working for my dad in the family biz. I got married in the Dallas Temple last January 3rd to the most beautiful girl in the worl, Alaina. We are expecting our first baby (a little girl) in june, and are sooooo excited. My life is solid work, and elders quorum stuff, and I could not be any happier. I love you all and hope everything is great in your lives as well.
Love ya'll, CASEY STOUT
Casey D Stout Send Email
hello out there!!! 07 Feb 2005
Yo! Where's everybody at? It seems to me like no one has written a message since 2003! I just want to see if anyone really does use this site.

I'm looking for a couple of elders who are still serving in the mission. If anyone knows the whereabouts of Elders Felix or Carrigan, please email me. I am also looking for anyone who has Cody Buckner's or Ben Villareal's adress. I must be out.

Much love to the NVLVWM

Emoney Jackson
Timothy Michael Jackson Send Email
just an update 03 Feb 2005
Allison and I are down in Pensacola FL. I am in flight school for the Marine Corps. We moved down here from the DC area where I went through 6 months of infantry training (All Marine Officers do it). Our Apartment got destroyed in Hurricane Ivan but we protected our stuff really well and didn't lose that much. We were "displaced" for about 6 weeks but were lucky to find another place to live. It's just another experience to look back on. Our first year of being married has been exciting.
Merrill Craig Lewis Send Email
Getting Married 24 Jan 2005
Hey everyone, I'm getting married! Her name is Lindsay Durfee and she is the best thing that has ever happened to me. We are getting married on June 18, 2005 in the Portland Temple.
David Marchant Send Email
=) Im getting married 31 Dec 2004
I am getting married on January 22 in the Salt Lake temple. If anyone wants an announcement or anything just email me =) Have a wonderful newyear.
Daniel K Clark Send Email
I am getting married 31 Dec 2004
Hello Everyone I served in the Las Vegas West mission and just got home in July. I wanted to let all of you know that I am getting married on January 22 and if anyone wants to contact me or anything email me or if you want an announcement or anything. =) Peace
Daniel K Clark Send Email
getting married 31 Oct 2004
I have been home for about five years and i am finally getting married.
Daryl Michael Send Email

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