What Did You Do to Athens, Socrates?
Cyprian Kamil Norwid

What did you do to Athens, Socrates,
That the people erected a golden statue to you,
Having first poisoned you?

What did you do to Italy, Alighieri,
That the insincere people built two graves for you,
Having first driven you out?

What did you do to Europe, Columbus,
That they dug you three graves in three places
Having first shackled you?

What did you do to your people, Camoens,
That the sexton had to cover your grave twice,
After you had starved?

What in the world are you guilty of, Kosciuszko,
That two stones in two places bear down on you,
Having first had no burial place?

What did you do to the world, Napoleon,
That you were confined to two graves after your demise,
Having first been confined?

What did you do to the people, Mickiewicz?

-translated by Walter Whipple