Elder Justin K. Rydalch

360 Collins Ave. #304
Miami Beach, FL 33139


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Jeffrey Allred (1992 - 1996) | Robert Whetten (1996 - 1998)
Served: 1994 - 1996
Areas Served:
Laurel Ty/ /Hernandarias/ Ciudad Del Este/Luque
Your Occupation: Wireless Intl Sales Director
Spouse: Shelly Hanson
I'm looking to keep in touch with old friends from the Chacoland. Send me a email and let me know what you are up to these days.

My Companions
Laurel Ty- Elder Reed, Elder Kiholm
Hernandarias- Elder Mckendrick
Ciudad del Este III- Elder Morales, Elder Carrasco
Ciudad del Este(Santa Ana)- Elder Deller,Elder Burgess, Elder Valezquez
Luque- Elder Evans, Elder Adams
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