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Russia Novosibirsk Mission Reunion - June 13, 2009

Hello to all, we will be holding a mission reunion for all missionaries who served in the Russia, Novosibirsk Mission under President Sherwood and or President Galbraith. This is an email to get RSVP's from those who can attend. The RSVP's will determine what venue we hold it.

The reunion will be held the evening of Saturday, June 13th in Salt Lake City, Utah. Both President Sherwood and President Galbraith will be in attendance. It has been years since we have had a specific reunion of our years so I am hoping it will be a lot of fun.

This will be an adults only event except of infants who are not yet able to be away from his / her mother. For those traveling from out of the state, who have no family or friends in the area to provide baby-sitting for a few hours, please send me an email and we can work something out with providing baby-sitting.

The details of the specific location and time will come after we receive your RSVP. Please reply to this email or call me at (801) 756-5219. I would like to get your RSVP by Sunday, May 3rd. However, the sooner the better so please, if you can RSVP as soon as possible. I will immediately verify each RSVP so that you know it was received.

We are also are putting together a DVD of our mission (old photos with music). Whether you can attend the reunion or not, and would like to have your photos in the DVD, please send me a few (3-5) mission photographs of your choice for the DVD. send them either through email (if they have been scanned) or by snail mail to me at:
David Anson
407 Mountainville Drive
Alpine, Utah 84004

The photos will of course be returned to you.

Looking forward to seeing everybody.

David Anson
PS. It is difficult to track down everybody so you might be getting this email on a couple of different email addresses or twice to the same email address or even through facebook. Please understand. Please forward this to other missionaries with whom you have contact. It would be much appreciated.

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