Cyprian Kamil Norwid
For that land where a scrap of bread is picked up
From the ground out of reverence
For Heaven's gifts...
I am homesick, Lord!...
For the land where it's a great travesty
To harm a stork's nest in a pear tree,
For storks serve us all...
I am homesick, Lord!...
For the land where we greet each other
In the ancient Christian custom:
"May Christ's name be praised!"
I am homesick, Lord!...
I long still for yet another thing, likewise innocent,
For I no longer know where to find
My abode...
I am homesick, Lord!
For worrying-not and thinking-not,
For those whose yes means yes --- and no means no ---
Without shades of grey...
I am homesick, Lord!
I long for that distant place, where someone cares for me!
It must be thus, though my friendship
Will never come to pass!...
I am homesick, Lord!
-translated by Walter Whipple