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News Item: Mission Celebration Summary

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Mission Celebration Summary 25 Jul 2003
Just wanted to drop a note to everyone regarding the mission celebration held last night. In a first of its kind meeting, 3 former mission presidents over Romania - Pres. Wilde, Pres. Morrey and Pres. Orton - attended the meeting. In fact, Pres. Morrey mentioned that the last, and only, time prior to last night that he had met with Pres. Wilde was 10 years ago in Bucharest for 1/2 hr when the Romanian Mission was created from the Hungarian Mission.

The program was as follows:
Opening Prayer: Ioana Ene (Bucuresti)
Song: Pe Varful Muntelui

Bun Venitul: Brandon Jensen
Synopis: Discussed purpose of Celebration and history of Romania as it relates to the gospel.

Video Presentation

Speaker: Catalin Calancea (Bucuresti)
Synopsis: Spoke on how the gospel has affected his life. Particularly regarding helping him to quit smoking and having a happy family life.

Speaker: Betty Lee
Synopsis: Spoke about experience leading youth choir in Bucuresti.

Speaker: Jim Lee
Synopsis: Spoke about experiences in the mission office, helping younger missionaries teach discussions and he read his poem regarding the 10 year mission celebration.

Speaker: Carmin Clifton
Synopsis: She related a conversation about the current state of the mission with current mission president Garth Hanson. Pres. Hanson says that there are great, strong members coming into the church in Romania and Moldova and that growth is going well. He made a point to tell Carmin that he thought that all former missionaries should try to stay in contact with members and friends in Romania. [So, everyone take time today to write a letter or email to someone in Romania].

Musical Number: O Ce Veste Minunata
Singers: Matt Nelson (also violin), Joel & Lara Neves, Peter Williams, Chaliese Wouden and Brant Sharp

Panel Discussion
Participants: Pres. James Wilde, Pres. John Morrey, Pres. Robert Orton, Stanca (Cioban) Felt (Cluj) and Ionut Fanaru (Bucuresti)

Some Highlights:
Pres. Wilde: Spoke of difficult ties in distance when he was located in Hungary and 1/3 of his missionaries were in Romania. There were only 2 flights/week from Budapest to Bucharest and it was a 15 hour train ride. So, if there were any problems that arose, it took some time for him to get to it face-to-face. Also, the language barriers of Hungarian

Pres. Morrey: Spoke of miracles that occurred in missionaries securing visas in the country. He spoke of some of the key contacts that were made through the hand of the Lord that made possible the existence of the mission.

Pres. Orton: He spoke of the importance of retaining members and building a foundation of faith. Also, he talked about the different stages of the mission and indicated that he thought Presidents Morrey and Wilde were of the era that the Lord wanted a strong foundation laid and thought that his time was a time when the Lord wanted to expand.

Stanca Felt: She talked about how accepting her friends were of her decision to join the church and the blessing it has been in her life.

Ionut Fanaru: He spoke of being one of the first members of the church in the country and how not many people knew or had even heard about the church. He joked about family difficulties with he and his mother joining the church.

Speaker: Sister Morrey
Synopsis: She talked about the first TV appearance by missionaries. There were small miracles that came together to make the event successful and let people know the truth about the gospel over the air waves.

Speaker: Sister Orton
Synopsis: Sister Orton spoke of her love for the Romanian people and her desire to serve them.

Closing Remarks: Pres. Orton
Synopsis: Spoke of hope for growth of the Church in Eastern Europe and his desires for Romania to grow and bloom. He bore his testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel and the love of the Savior for the Romanian people.

Song: Domnul Sa Te aiba in grija Sa
Closing Prayer: Maria Cioban (from Cluj)
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