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Elder Michael J. Gonda

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Lavorn Jr. (North Mission) Sparks (1998 - 2001) | Vaughn Roy (North Mission) Anderson (2001 - 2004)
Served: 1999 - 2001
Areas Served:
San Lorenzo - Elder Lincoln Smith
Pdt. Franco - Elders Bryan Richards, Pablo Naccarato
Emboscada - Elder Merlin Hall
Kennedy - Elders Henry Catricura, Mears, Seth Davis
Hernandarias - Elders Brian Miller, Teusher
Luque - Elders Steven Jones, Diego Mercado, Aaron Christiansen, Frías
Brian John Miller | Bryan Richards | Lincoln Corey Smith
Your Occupation: Student - U of WYO
Spouse: Suzanne
I'm headed back to Paraguay in August. Let me know if you have any handy trip advice if you've been back there since your mission!

Jard'y : Graduated from UW in May. Suzy graduated in December and is now working for the Albany County School District as the secretary to the Asst. Superintendant. I hope to go to grad school and eventually teach spanish in high school or college.

Pescribi cheve - write to me and tell me what's up.
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