Elder Ben Lemuel Wetzel

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Craig Cheney (1998 - 2001) | Thomas John Summers (2001 - 2003)
Served: 2000 - 2002
Areas Served:
Encarnacion (1, 3, Cptan Miranda), Pilar City, Cnel Oviedo, Ettiene (office)
Tyler W Kump | David A. Osmond | Dave Peery | Landon Spilsbury
Your Occupation: UPS Driver
Spouse: Jilly
When Elder Peery and I were companions in Encarn, we ate at Pte Ozuna's house. When the little boy would keep asking for more jugo, his mom would tell him that he couldn't have any more because he would "hacer pipi en la cama." Well, when I was secretary and Elder Peery was AP, we went to the Canete's for lunch. They had the best orange juice from Hiperseis and Elder Peery kept pouring more. Finally, I told him he couldn't have any more because he would "hacer pipi en la cama." Well, after a lot of inchando, he sarcastically said "si, yo se que no debo tmoar mucho jugo porque hago pipi en la cama." 2 years later I visited that family with my wife. They told me that they always remember Elder Pipi. They said I was bad for embarassing him in front of everyone. Then I found out that they thought Elder Peery really did wet the bed and had thought that for 2 years. I laughed even harder for about 30 minutes and then had to tell them the truth. Elder Peery, of course, said he would kill me.
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