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coming to Salt Lake, possibly 09 Aug 2007
I'm pretty sure that I'll be in Salt Lake for General Conference in October. I would like to visit everyone who wouldn't mind having me!
Sarah Carleton Send Email
Plov 17 Jul 2007
Anyone have a plov recipie? I've been wanting to make it, but can't find one (not in the mission cook books unless I'm blind).

Thanks in advance
Daniel M Wager Send Email
Moscow/Petersburg sites 16 Jul 2007
Hi there. Heading to Russia in August and wondered if anyone could tell me the "have to see" places in Moscow and Petersburg.

Also, what does a Taxi ride cost from Sheremeteva to Red Square. What does a taxi cost from say Saratov train station to city center.

Brook L Harker Send Email
Looking for a few old comps 22 Jun 2007
If anyone knows how to contact any of the following former Samara Missionaries, please let me know:
Joseph Dennison (93-95)
Casey Wallace (93-95)
Trent Tanner (93-95)
Mike Williams (92-94)
Elder Duffin (92-94)
Kyle Prusso Send Email
Hi from Prach family 09 May 2007
Privet vsem kto znaet Pracha i Simanovskuyu!
My budem v USA (SLC: 2-9 June, 9-15 June - California). Budem rady uvidet vseh. Esli kto-to v etot period budet v SLC ostavte svoyu kontaktnuyu informatsiyu dlya nas.
See you.
Tanya & Slava Prach
home phone:+38044-5483415
Vyacheslav Prach Send Email
Bwili i do konsta ostanemsya druzyami 23 Apr 2007
Bolshoy privyet vsyem iz Josh...aka Elder Adams...i jena Brienne, Chihuahua Britney, Betta fish...Betta, & hamster...Princess Aurora. What's up with all the action goin' on over there in Utah? I'm feelin' left out man! Just cause a man's in Cali don't mean he's some kinda gangsta...word up...yo...know what I'm sayin. Bay Area...707...representin'! I'm sure I speak for several others...maybe not. Anyways, gde lyoubove ya'll...ya ne znayou! So...just had to say somethin...let ya'll know that there are others out there and that anyone livin' or visitin' the Bay Area...Northern more than welcome to visit my crib n da hood. "A brotha's a brotha's love." And if I'm ever in your area...I'd love to visit too...especially for a mission long as I know ahead of time...not the day after...or what not. So...wish you the best everyone...feel free to contact me anytime by e-mail, myspace, telephone, etc. Lata peeps. I'm bouncin. =)
Joshua James Adams Send Email
Pot-Luck This Saturday! 17 Apr 2007
Hi All,

The final word on the Kosmynin get-together is that it will be held this Saturday, April 21st at 6:00 pm at Ed and Carol MacGlaughlin's meetinghouse in Farmington. Food for this particular event will be a pot-luck of sorts. Those that attend are asked to bring some kind of main dish or something else to share (i.e. salad, potato chips, dessert, drinks). There is no gastronomic theme (a testament to my under-developed planning skills I'm sure) so feel free to bring whatever tastes good. Additionally, there is no definite end-time for this little reunion (We have the building until 10:00 pm), but both the Kosmynins and the MacGlaughlins have asked that people come earlier rather than later. The address of the meetinghouse is:

Fairways Chapel 1533 N. 1075 W. Farmington

Also you can look it up on for more information:,9781,600-1-7-103349,00.html

See you soon!

Matthew N. Bradley Send Email
Phone Cards Reply 11 Apr 2007
That site is alright, but here is an even better site that I use all the time:

It only costs about 1.5 per minute. Of course you always get hit with some extra fees, but really I have found anything that compares. Even that other site doesn't come close. Good luck.
JC Tenney Send Email
Calling Russia 10 Apr 2007
Just wanted to let everyone know about a great calling card for Russia.

Its only about 3 cents/minute to call most cities in the mish. So, no excuses call your members!!
Brent Simmons Send Email
Kosmynin Pot-Luck? 04 Apr 2007
Just a quick note for all those still interested in seeing the Kosmynins (ether again or for the first time) while they are here in Utah: I am taking one last crack at organizing a pot-luck on their behalf (the responses that I have gotten have been only a few, indicating that ether people are not getting the emails, not checking this message board or just not interested). The potential dates and places are ether the evenings of Friday, the 20th of April in Provo, or Saturday the 21st in Farmington (courtesy of Ed and Carol MacGlaughlin). As I understand it the pair have been making the rounds more throughly than previously thought making such a gathering potentially moot. If you are interested please email me your preference of date and location.


Matthew N. Bradley Send Email
place to stay in Saratov 27 Mar 2007
My name is Nathan Harmston, please see my profile for info about my mission. I would like to know if there are any Students of Saratov State University that I could stay with in Saratov during the 07-08 academic year. I have been accepted by the University of Missouri's Study Abroad Program to study Russian in Saratov. I would prefer to stay with a member or member family while there. So if any one is interested or has any connections please let me know. My e-mail is or
Nathan Isaac Harmston Send Email
The Kosmynins Are Coming! 20 Feb 2007
The rumors are true! Evgenni and Tatyanna Kosmynin are coming to Utah! They will be here for a whole month over general conference in the Spring (from approximately March 27th – April 27th). More details will follow about their exact timetable, but sufficeth to say accommodation the bulk of their trip has already been arranged as well as pick up and drop off from the airport There are, as I understand it, still a few days unaccounted for and plenty of free time during both days and nights during the week and possibly during the weekend, so if you do have any interest in putting the pair up for a night or two, or want to hang out with them or want to be there at the airport when they arrive or leave, you may contact them for more info at If for whatever reason they are unresponsive I would be happy to try and coordinate something on your behalf with some of the other families in the area that may know their schedule a little better. My email is: I was also trying to gage interest in throwing a little missionary get-together in their behalf. The simplest thing would be to put something like a pot-luck together in and around the second or third week they are here (in other words the second or third week in April). Any ideas? Comments? Suggestions? Preferences? More details to follow soon....


Matthew N. Bradley Send Email
Google Earth 11 Feb 2007
Why did it take me so long? Samara and Saratov shots are very crisp on Google Earth. It's fun to look at the streets I walked for months. Just a heads up to those who haven't used it yet.

Brook L Harker Send Email
Russia Trip 02 Feb 2007
My wife, son, and I are headed to Samara for a month in May. If anyone needs someone tracked down or a message delivered let me know. We will probably be in Saratov for at least a couple days also. - Simmons
Brent Simmons Send Email
request for information 02 Jan 2007
You may have heard the sad news that Elder Stephen Drake passed away in
Pleasant Grove on December 24th. His brother Jim has written to us to ask
for any mission memories we may have. Would those of you who knew Elder Drake please write to Jim with anything you'd like
to say about serving with him?
Thank you very much.
Sheridan Ted Gashler Send Email

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