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Craciun Fericit 21 Dec 2004
Am vrut doar sa urez tuturor un Craciu Fericit si traditionalul La Multi Ani.
Sper ca anul ce vine sa va aduca cu el realizarea tuturor dorintelor, sanatate, bucurie si mult noroc.

Cu drag,
Daniel Pauna
Daniel Dumitru Pauna Send Email
looking for E. Morales 19 Dec 2004
I am looking for Jorge Morales's address and phone # . We have a mutual friend in common and my friend lost touch with him and wanted to contact him. If any of you know him and how to reach him could you please contact me!
Thank you.
April Elena Oakley Send Email
Fun in Boise. 27 Nov 2004
Well.... Moldova certainly is closed. Those Russian speakers who were already there are split between Sacramento and Chicago, while the three of us that were in the MTC when it closed are in Boise, Rochester, and Las Vegas. One who was leaving the MTC just as we got there is in Orange County, I believe.

So I'm certainly having fun in Boise, but I really hope that Moldova opens soon. I miss it without even being there yet. Hows about some prayers?

Elder Reynolds
Michael Darin Reynolds Send Email
Address needed 26 Nov 2004
I am looking for Fratele Segarceanu's address. He lives in Sectorul 1. Any help would be appreciated.
John Christopher Coxson Send Email
Addresses 12 Nov 2004
Hi this is Lincoln Hale. I'm looking for a few email addresses. If anyone has any of them, please e-mail me. My e-mail address is Here are the ones I need:
Will Whitaker
Brandon Rodman
Jon West
Vasile Doru (Sector 1)
Lali Bacso
Vasile Moldovan (Cluj)
Familia Radu (Timisoara)
Gheorghe Fatu
Aaron Hansen

Thanks a lot! I hope you can help me out!

Lincoln Hale
Lincoln S. Hale Send Email
Romanian Books 25 Oct 2004
Hey. You can order Romanian books at The business is located in Chicago.
Selena Danielle Robins Send Email
Romanian Books 21 Oct 2004
Anyone know of a good source in the US for Books in Romanian? I'm trying to keep my skills up, and have read most of the Romanian books I already have, dictionary excluded....
Cory Christensen Send Email
One of our Own in the Movies 21 Oct 2004
For thos of you who don't know, our very own Dan Merkely is starring the movie Baptists at Our Barbecue. It's a comedy based on a book by Robert Farrell Smith. I've seen a sneek-preview of the movie and it was really fun. Dan served in Romania during the early days. Some of your later missionaries who have seen random copies of the "unofficial" newsletter (before there was an official) newsletter called the Ne-Conostutul have seen his work.

Wanted to let you all know.

Tony L. Benjamin Send Email
Carey Lyn Wolfley Trip Notes 12 Oct 2004
"I recently took a trip to Romania. It was incredible!!!!! I have gone
back several times usually with a plan to see some place I haven’t seen
or served. This trip was all about people!!!! I wanted to make
“memories” of going to church, firesides, baptisms, lots of fun
activities with the youth and get reacquainted with members & some of my
investigators. As well as good yummy food!! Oh, how do I miss the
food?!?! I need to learn to cook better. That it was… days filled with
memories and pictures!!! (I hope to borrow a scanner and post some of my
favorite pictures.) I spent most of my time with the branches at the
Capela. Next time I will be in Timisoara, hopefully in February. I still
need to plan a trip to play with the other branches in Bucuresti. FYI the
Barba Delavrancea building has been closed down. Sector 1 comes to the
Several times on my trip, I was reminded that the purpose of life is to
assist one another back Home to our Heavenly Father. As I talked with
people each one expressed how someone had influenced their lives to be
better as they asked questions about their beloved missionaries. We really
don’t understand what kind of footprint we make in each other’s lives.
I came home with a commitment that I would make more of an effort to keep
in contact with my friends in Romania. I learned that it was my own
insecurities, like being home for so long, not using the language often
enough or studying it, and that maybe people had forgotten me, held me
back. In fact, it was quite the opposite. Heavenly Father truly blessed
me. I immersed myself into the language ie talking, reading, writing, and
I stayed with members. All these things helped me be one with them. At
times I really did not feel like a foreigner or a “returned
missionary”. In fact, often times I would ask the missionaries English
words. They would make fun of me, since English is my first language. The
adjustment at home was so similar to coming home off my mission almost 8
years ago. I yearn to be back!!! It is almost a pain like being homesick.
It’s bizarre!!
So my point to you is don’t be like me and allow the years to go by
without making contact. You may not hear from whomever you write, but you
will continue to bring our brothers and sisters home again. Or you might
even help the church remake contact. For example, through our mission
website I started emailing a member about another member. To my surprise
the member had never heard of my dear companion. After some investigation
it was found that indeed my companion had gone inactive and we “the
church” had no record that this sweet sister had even been a member until
a visit was made to her home in which she produced a copy of her baptismal
record. Now the contact was remade with the church. I continue to pray
that the members will embrace and love her back into the fold. We have a
power given to us… it’s love. It truly can conquer anything-even land
boundaries or language.
Another fun experience was attending church I recognized a woman who bore
her testimony. Throughout the meeting I cleared some cobwebs to my very
first month in the field. Sister Kim Woodbury was my companion at the
time. We got permission to attend a birthday party in Sector 2. Elders
Lance Nielson and Sam Hunter were able to attend. While everyone was
distracted a little girl snuck some frosting off of the cake. I happened
to snap a picture of it. Now years later, it was fun to reminisce about
that night and to see that little girl all grown up making some wonderful
decisions with her life, as well as her family.
The experiences go on and on, but I won’t bore you.
I have tried to contact some of you to tell you about your own personal
experiences that were shared with me. I hope to continue to pass on
messages of love… but to all of you. Thanks so much for your sacrifice.
It was one of the best sacrifices and investments I have ever made and I am
sure it was for you too.
I would like to encourage you to participate in some service activities.
I have two that I am working on currently. Because they are confidential I
won’t post them on the website. But please email me if you would like to
get involved.
· The first is for those that served in Sector 4 in 1996 to the present.
I need your help to make a dream come true.
· The second is for those that served in Sector 5 from 1996 to about 2000
and maybe even 2001. I know it’s a short time, but that is when the
member was most active, I think. I need your help to reproduce a picture
that we all signed, Hint, Hint. Or if you served with a mini-missionary
that had you sign a picture of Enos.
· Then when I get my ticket for Timisoara, I want to do something for them
too. I will enlist your help again since I never served there nor do I
know anyone but Monica.
As one sister posted on the website, there is a great magazine published
in Romania about each of the different areas. It’s called “Ramurile
din Romania si Moldova.” I got the September – October 2004 edition.
It’s amazing!!! It’s filled with good articles and pictures. I
enjoyed reading it. I tried to find out if I could subscribe to it over
here, but no one could tell me for sure. I will email the editor and ask.
Then I will post a message of what I have learned. That way we can all
keep up on the areas we have served. If you would like a copy let me know
and we will figure something out. There is just too much to comment on.
Thanks for your service. It was not unnoticed:)
Sincerely, Carey Lyn Wolfley (aka Sora Lupescu or "Wolf open your heart!"
that's for Sister Kayte Johnson:))"
Brandon Jensen Send Email
Jarvis Reunion 01 Oct 2004
Hey Kids,
I am sorry to inform you all that I will not be planning a reunion for this fall. We had a great reunion in the spring to coincide with the Ghica-Wainwright wedding, and the most amazing BBQ with President and Sister Jarvis this summer. I feel very bad for you if you were not able to be there, it was great to see the Jarvis's again.
I am certainly not retiring from the reunion business and plan on getting you all together again in the spring around conference time.
If there is someone planning something for the next few weeks, please let me know so that I can help, planning these is harder than you think it is. And if not, I will see you all in the spring, unless you feel like stopping by for some ice cream sooner than that! =0)
-Elder Baird
Dustin A Baird Send Email
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