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Trinity Cathedral in St. Petersburg in the News 25 Aug 2006
Some of you may have already seen this in the news, and I'm willing to bet many of you remember the Trinity Cathedral from St. Petersburg (it's the somewhat out-of-place-looking church with large, blue cupolas, including ones with gold stars on them, and it's been undergoing restoration for quite some time). Anyway, it was quite heavily damaged by fire today.

You can see an article by searching Google News or by looking at <> (KSL News' site) and see some pictures on the BBC's site at <>.

It's sad, I guess, but I remember fondly walking around that area, contacting people on the street, and buying fruit from vendors on the street. It's always great to remember good times in St. Petersburg.
John Paul Pruess Send Email
Russian Speaking CPA's 04 Aug 2006
I work for a CPA firm in Salt Lake City and I have the opportunity to travel to Kazakhstan and speak Russian for my work. We are always looking for good people with a Masters degree in accounting, and if you speak Russian, there is a unique opportunity at my firm. If you would be interested in a job in Salt Lake, and have a Master's degree, drop me a line.

Wesley Robertson
Wesley Foust Robertson Send Email
Attn: SoCal Russian speakers...Help!!! 01 Aug 2006
The elders in my ward contacted an Armanian woman who doesn't speak a lick of English but was interested in learnign about the gospel. I went with them last week, together we taught the first lesson (in Russian of course). She's amazing and would be considered a "golden" in Armania or Russia. Unfortunately, I leave for school in 2 1/2 weeks and am the only russian speaking mormon in this area as far as I know. If you live in So Cal, near Moreno Valley/ Riverside and could help this woman and the missionaries please let me know. If not the elders will probably be forced to drop that they can't commmunicate with her. If you can't travel to visit her you can still call and speak with her over the phone. Please help in whatever way possible. Thank you. Courtney Baugh 951-867-0455
Courtney Joan Baugh Send Email
Damir Krivenko — Дамир Кривенко 05 Jul 2006
For those of you who served in or where otherwise in St. Petersburg before 2001, you may have known Damir Krivenko and his wonderful family. They were in the Petrogradsky Branch. Damir and his wife (as well as his dad, who was in the Center Branch) are artists. He's got some pretty good stuff, and I know that in the past he's been willing to do paint stuff for missionaries, their families, and return missionaries.

Anyway, he's got a new Web site up at <> (there's an English-language and a Russian-language site) which includes his contact information and a guestbook if anyone wants to get back in contact with this great guy and his family.
John Paul Pruess Send Email
Babysitter is needed 07 Jan 2006
My wife and I are looking for a member of the Church from Russia to come and stay with us from August ’06 until May ’07 to help us with out two boys. This person will have a private bedroom and will be staying at our house in San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio is a great place with many opportunities. I am a returned missionary from St. Petersburg. If you can spread the word around, I would appreciate it. If you want to be considered, please email us at
D Shakhov Send Email
Correction of the accident 11 Nov 2005
I was asked by her brother to make a couple changes to the post inregards to the accident. Here they are:

Shelley was anchored to a tree. When she fell the 90 ft, she was either unconscience or instantly died. She did not ask Mark where she was. While he was trying to recessitate her, which were her lower brain
functions responding only, he told her she was going to heaven. Shelley did not speak, She did not survive the fall.
Matthew Bryan Dale Send Email
Astafevy 10 Nov 2005
Does anyone know any contact information for Valodya Astafev? How about Anna Lamburg?
Denny Mitchell Send Email
A few details about Shelley's accident 09 Nov 2005
This is an e-mail I received from my Bishop that has more detailed info regarding the accident.

She and a fellow climber had just finished one wall, and thought it was real fun and decided to do it again. She tied her ropes around a rock which I was told was normal procedure. I was also told that Shelly was very careful when doing this sport. I guess she starting down the rock the ropes came loose and she fell about 90 ft. The person she was with climbed down to her, and she was still alive, but he knew it was real bad and that she would not make it. Her family told me that she kept asking the guy where she was and he told her that she is on her way to heaven!

The Viewing will be held Friday November 11th from 5-7 pm at Bunkers Mortuary University Chapel – 3529 E University Dr. Mesa AZ, 85213

There are alot of pictures and video clips of Shelley at Her family is also going to put together a DVD with 1000's of pics and video clips.
Matthew Bryan Dale Send Email
Obituary for Shelley Windsor 09 Nov 2005
Shelley Dawn Windsor

Shelley Dawn Windsor, 31, of Mesa, Arizona, passed away on November 5, 2005 in a tragic rock climbing accident near Flagstaff, Arizona. Shelley was born in Mesa, Arizona and graduated from Westwood High School. She later graduated from BYU with a Bachelors degree in Secondary Education, followed by a Masters degree at ASU in Technical Education. She served an LDS mission in St. Petersburg, Russia. Shelley was a high school math teacher at Heritage Academy and a part-time math teacher at MCC-Red Mountain. She loved the students she taught and always reserved a special place in her heart for them. Shelley also had a passion for the outdoors, specifically rock climbing. In the words of those who knew her best, there was never a challenge too large that she did not attack with a grace and beauty that defies description. For her family and friends, she was a tremendous person, always willing to help and serve, mentor and love, and her sphere of influence effected numerous people who are better for that interaction with Shelley. She was a teacher and a student with an unparalleled zest for life. Although her life was cut short, she continues her work and her adventures in the eternities where we will one day be reunited. Shelley was preceded in death by her sister Stephanie and is survived by her parents, Bill and Lucille Windsor, her 14 siblings David (Rainey), Bill (Becky), Jim (Charity), John (Jolena), Sandra Beukers (Rob), Sherri Hampton (Tom), Lori Scott (Hunter), Suzanne Allen (Dailand), Becky Phelps (Glen), Kristen Tipton (Gary), Jennifer Williams (Ned), Stacey Clark (Eric), Debbie Palmer (DJ), and Erin Windsor. The viewing will be held on Friday, November 11, 2005 at Bunker's University Chapel located at 3529 E. University Drive, Mesa, from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. Funeral services will be held at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-Saints chapel located at 1718 N. Date, Mesa, on Saturday, November 12, 2005, at 10:00 a.m., with a prior viewing at 9:00 a.m. Sign the Guest Book at
Matthew Bryan Dale Send Email
Pictures of Shelley Windsor 09 Nov 2005
For those of us who knew and loved Shelley--just wanted to let you know that her brother John and some of her friends are collecting photos and memories of her, as a memorial for her family and to preserve a record of a remarkable life. If you have any photos or stories you'd like to share, please send them to or

Christine Hopper Stephenson
Christine Stephenson Send Email
Shelley Windsor 06 Nov 2005
I don't really know how to relay this message. Shelly Windsor died in a mountain climbing accident Saturday, November 5, 2005. Funeral Services are going to eb held this Friday, November 11, 2005. The time has yet to be announced. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. It is easier for me to check my work address, so please email me at: I will send the obituary when it comes out if you'd like.

Matthew Dale
Matthew Bryan Dale Send Email
Reunion? 10 Sep 2005
Is there any kind of reunion/homecoming going on with the return of the Rogers? Also, although I heard that there is an article on Sister Zhitina and her mom in a recent Liahona, I can't for the life of me find it, so if anyone has maybe an online link to it, that would be great, or if you can tell me exactly which month of the Russian Liahona it is in..I think I got the July one and can't find it. Hope everyone is doing good...Love, one of the Roger's (old) kids.
Beth Wilson Send Email
Svetlana Zhitina or Sveta Palchik 04 Jul 2005
I served with both of them and have lost touch. Sister Palchik married an Australian I think and lives in Australia or some other English speaking country. I used to have more regular contact with Sister Zhitina, but have lost contact in the last few years. Someone who served in Moscow told me they thought she was the one who recently passed away (hopefully not right...).

If you have info, email me at Thanks!
Beth Wilson Send Email
Novgorod 30 Jun 2005
I'm looking on any information on Veliky Novogorod and the branch there. I opened the city with Elders Galbraith, Alder, and Butler. I served there for close to 10 months of my mission. If anybody knows of the current status/membership for the branch there, I would love to know what's going on. Please e-mail me at Much love to all.

Elder Brady B. Harris
Brady Bieler Harris Send Email
Pictures of St. Petersburg 25 Jun 2005
Check out MSNBC's "Week in Pictures" feature for the week from June 16 - 23. There are a couple pictures from St. Petersburg, one of which features the famous white nights. This link should lead you there:,3842331

John Paul Pruess Send Email
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