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News Item: Elder Wilson is engaged! (98-2000) send addresses

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Elder Wilson is engaged! (98-2000) send addresses 23 Oct 2007
Elder Wilson 98-2000 engaged! to ba married to Amy Porter on 1/4/2008

President Smart and Jones and fellow missionaries:
Please send me your mailing addresses.

Fiance's story...
Title: Maybe Tonight I've Got a Question For You....

Tonight, I got engaged and feel like the luckiest woman alive. For this post, let me tell our story of our engagement.

Allen, took me to Santa Cruz to spend the day, just a typical date that we get to spend together with, which I was ecstatic about, because it is very rare that we get to spend a Saturday together on a special date.

The idea was to go to Natural Bridges and then have a dinner at a nice restaurant so I was to bring something very nice to change into, and then we would spend the day in Santa Cruz. However, he had some car problems this morning so we left a little later than we had planned.

As we drove into Santa Cruz, he told me how it was one of his favorite places, and asked if it was ok if we went to the Boardwalk first and hung out and went from there. Of course I was alright with that. He told me he wanted to play miniature golf, and that he had always wanted to do that here. As we walked through the arcade, I saw the photo booths and wanted to take pictures with him in it. He told me he had always wanted to do that, but let's go check out the place and then we'll do that on our way out.

As we continued through the arcade I saw a shotgun game, and I laughed and asked him if he wanted to play it with me. (On our first game, there was this shooting game at the movie theatre we went on, so it has always been sort of an inside joke with us.)

After we played the shotgun game, we went to the miniature golf area, and it was so crowded that we decided to come back after we walked around the boardwalk. We decided to go on the Ferris wheel, and then we ate a picnic lunch on the steps of the beach. After we ate, he got up and said, hey let's go take those pictures we wanted to take.

We went to the photo booth by the miniature gold game, and he told me, "Wait here, I'm going to get some dollar bills, and also pay for the miniature golf game."

I waited for him, and tried to fix my hair so it could look actually look cute for a picture, because we have yet to take pictures together where I didn't look goofy.

He got back and we took one set of pictures, after we finished, he said, I want to do one more. I tried to get him to not worry about it, but he was adamant on getting another set, so we did, he paid the money, and right before the first picture, I started to pose, and he said, "Amy, AMY AMY!"

I looked at him confused and asked, "What?"

"If I propose to you tonight without a ring, will you say yes?" He asked as the first photo clicked.

"Of course I would, why?" I said smiling

"Because I'm going to propose to you tonight." After he said these words the photo booth clicked again.

"What? Are you kidding, you wanted this all to be a surprise. And you're telling me this?" I said laughing, while the photo booth clicked the third picture.

"Wait? Did you just propose?"

"No! I did not just propose, I'm just letting you know, I'll propose later, but I wanted your reaction on film"

The rest from here was sort of fuzzy in my memory, so I can't tell you if I kissed him, or if we smiled for the camera, because at that moment time stopped, but in a good way.

When the photo booth, he told me, "Come on, we need to go, I have a carriage waiting for us?"

"What? I thought we were going to play miniature golf?"

"No, I have a carriage waiting outside for us."

I was so excited, it sounded like something out of the movies, and I was wondering where or how he summoned a carriage for us, but in any case, I was excited to go wherever he was taking me, because if there is one thing about this man, I love his surprises.

When we got outside and started walking towards the arcade, I noticed a beautiful black horse, with a man in a black wool coat and top had sitting on a gorgeous white carriage. "Is that for us?"" I asked excited.

"Yes!" He told me, and I immediately started jumping up and down and then we ran towards the carriage. I was so excited, this was my first carriage ride, and I will admit, I always wanted to do that. Rusty was the name of the Driver and Gretta was the name of the horse, and we rode along the beach and through Santa Cruz. It was such a beautiful ride, looking out at the coast and through the town I have loved so much. When we rode to where the lighthouse was, Allen asked Rusty, the driver to pull over. Rusty told us he would wait for us when we had finished.

We hiked down to this beach that was in a little cove, and it was so beautiful, on one side of the cove there was this little rock tunnel that was stunning with the way the sunlight shined through it, and on the other side were these cliffs that the waves would crash on, and then create water falls down the sides, it was so breathtaking.

We walked along the beach and then decided to hike up on some of the rocks and get over to the cliffs towards the waterfalls. When we reached a cove that was just ours and ours alone, Allen said, "Here, let's stop here."

I thought we were going to look at the waves and the beach, and then he started singing, 'Earth Angel' to me. His voice is so sexy, and I just loved him singing to me, it was perfect him holding me and singing to me. At the end of the song, he asked me, "Will you Marry Me?"

"Yes! YES YES YES YES!" I said.

"Oh wait, I forgot." He reached down to his backpack and pulled out a little stuffed Animal hound dog (I love Hound Dogs) and around it's collar it had a ring he had taken from me months and months ago, and he knelt down and asked, "Amy – my middle name and last name- Will you Marry Me?"

"YES! Of course I will."

Then he put my ring on my finger. When he got up he told me he had designed a ring for me, and I started jumping up and down over and over ecstatic that he had designed a ring for me, then when I was done jumping, he told me, he was so sad because he was supposed to have it today, but the jeweler sent it overnight delivery Friday, but had forgotten to mark Saturday Delivery, and that I would have it on Monday, and he even tried to go to the UPS place it was at, and tried to get the package, but he couldn't get it, and that's why we were so late on heading to Santa Cruz. So he was in the dilemma on whether to propose today, or wait.

I told him, "Honey, this was the most perfect way you could have done it, it's ok that I don't have the ring. I have one right here for now. I don't even know the difference."

Then we headed back to the carriage and rode back to the Boardwalk and changed for dinner. He took me to The Crow's Nest, which was the restaurant we went to on our 2nd date, there he showed me pictures of the ring he made and it is gorgeous, and he also showed me his ring, and I love both of them, they are perfect.

Following dinner, we drove to the beach we had the bonfire at, and walked along the beach and sat on the sand and watched the moonlight dance on the waves.

I'm so excited and happy that I am getting married to the man I love more than anything in the world. I also have to pinch myself because I can't believe I'm marrying a man so romantic to have planned this all I would have been happy with a punch on the arm saying, Hey wanna get married. THIS IS BETTER THAN I COULD HAVE EVER DREAMED.

I feel like the luckiest girl right now, and I'm so excited to spend the rest of my life with my man of steel.
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