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Temple Dedication 01 Sep 2001
I was wondering if anyone knew when the Temple is being dedicated. I know they haven't finished it yet but if anyone knows what the plans are for the dedication please let me know. I am Pres. and Sister Anderson's daughter and I would love to take my Mom back down for the dedication but that is something that would require some major planning so I thought the sooner I get started the better. I would also like to know what happened to the old Moroni chapel and ward as well.
Kenna Manwaring Send Email
Para todos aquellos Misioneros que tuvieron la oportunidad de servir en ÑEMBY , les avisamos que el barrio va a editar proximamente un boletin informativo. Si ustedes quisieran enviar algun mensaje o saludos a sus amigos y conversos que dejaron en esa area, lo pueden hacer a la siguiente direccion:

De esta manera estaremos felices de establecer ese contacto entre ustedes y nosotros. Gracias.
Victor Riquelme.
Palma Loma, Luque 28 Aug 2001
I heard through the grapevine that Palma Loma Branch in the Fernando De La Mora Stake became a ward. I want to know if that's true, and if you know enough, who the new Bishop is. My info was very speculative as to the new Bishop, or if he even is the Bishop. Thanks for your help.
Kenneth Lamb Send Email
Chaco 14 Jun 2001
Anyone who has served in Mistolar (Chaco) since I was there (1982), please e-mail me, and let me know when you were there, and the changes and activities that have been taking place there. I served there for over 6 months, and would love to get caught up a little bit! Thanks!!
Todd W. Orme Send Email
Looking for information on a family 13 Jun 2001
My name is Todd Orme. I served in 1981-1982. I am looking for any information on the Rivarola family in Limpio. They were very active, and very close to baptism when I left the area, but I have heard nothing on them since. Any information you can give me would be greatly appreciated.
Todd W. Orme Send Email
Looking for two members 10 Jun 2001
Does anyone know anything about Clara Galeano Bazan, who lived in Mariano Roque Alonso?

How about Olga de Saucedo (she had 3 children), who lived in Villarrica?

How are they doing?
John Richards Send Email
saludos 05 Jun 2001
Saludos de Paraguay a mis ex-compañeros que sirvieron del año 1995 al 1997. Espero que me escriban muy pronto. Ahora estoy viviendo en el mejor barrio de Paraguay ÑEMBY.
Jorge Aricha Send Email
looking for a family 28 May 2001
anyone who has recently served in the Pedro Juan Xaballero area and could help me locate a family ther would be of great service. The last name is Ramirez. The dad passed away a few years ago, his name was Julio. His wifes name is Eugenia, they had 6 children. The oldest is Estela, then Eduardo, then Alberto who just turned 29 the 22nd of Feb and is married to Juana and has at least 1 child (girl), then Mari lu, then Sulma and then Julio cesar. I was better known as Elder Lee than Elder Westenskow because it was easier ti say. I served in P.J.C for 9 mos. and became really close to this family. I returned 3 times before I was married to visit them but lost contact for about the last 5 years. I'm retuning to Paraguay to do the roof on the temple within the next few weeks and would like to see them again. Please, if anyone knows any info it would be great. Thank you very much!!!
Lee Glenn Westenskow Send Email
Lost Friend 21 May 2001
I am looking to get in touch with Hermana Terri Evans who served in Paraguay from 1984-1986. The last known location I have for her is in Provo, UT. If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it. My e-mail address is: - Thanks
James L. Price Send Email
Temple FINALLY 12 May 2001
Anyone that has been in either Paraguay mission remembers the gossip that they would build a temple somewhere, and look! They finally ARE! My only question is the address they have for the temple plot is the old Moroni chapel. What happened to the old chapel, and the ward there? Any comments, please email
Les Aycock Send Email
Looking For 10 May 2001
Looking for old Paraguayan friend, Francisco Vitale's e-mail. Please respond should anyone know. Also looking for Paul Anderson and Terry Freeman. If anyone knows, please respond.
Henry Edward Marinello Send Email
looking for some friends 09 Apr 2001
mbae tekópio, quiero saludarles a todos y decirles a algunos amigos que me escriban. ellos son:daniel benitez, aaron reed, justin brady, jeson dewey, bill ellis, yolanda gallardo, tom gay,steven godfrey, pablo godoy, mark gold, brend higgs, derrick hughes, travis hutchinson, steve lamb, chantelle lotz, osvaldo otay, jason piippo, jonathan smurthwaite. se que se me escapan unos que otros, en todo caso saludos a cada uno de uds. pueden escribirme a mi e-mail:
José Antonio Fuentes Send Email
lost comps 23 Mar 2001
I am looking for Hermana Shari Hilditch and Hermana Monroe both of them were there in the early 90's. If you know them tell them to look me up on the web site. Thanks Karyn Ellsworth 91-93
Karyn Ellsworth Send Email
Looking for comps 23 Mar 2001
I am at a loss and would appreciate anyones help. I want to get in contact with two of my old companions; Anjala Parkin from Woods Cross, Ut. and Annette Liggett who was from Roy, Ut. If anyone knows how to contact either of these, please let me know. Thank you for your help. Angela (Barnes) Hopkins
Angela Hopkins Send Email
Looking for GALLUP 12 Mar 2001
I am looking for my old companion, Craig Gallup. He's probably drawing pictures somewhere. Any information would be appreciated!
Ron Harris Send Email
Looking for Carlos Hugo Carrasco 05 Mar 2001
I am looking for a member, Carlos Hugo Carrasco. Last known church records have him living in Asuncion. He would be 39 years old in 2001. He was married around 1983 and had 5 children. The last two were twin girls. His wife was from Argentina. If anyone knows his whereabouts, it would be greatly appreciated. My email is:
Thank you.
Douglas Hatton Send Email
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