New Zealand As It Is Today*

     It has now been more than 145 years since President Farnham went to New Zealand. A lot of wonderful history happened in New Zealand during the first few years.

     Missionary work among the Maori people didn't get underway until 1881. So for more than 110 years, slowly but consitantly, the Church has grown.

     You may be interested in knowing that as of December 31, 1999 there are 87,487 members of the Church as shown on record. The Church has 25 stakes, 5 districts, 143 wards, and 68 branches.

     In 1999 there were 678 convert baptisms in the Wellington Mission and 1201 convert baptisms in the Auckland Mission. The Wellington mission has 187 missionaries and there are 195 missionaries in the Auckland mission.

     Truly a marvelous work and wonder has taken place in the "Land of the Long White Cloud" New Zealand.

*Note:This was written by Elder Glen L. Rudd in 1993. The numbers were updated in May 2000 by Jill Palmer, National Director of Public Affairs NZ.

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