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Andrei Iani 02 Sep 2003
Dear Romanian Missionary Alumni and friends and members of this site...I just got this e-mail from Allison Barton and wanted to forward it to anyone who knew the Iani family. It is such sad news and I'm sure they could use as many prayers as they can get at this point!
Sincerely, Shawni (Eyre) Pothier

Dear Maddy, Jeff and Shawni,

You are the only people I have any email connection with from Romania. So, I am sending you this email in hopes that you will pass it on to everyone you have any connection with from Romania. (And if anyone has an email address for Ruth Whiting, please send this to her! She will want to know. I think she taught Andrei and Alina the missionary discussions.) Andrei Iani died two weeks ago in Australia. Below is a copy of the email that Alina Iani sent me on August 30th.

Hei Allison!

I have bad news. My brother died on the 19 August. We found out yesterday. He was an exchange student in Australia and had only been there for 3 weeks. The circumstances around his death are uncertain, and the police are still investigating. So far they are telling us he comitted suicide, but they are not 100% sure, since not everything fits. My parents are devastated, and I am in bad shape too.

I will talk to you later, but in the mean time take care of yourself and Zane.


The Iani's left Bucharest in 2004 and moved to Norway. I know they have tried to go back to Bucharest every year to visit family and friends, but I don't know how much of a connection they still have with the members of the church in Bucharest or the missionaries they knew there. I'm sure they would be happy to hear from all those they knew, especially at this tremendously difficult and sad time. You can send emails to or write to Vladimir, Raluca and Alina Iani at:

Morgedalsveien 37, Oslo, Norway 0378

Please remember them in your prayers.

Allison Barton
Shawni Pothier Send Email
mission call 27 Aug 2003
Salut prieteni!

Sunt fericita sa va anunt ca am primit chemarea pt. misiune. Voi sluji in Franta, misiunea Toulouse. Plec in 22 octombrie la MTC in Anglia. Parintii mei sunt alaturi de mine. Ma simt minunat si pregatita pentru experienta vietii mele.

Va pup,
monica sechei Send Email
Address for Doru Vasile 15 Aug 2003
I am looking for the current address of Vasile Doru. I heard he lives in Sector 1, but attends church in Sector 6. If someone has his current address, I would appreciate it if it was emailed to me at


-Teresa Tuttle
Teresa J. Tuttle Send Email
fam Radulescu 28 Jul 2003
How is Dan doing? I don't know him or his family but I did pray for him and I put his name on some temple rolls. Please all of you, do the same thing and have faith. I'd like to know more about him and if he feels better. Has he been operated or what?
Daliana Balagean Send Email
Our Members 27 Jul 2003
Thanks Elder Merkeley, and yes, it is still ok to be cheezy!!. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of Romania and all of our members. I have not been a good letter writer either. Looking through my things, I realized that I may have lost my addresses of the members while I was there. Here is my challenge to anyone. We need to compile a list of addresses from Romania somewhere, most likely here, so we can write more often. Being a doctor, it hurts even worse to think of Bro. Radulescu, I too loved that family. So help me while I look for the list. The easiest way is to get a printout of the list from the mission. Maybe someone has an in there. Maybe a newly returned missionary has one. Thank you to all the returning missionaries for the photos and opening the cities and chapels we dreamed about when we were there and only had the to visit. I miss you all and hope a reunion will find me soon.
"Roscatule" Elder Leavitt 92-94
Shane Colby Leavitt Send Email
Elder Smith from England 23 Jul 2003
I'm trying to find contact information for Elder Smith from Chester, England. I taught him in the MTC in 2001....I think. If anyone knows Elder Smith's email, phone number, address, fax, post office box, tax lot number, etc. please send it my way to

Multi am fine!
Bradley Dean Smith Send Email
Plea to all returned missionaries 21 Jul 2003
Buna tuturor!

I just returned from an amazing trip to Romania with Kirsten Abel and Martissa Whelchel Spencer. It was so wonderful to visit with those dear people and see how the Church has grown since I returned home in November 1995.

While in Bucuresti, I talked to the current mission president, President Hanson, who asked me to relay a message to everyone who has served a mission in Romania. He encouraged us to please keep in touch with the members there. Pres. Hanson said that when he meets with inactive members, he always asks them about the missionaries who taught them the Gospel. He said the members always cry and bring out their pictures, then they almost always say, "But my missionaries never write me any more!"

I know that none of us has forgotten our friends in Romania, but that life gets busy and it's hard to find time to write. However, I know it's important to continue strengthening the members there even after we have returned home. Both inactive and strong members can benefit from letters from returned missionaries. What's more, an increasing number of Romanians have e-mail accounts, which makes staying in touch even easier.

I came home from my trip with a renewed determination to keep in touch with the members there, even if it is only once or twice a year. I would encourage everyone else to do the same. It is important and I know our efforts can truly make an eternal difference in the lives of our friends in Romania.

Multumesc and Sanatate!
Kim Woodbury
Kimberly Anne Woodbury Send Email
Dan Radulescu - Ploiesti Member 16 Jul 2003
Dear Friends:

Please read the urgent message from Dan Pauna. In short, Dan Radulescu has suffered a severe accident that has broken his spine. He is in critical condition. He has little chance of survival without complicated surgery, and his doctors fear he may die in their attempts to save him.

Dan & the Radulecu family are very special to me. Dan has many siblings, many with children of their own. I saw them last summer. They live in the most humble conditions i have seen in my entire experience in Romania. But I have also experienced how much happines they derive from this, eachother and the friendship the missionaries and others have brought them. One of the Radulescu girls has already been the recipient of the wonderful generosity of Elder and Sister Bright and an american doctor who performed surgery to correct the muscles of her eye. It was her proudest moment to show me the results last summer.

When I add up the tragedy of Alin Teodorescu's death on his mission to England, Petrica Mares' accident that took all his exceptional athleticism from him, and now Dan Radulescu, I cant help but notice that these all are my special members of Ploiesti. Courageous first members of the Ploiesti Branch.

Its breaking my heart. It pains me wondering how they get through it with faith intact. And I wish I were there to reassure them. Its frustrating to feel like things are falling apart in your absence, isnt it? Your hands tied by distance. Well, I'm sure most of you have experienced this on some level. But I feel an assurance in my surrender to Heavenly Father's will.

This is what I ask you to do:
1) Include Dan and the Radulescus in your family prayers.
2) fast.
3) Make sure Dan Radulescu's name is on the prayer roll in the temple of your area.
4) If you are a Ploiesti missionary, (re)connect with your Ploiesti member family. Remind them they are a branch family with the Radulescus.
5) If any of you know of physicians that are looking for service opprtunities please refer them to this situation. Alumni missionaries have been the instruments to a miracle before: (Petrica Mares was flown to Utah for surgery just hours before Romanian doctors were going to amputate his leg).

Thank you for listening and responding. I am not dilluded by optimism for Dan's recovery. But I can't live with myself and do nothing. Whatever the outcome, I know my best efforts will bless me with His voice that says, "Be still and know that I am God."

Thanks for your faith, your prayers, your service.

Va Iubesc,
Fostul Elder Merkley '91-'93
Dan Merkley Send Email
Urgent 15 Jul 2003
Imi pare rau sa anunt asa ceva dar o fac in speranta ca ajuta la ceva.
In acest moment familia Radulescu din Ploiesti este pusa la grea incercare deoarece Dan Radulescu se afla in stare critica la spital. Saptamana trecuta, joi seara mai exact, Dan a suferit un accident in urma caruia si-a rupt coloana vertebrala. In acest moment se afla in stare critica la spital si situatia nu arata bine deloc. Ar trebui operat dar medici nu vor sa o faca de frica decesului pe masa . pe de alta parte daca nu va fi operat decesul va interveni oricum deoarece va pierde maduva prin scurgere. Nu stiu daca am folosit cei mai potriviti termeni pentru a explica situatia. Oricum daca exista idei si cineva poate face ceva cred ca orice ajutor este binevenit.

Daniel Dumitru Pauna Send Email
Amy Beatson 27 Jun 2003
A companion of mine, Amy Beatson emailed me and I deleted the message before I could respond. I can't find her address anywhere. Does any one know how I can get ahold of her?
Michelle Diane Rackley Send Email
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