Sister Angela Hopkins (Barnes)

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Jeffrey Allred (1992 - 1996)
Served: 1993 - 1994
Areas Served:
San Lorenzo, Lambare, Ca'acupe, Lucerito
Annette Cumins (Liggett) | Kallen Dowdle (Fisher)
Your Occupation: Full time madre
Spouse: Jared M. Hopkins
We have 4 beautiful and amazing sons: Bret (8-9-98), Alec (5-18-00), Sam (1-25-04) and Ryan (11/03/08).

Living the dream raising my 4 futuro misioneros - and believe me, there's never a dull moment with all these boys! I am currently serving in my favorite calling ever...Primary Chorister! I love it! My husband is 1st counseor in our ward's bishopric and we are super busy, but life couldn't be sweeter!

Please look me up on Facebook - I would love to get in touch with old friends from la gran mision paraguaya!
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