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Part 12: President Hinckley's 1997 Visit, Series Conclusion

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In May 1997, President Gordon B. Hinckley toured the South Pacific
including New Zealand, accompanied by Sister Hinckley, Elder Henry B.
Eyring and his wife, and Elder Bruce C. Hafen and his wife. Touring New
Zealand as President of the Church brought President Hinckley full circle.
In 1958, just three weeks after being called as a General Authority,
President Hinckley visited New Zealand to participate in the dedication of
the temple near Hamilton.

On May 10-11, 1997, in Hamilton, President Hinckley presided at a regional
conference attended by nearly 10,000 Church members from 13 stakes and 5
districts from throughout New Zealand. As a part of the conference, a
priesthood leadership meeting attended by nearly 1,400 leaders was held in
the David O. McKay Auditorium on the campus of the Church College of New

An "LDS Church News" report on the prophet's visit includes the following:

  Calling attention to the fact that the first stake organized outside
  of North America (or Hawaii) occurred in New Zealand in 1958, President
  Hinckley rehearsed how the Church has grown to its current position
  today, with a burgeoning membership of nearly 10 million in more than
  160 nations.
  The Church is now the sixth largest religion in New Zealand - "a vast
  congregation" now numbering more than 84,000 in 25 stakes in this
  nation. "The Church is a miracle," said the prophet.
  ("Pres. Hinckley Visits New Zealand," LDS Church News, May 17, 1997.)

During that same tour, President Hinckley also presided over a multistake
fireside held outdoors in the North Harbour Stadium in Auckland. More than
12,000 members from 12 stakes in the greater Auckland area attended the


The following almanac information on the Church in New Zealand today comes
primarily from the "Deseret News 2001-2001 Church Almanac." A link to
purchase this information-packed volume is included at the end of this

The Church in New Zealand

Members: More than 90,000
Stakes: 25 (Auckland Harbour, Auckland Henderson, Auckland Manukau,
Auckland Manurewa, Auckland Mount Roskill, Auckland Panmure, Auckland
Papakura, Auckland Papatoetoe, Auckland Tamaki, Auckland Waterview,
Christchurch, Gisborne, Hamilton, Hamilton Glenview, Hastings, Hastings
Flaxmere, Kaikohe, Palmerston, Porirua, Rotorua, Tauranga, Temple View,
Upper Hutt, Wellington, Whangarei)
Wards: 145
Districts: 5
Branches: 66
Missions: 2 (Auckland, Wellington)
Temples: 1 (Hamilton)


If you wish to know more about the history of the Church in New Zealand,
the following list is recommended. Many of the sources were used in
preparing this series. The links given provide access to either purchasing
or viewing the referenced material.

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Church magazine articles - all of these articles are available in the
  gospel library portion of the Church's Web site at
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"LDS Church News" articles - published by "Deseret News," Salt Lake City,
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  For more information see
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