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Izhevsk 29 Aug 2006
Izhevsk has a long (and amazing) history to it. Before it was opened About 50 people had already recieved Books of Mormon from high school students on an exchange program from Logan Utah. Others had attended church in utah and so on and so forth. The foundation had been laid and missionaries arrived in the fall of '03. I remember my MTC branch president showing it to me on a map in the hallway of the mtc and informing us that it had just been opened and that he was going to lecture at a university there a few months later. This happened in Nov and on sept 23 '04 i arrived in Izhevsk. From sept to march I served there. We did not yet have a branch, just two groups. One was in town and met at the library (from which we were evicted which began many months of searching for a permanent home) and held sacrament meeting for the other group in the village Norya outside of town. As of march '04 45 people were the most ever at sacrament meeting in Izhevsk with only 26 of them being members. However, I can't give you much more current information than that. Izhevsk was, and I'm sure still is, THE best place to serve in the mission and the world. When the church is that small and you've known every person that has ever had a discussion and met every member and know everyone's converstion story there is just a special feeling of closeness that is never duplicated anywhere else. My five months there were my most spiritually challenging and rewarding of my whole life. Now I think John Gallup should write post a story about opening up Izhevsk and working in the village Norya with Oleg and Marina.
Ethan Kirk Send Email
Reunion or Banya anyone? 28 Aug 2006
I caught a fantastic play in SLC last weekend and much to my suprise (and very great amusement) I found that Russia Samara's own Kelly Griffiths was the star (and yes, he was fabulous). I caught up with him at half-time (or intermission - whatever) and began thinking that it has been too long since I had a chance to get together with the Russia Samara kids. Does anyone know if there is a reunion planned for this fall? In addition - is there any interest among the former ELDERS (sorry no sisters allowed) for a little Banya reunion in the upcoming months?
Matthew N. Bradley Send Email
Izhevsk!? We have a Branch in Izhevsk? 28 Aug 2006
I was flipping through some of the newer kids files and I saw that there are missionaries that have served in Izhevsk?!? I may have written about this before but - there is a branch in Izhevsk!?!? How long have missionaries been in Udmurtia? How big is the branch?

- Bradley
Matthew N. Bradley Send Email
Ranch anyone? 17 Aug 2006
Does anyone who has recently returned know if you can buy ranch dressing in the Samara mission yet? Or anywhere else in Russia? Thanks!
Clayton Jon Shumway Send Email
Mission Cookbooks 11 Aug 2006
In addition to the lsat message, it would be good to have Sis Land scan the other two and Wold if she wants then they can all be distributed because I don't have Nelson's and I would like it.
Mark William Gardner Send Email
Wold Cookbook 11 Aug 2006
I hvae the Microsoft Word Files that I got directly from Sis. Wold that contains the entire cookbook layout. Because it is a layout the pagination is a little screwy however it is complete and would be better than scans. Contact me if you would like a copy.
Mark William Gardner Send Email
Traveling to Russia 05 Aug 2006
My wife and I are heading to Russia. We'll be leaving Aug 25 and return on Sep 6. We'll be in Samara from Aug 30 until Sep 1 and in Kazan from Sep 2 through Sep 4. We'll be in Moscow the other days.
Aleksandr John White Send Email
Mission Cookbooks 04 Aug 2006
Hello all y'all returned Samarakites!

I have, right here on my desk, copies of three mission cookbooks - Nelson, Wold, and Gashler. They are reletively unscathed, although the older ones are looking a little worse for wear with oil stains etc., but all very legible (I can probably clean alot of that out digitally). I also have right next to me: a scanner. I have at some point(s) offered to make a copy or two of aforementioned cookbooks. I am still very willing to do that and planned on making digital copies available somehow so that interested parties could go download and print out to their heart's content. The other option would be to collect email addys of people that wanted whichever cookbook and for me to mail copies out en masse. Anyway. That really is a question for a little later. My question right now is how, or in which order, should I scan these in so that it will be easy to print (2 sided??) true copies that can be folded up into booklet form? I can scan into just about any type of image file, but I was thinking probably .jpg or .pdf would be most convenient. Thoughts, comments, suggestions?
Rachel Land Send Email
One more time 19 Apr 2006
Being the mission leader in a small branch here in Ireland gives me an opportunity to relive a lot of those same missionary experiences I had in Russia. Seeing the excitement in the Elders’ faces as they tell me about potential converts, their concern for the new ones and their frustrations with the day to day minutia that constitutes the stuff that missionary life is made of. Yesterday during our weekly correlation meeting the more senior of the two missionaries assigned to the branch confided in me that he was disappointed at the lack of activity in those he had helped convert over the 20 months in the country. He told me that in many respects he regretted seeing as much success as he did, only to see those he had nurtured in the gospel fall away. I recognized the pain in his eyes – I have often seen it in the mirror. It has been five years since I returned home from the mission and everyday I think of those members that stayed, and those that fell away. I have learned a thing or two since that cold December night I flew home. I have learned that you can’t save people – people can only save themselves, agency is all part of the plan. I have also learned that there is a bond between we, as former missionaries, and the people in the areas in which we served, and that even though we can’t force people into doing what is right, we can influence them with our love and example. I have been trying for some months to get a form letter out to those members, complete with year-old photos from my wedding and semi-up-to-date information on where I am and what I am doing. A good friend of mine from Engels, Tatyana Gasanova was on my list of people to write to, in the process of getting her address I found out that she passed away last month. As time slips by, so does our ability to effect those in Russia for good. I purpose something not so radical and not so new. I purpose that we as former missionaries, and now as friends to those in the areas we served, keep in contact with them. I have in my possession an electronic copy of the most up-to-date member list for the Engels branch for any one who wants one. I am working on getting one for Kazan as well. It is my goal to write to those back in the areas which I served, maybe once a year, maybe twice, maybe more. I challenge everyone to do the same. Further, I would like to see some coordination between us. I served 10 months in Engels and 8 in Kazan, and as such don’t know much of anybody in any of the other branches. How about someone who served in Saratov, 116, or Novokybishevsk getting electronic copies of their branch lists for those who would like to write them? Sorry this message has been long, but if anyone is interested in helping with something like this or wants a copy of the current Engels branch list, email me.

Much Love,

Matthew N. Bradley Send Email
Engels Missionaries 19 Apr 2006
For all those who ever served in Engels and haven’t heard, I have some upsetting news. Tatyana Gasanova, wife of the deceased Viktor Deagelov, and mother to Sasha, Natasha, Vova, and Anna Deagelov, passed away on the 6th of March. She had been struggling with illness for quite some time and was one of the most faithful women I have ever known. She will be missed.

Matthew N. Bradley Send Email
re: Saratov Tsentralny 02 Apr 2006
Saratov's Central branch is doing fine and very active. Recently branch had to find a new building, and still is in proccess of finding one. In the mean time, Central and zavodskoi branchs are meeting in Zavodskoi.
Olga Philips Send Email
re: Saratov Tsentralny 02 Apr 2006
Saratov's Central branch is doing fine and very active. Recently branch had to find a new building, and still is in proccess of finding one. In the mean time, Central and zavodskoi branchs are meeting in Zavodskoi.
Olga Philips Send Email
visiting the US 13 Mar 2006
Dear friends,

I will be in the Sandy,UT area the first 2 weeks of April. If you are anywhere close to that area and are dying to see me or at least feel the desire to see me, contact me via email please.
If you don't feel like seeing me, I won't hold it against you. ;-)
Please also send your phone numbers so I can get back to you!

Karin Tarbet Send Email
Saratov 23 Feb 2006
I recently heard from an old companion who happens to be serving there now. She tells me that they weren't able to renew the lease on the building and that everyone just meets together as a big branch (Centralney and Zavodskoy). I don't think that it's really anything to be worried about, since Centralney is working on finding a new meeting place, and everything should return to normal before too long.
Sarah Carleton Send Email
Elder Schutze 13 Feb 2006
Everybody remember Elder Schutze? I was reading in the Feb. Liahona that he and his wife have been called to be temple president and temple matron at the Freiberg Germany Temple!
Tyler Warren Send Email

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