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Arner si Sessions 17 Feb 2004
Hi! I am trying to get ahold of Sora Arner (I know you are married now, but I don't know your married name) and Elder Sessions. I need to get your current address and email - please email me at It is regarding Geta Nuta from Bucuresti. Sora Viorica Schiopu has a letter for both of you from Geta. Please send me an email when you get this. Also, if anyone else knows how I can contact them - email me. Thanks so much! Sa aveti grija de voi! Va iubim!
Melissa si Viorica
Melissa Hymas Send Email
Moldova Opportunity 09 Feb 2004
The following comment has been submitted by C. Anton Rytting
Dear Romania Bucharest Missionaries,

I am an RM from the Greece Athens Mission and a graduate student at the
State University. An inter-denominational fellowship group I know,
Christian Graduate Student Alliance, is in the planning stages for a
trip to Moldova this coming summer (probably in early September).
The main
purpose of the trip is to establish micro-enterprise in the area
and generally
to be of assistance in economic education. I have spoken
already with the
planners of this group, and they seem appreciative of the
possibility of some
linguistic expertise.

I will have more information next week, but if there are any of you who
would be
interested in lending your expertise with the language (I have
heard that
Moldovan and Roumanian are quite close), please send me an
email and I will
provide you with more information as I receive it.

Anton Rytting
Brandon Jensen Send Email
RM survey 21 Jan 2004
Hello again,
My friend Tania, who just completed a PhD in sociology from Princeton, is working on a paper (and eventual book) on gender steryotypes in LDS missions. If you have a spare moment, please take the time to participate in her online survey at
In order to be used in the paper, which will be presented at a BYU symposium in March, surveys need to be completed by Jan. 31. Surveys completed later will still be useful, as her research is ongoing. Also please forward the link to any RM's you know. Older folks (parents, grandparents, friends) who have served individual--not couples--missions in the past are especially helpful.
Sa traiti,
Michelle Martin Send Email
sunt logodita 19 Jan 2004
I just wanted to send out the word that I am officially logodita. I got engaged the day after Christmas to Carl Schneider from Pittsburgh, best friend Margaret set me up with him. The wedding date is May 22. I'm also attempting to write a thesis in order to graduate with a master's degree in May, so I've got a busy few months ahead. I will post a picture and a link to the official Michelle & Carl engagement website once I get organized enough to do all of that, but wanted to at least make the announcement.
Va pup,
Sora Martin
Michelle Martin Send Email
Cineva stiiie adresa familiei Badnariu 30 Dec 2003
Please, help me I want to have President and family Badnariu's address.
Evgenia G. Petukhova Send Email
Merry Christmas 26 Dec 2003
Dragii mei, cu ocazia acestui Craciun vreau sa va urez si eu multa sanatate si fericire si fie ca toate binecuvantarile lui Dumnezeu sa se reverse din plin asupra voastra. Sa aveti un Craciun fericit si un An Nou plin de impliniri. Va multumesc pentru cine sunteti si pentru tot ce faceti pentru mine. Va iubesc si sa stiti ca sunteti in inima si rugaciunile mele mereu. Dumnezeu sa va binecuvanteze pe voi si familiile si prietenii vostrii! La Multi Ani!
Cu drag, Daliana
My dear friends, This Christmas season may the blessings that the Lord has in store for you to come upon you now and always. I wish you health and happiness this holyday season and "La Multi Ani " for the new year to come. I love you and I thank you for who you are and for what you've done for me. You are always in my heart and prayers. May God bless you and your families and friends. La Multi Ani!
Love, Daliana
Daliana Balagean Send Email
Christmas 24 Dec 2003
December 24, 2003

Missionaries, Members &
Romania Bucharest Mission

Dear Friends,

Sister Orton and I are spending our sixth Christmas, of the last eight, in Eastern Europe. We fear that our family will think we have abandoned them. I am in my ninth year of missionary or missionary related service in Europe (France, Belgium, Romania, Moldova, and the Europe East Area of the Church headquartered in Moscow) during my adult life. This has required learning three foreign languages. Russian has been the most difficult. Sister Orton, however, is doing as well, or perhaps better, with Russian as she did with Romanian.

We cherish the memories of our thirty-eight months spent in Romania and Moldova. The spiritual and the day-to-day experiences, and the adventures, will never be forgotten. The people (missionaries, members and friends) are most dear to us. I often told our missionaries that they are our sons and our daughters for all purposes expect inheritance. Many of you are our close friends, and all of you are our brothers and sisters. Thank you for enriching our lives and helping to establishing the foundation for our memories.

Today our thoughts are focused on our Savior and on family and friends. He gave all that He had. We give but very little. We are grateful, nevertheless, for the opportunity to give something. Each of you has given so much. We see, in our mind’s eye, many of you giving spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically until it appeared that you could give no more. We honor and sustain you in all the righteous, unselfish, charitable and love driven desires of your hearts and overt acts in which you are engaged. We often think of and pray for you, which we do this day.

Love and best wishes,

Robert F. and Joy D. Orton
Robert Frank Orton Send Email
She said yes. 09 Dec 2003
Well, here's how the whole thing went down:
At 4 pm, i was just leaving work on December 3rd, when i decided to call up to Salt Lake to see if the ring was done. I only had a 60 minute window to make it from one end of the valley to the other. I drove 53 miles in 42 minutes. The lady at the reception desk buzzed the security door open and i took the elevator to the second floor. Walking down the hall passed all the other wholesale diamond sellers i wondered if I got the best bang for my buck. I knocked. The door opened. I entered. Steve sat me down and showed me the ring. It was beautiful. A one carat brilliant cut solitaire diamond with two princess cut on the side, channel set, with 4 round cuts on each side, channel set. This ring would be worthy to be worn on the hand of my queen. I sped back to Utah county. Changed my
clothes and took my bride to be to her rehearsal. Now was the time to multi-task. I had 2 hours to get her a new set of scriptures with Krystal Noel Jolley engraved in gold on the front cover, talk to her dad, and propose. All was going according to plan. Her farther welcomed me into his family, her mother was crying. My roommate picked up the scriptures and took them to our apartment. I casually asked Krystal to go with me on a drive (under the pretense that i needed a break from my research paper). We ended up at the Mount Timpanogos LDS Temple. She grew a little suspicious, but when i announced that i wanted to give her a present, she was unaware to my alternative motive. She opened the package, and said "This isn't my last name..." she trailed off as she found me on one knee with a black ring box opened, looking into her eyes i asked "Krystal, will you marry me?" We kissed, and then visited both our families. March 19th looks like the date when we will solemnized our love unto the Father in the New and Everlasting Covenant of Marriage.
Ryan Norton (Jolley) Dooley Send Email
Iacobescu Family 28 Sep 2003
Does anybody know where the Iacobescu family from Sector 6 is? I called the 3 phone numbers that I have for them and they were all disconnected. Last I knew they lived in Provo and I was just with them a couple of months ago. If anybody has any information please email me


Jeff Hertzler
Jeffrey Adam Hertzler Send Email
Apr '04 Reunion for Neuenschwander, Wilde, Morrey 05 Sep 2003
For those of you planning to attend the Neuenschwander, Wilde, and Morrey reunion in April of 2004, I am announcing that Tony Benjamin and I are going to be planning it. We would like to compile a CD of mission memories from our time as missionaries and would like pictures from you of your favorite mission memories. We are trying to make this something everyone can appreciate so try to avoid sending pictures of baptisms and people that others may not know. We are trying to focus on pictures that show what Romania was like when we were there. Send you pictures electronically and include the approximate year and location of the picture. I hope that makes sense. If there are any questions, let me know.
Kirsten Michelle Abel Send Email
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