Elder John Loveland

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John Whetten (1986 - 1989)
Served: 1987 - 1989
Jeffery M Harston | Michael Mckea
Your Occupation: Student. Also am Primerica agent (a Citigroup co.
Spouse: Melanie
I began serving in Itagua with Jeffers as my trainer, who was replaced by Mark Bellows. I was then sent to Asuncion proper, serving in Barrio Amambay with Sosa and then Harston. I moved on to Fernando de la Mora, Rama Norte, and was assigned work with a very classy Spaniard by name of Jose Odero for only two weeks. Afterwards, Mark Jones and I spent seven wonderful months together, so the two-week crash-course turned out to be harmless after all. The lowest point was serving in Mburucuya with a native, Juan Lopez, for two months. But then things brightened considerably when I was sent to Caacupe with Harry Graybill Simmons IV, who was soon replaced by Daniel Beovide (el Pollito). My last area was Barrio Moroni, also in Asuncion proper, serving first with a Peruvian elder named Arrascue. After Arrascue's honorable finish, I was assigned to serve with Pablo Gonzalez of Rivera, Uruguay. My very last companion was Troy Campbell, who also has the distinction of being the only former companion with whom I h
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