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Babysitter is needed 08 May 2005
My wife and I are looking for a member of the Church from Russia to come and stay with us for 9 months watching our kids while we are at work. This person will have a private bedroom and will be staying at our house in San Antonio, Texas. I am a returned missionary from St. Petersburg. If you can spread the word around, I would appreciate it. We need a nanny starting August 2005 thru May 2006. Contact us at
D Shakhov Send Email
CD Release 21 Apr 2005
Greetings All!

I have been working on an album for the past year called Proletariat--"Love songs for the working class".
It is finally done and ready to be released.
For any who are interested in hearing some songs from and/or purchase the album please attend the CD release:
When: Saturday, May 23rd, 10:30 PM
Where: Chinatown Restaurant, 330 South 700 East, Provo

Admission is FREE, the CD is $5.
Other local groups will also be performing.
Hope to see you there!
Nicholas Tyler Alder Send Email
Dinner for anyone living in the DC area 31 Jan 2005
Calling all Finland-Helsinki East & Russia-St. Pete alum who live in Washington, DC:

My wife and I are having a dinner this Saturday, February 5th, at our home in hopes of reliving those glory days of serving in Russia. Dinner will start at 5:00.

Please email me for more information and let me know you are coming so that I make enough grub for the group. (Don't worry…My wife, Sheila, is the one doing the cooking.)

Erik Sjolseth
Erik Brian Sjolseth Send Email
Call for Russian translators in SLC 24 Jan 2005
We are looking for return missionaries from Russia who would be willing to volunteer their time as Russian translators. They will help translate for a group of 20 Russian children from orphanages in Eastern Russia who are coming to Salt Lake City soon to be hosted by various families in Utah and Salt Lake counties.

Adoption Adventure Network seeks to express God's care toward orphans by coordinating 2-3-week "American Culture Camps" for underprivileged Russian children. Most of the children are able to be adopted and many will meet families who will want to share their love and lives as permanent members. Our program will provide the beginning of that adventure!

The Adventure of Hope (AOH) Program for Russian orphans provides a critical opportunity for children searching for homes and love to find permanent adoptive families. Through participating in our program, children spend approximately three weeks with a host family in the United States, learning about living in a family and receiving love and attention in a family setting. Many things we take for granted are new to them! During the day, they attend a day camp near their hosts home that is provided by the AOH staff and volunteers so they can swim, play games, go on field trips and have a typical American vacation experience. We want them to have some fun! The day camp program also provides a unique opportunity for host families to share the experience with other families who are considering adoption, forming a community of "fellow travelers" on the adoption adventure. Some host families will know from the very beginning that they are interested in hosting but not adopting. That's okay. We try to involve as many families from the area as possible, hosting or participating as volunteers to increase the chances of successful matches. We also invite families from out of town to travel to visit our programs and spend a few days getting to know the children if there is no program in their local area. Most importantly, these children have the opportunity for contact with families who are looking to adopt. It is our goal to have all of them matched up with a forever family by the end of the program!

Since most host families are not Russian-speaking, translation support is a critical element of a successful AOH experience. We are looking to provide a Russian-speaking volunteer translator to accompany the child and family for the the child's first day in the home and first day of camp. We also need volunteer translators for our unique "Dial-a-Translator" list of Russian-speaking volunteers who are willing to take phone calls to assist host families in communicating with their young guest.

Please contact Karen Cannon at We will notify those interested as soon as we know the arrival date for the children.

The Adoption Adventure team
Nate Draschil Send Email
Russian Music 15 Nov 2004
In response to Briant's message about music, and his mentioning that Zemfira's albums are available for download over the Internet, I just wanted to say that it's this way for most Russian artists. In fact, it's this way for a good number of European artists. Just Google any ol' group you want, look at their Web site, and get downloads of songs and such.
If you want some folk music and the ever-popular Soviet national anthem, try <>.
If you'd rather pay for your MP3 files, go to <>, which is a site operated out of Russia where you can download just about any song you want for about 1 cent per megabyte. It's legal, too. Google on it, and you'll find a bunch of reviews and articles. I'll add my recommendation to the list. Lots of good Russian stuff is available.
So, try Varvara, PPK, Via-Gra, Reflex, and Sveta. :-)
John Paul Pruess Send Email
russian music 12 Nov 2004
if anyone likes russian music, you can go to the zemfira website and download the entire new album "4 weeks of quiet" for free. just go to this site:

also, you can listen to russian radio on the web. i prefer the st. pete station radio baltika at

if you know of any other sites like this, please share. enjoy.
Briant Glen Mildenhall Send Email
Elder Mike Hall 12 Nov 2004
I was looking for Elder Mike Hall. If anyone knows his email please let me know,
Heber Moulton Send Email
Just wondering 08 Nov 2004
I was wondering if you guys can help me contact some members in St Petersburg, when I left they were in the Shuvolovski branch, they were good friends and wanted to know how they are doing. I am looking to contact Olga Kolodko and Irina Sobleva any help you could give me would be greatly appreicated.

Jesse Hunsaker
Jesse L Hunsaker Send Email
Study Abroad 08 Nov 2004
The Department of Health Sciences at BYU is looking for some individuals with experience in Russian to help with a Volunteer Abroad project in Armenia. It will attempt to address the enormous smoking problem in the Republic. University credit will be earned. Questions can be addressed to

Stephanie Curtis Perrin
Stephanie Perrin Send Email
Free Book of Mormon downloads at 21 Aug 2004
I just wanted to let everyone know about the free mp3 Book of Mormon downloads at For a limited time they are offering their Book of Mormon Audio book to anyone who wishes it, no strings attached. It's called "Flook the Earth". You can learn more from their website. Tell all your friends.
Anya Terebenina-Taggart Send Email
Voice-to-Voice seeking volunteers 19 Jul 2004
Voice-to-Voice is a new project started by members of the church in Detroit Michigan and Pavlograd Ukraine (Dnipropetrovsk)

Voice to Voice aims to offer those in the U.S., one-on-one conversation with native Russian speakers while at the same time providing stable employment for everyday Russians.

Currently, we are seeking volunteers to help us with testing of our system and training of our "sobesedniki". This event will take place on August 14th from 15-00 to 20-00 Kiev time (6am to 11am Utah time -- 8am to 1pm Eastern Time)

As a volunteer you will be talking to several of our new "sobesedniki" in Russian via voice chat software in order to help them become familiar with the software and basic conversation methodologies. This event will be a lot of fun and a great way to practice your Russian and become acquainted first-hand with this effort to help Russian speakers in the poorest areas of the former USSR to become self-reliant.

For more information contact David Shurtleff:
(734) 513-3497

or Oleg Baklan

David Shurtleff
David Shurtleff Send Email
Sergei Pilipenko Info 25 May 2004
hey everybody, in the last ensign for conference they showed some families from st. pete. one of the families was the pilipenko family that it showed with a family friend, but no dad. i was wondering if anyone knew why he was not in that picture. his name is sergei and they were in the sofiiskii area, i confirmed him back in 1995, and john bradshaw baptized him, i believe. if anyone has any information on that family please contact matt lamont at i just want to make sure he is okay. thanks
Matt Lamont Send Email
Trip to Russia 19 May 2004
Is anyone coming from Provo (or the area) to Moscow or St-Pete any time soon? Please let me know.
Yuri S. Kozhokin Send Email
Dyiagelevs 01 May 2004
I have tried to post and I think my message is too long?

There will be an open house for the Dyiagelevs this coming Friday, May 7 in Pleasant Grove at Angie Little's house.

Details to be posted soon. For more information, call Beth Wilson at 735-9881.
Beth Wilson Send Email
Dyiagelevs May 7 Open House 30 Apr 2004
OK, everyone, here are the details for an open house with Maria and Anatolii Dyiagelevii. They will be here the weekend of the 7th and 8th, leaving early Sunday morning back to St. Petersburg.

The open house will be on Friday night the 7th of May from 7-10 p.m. at Angie Little's house (1315 North 100 East, Pleasant Grove). Angie's cell phone in case you get lost is 787-3019.

Directions: I-15 Exit 278 (new Pleasant Grove exit). East on Pleasant Grove Blvd,
continue through the light at Macey's (PG Blvd has become Center Street).
East through a stop sign and to the next light (100 East). Turn left
(North). Follow this street for a long time through the next light at 1100
North. My house is on the left (west) side up about 4 houses, down a long
gravel driveway. There are two huge spruce trees in the front yard and
lights down the drive. White house with columns.

They will eat dinner before the open house, but feel free to bring munchies to share if you want to (Russian or American treats welcome).

If you have any questions about the open house or the rest of their schedule, call Beth Wilson at 735-9881 or email is

Thanks and can't wait to see you all there. Poka!!
Beth Wilson Send Email
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