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Thanks Kempa 17 Jan 2006
Leave it to Evgeni to shed light on the mystery. I am relieved to hear that everything is gonig well in the area. Thanks Kempa.

Matthew N. Bradley Send Email
Wiring money 05 Jan 2006
The best way I found to do it is through Western Union. They also charge a fee but there is absolutely no fees on the Russian side. You can drop me a note if you have further questions.

Paulina Konovalenko Gudgell Send Email
Wiring money 05 Jan 2006
The best way I found to do it is through Western Union. They also charge a fee but there is absolutely no fees on the Russian side. You can drop me a note if you have further questions.

Paulina Konovalenko Gudgell Send Email
Saratov 04 Jan 2006
I have received a lot of e-mails regarding the state of affairs in Saratov and Engels. Try googling "Saratov mormon" or some combination like that to find out more. I don't know any more than what I have posted.
Jeff Mark Bennion Send Email
Wiring money securely? 04 Jan 2006
Is there a better way? I wired some money last year to Russia and it was 35 bucks on the US side and another 35 bucks for the Russian Bank to do their thing.

Does anyone have a better way of sending money to Russia securely?

Brook L Harker Send Email
Addresses 04 Jan 2006
I am looking to make contact with some folks in Engels and Kazan via snail mail. Most of the addresess that I have are five years old...Does anyone have access to any new(er) branch lists?
Matthew N. Bradley Send Email
re: Saratov Tsentralny 04 Jan 2006
Jeff -

You raise some interesting questions that should concern us all - I havn't heard anything, but my communication with Engels members has been at an all time low for the last six months or so (just a few small emails here and there). Can else anyone shead any light on the subject?
Matthew N. Bradley Send Email
Saratov Tsentralny 20 Dec 2005
I just found out from two separate sources that Saratov Tsentralny branch (where the first stake in Russia was supposed to be organized) has been closed for malo poseshaemosti. Is there anyone that can confirm this? I heard that the whole branch has gone inactive and the few members that are left are going to Zavodskoy and that the church gave up their lease on the building they had. I also heard that Engels is not far behind. Someone please tell me this is not true.
Jeff Mark Bennion Send Email
oh and one more recipe wish 20 Dec 2005
anyone have the recipe for Triugolniki like you get up in Kazan? man, those things were tastilicious.

thanks again,
Rachel Land Send Email
sizzle! 20 Dec 2005
Merry Christmas everyone!

As this season approaches, tradition in our house is of course to try and make as many treats as possible :D The other night my husband and I were sitting down perusing cookbooks when he came across an entry in one of the mission cookbooks for Sizzle which read something like "This top secret recipewas unable to be included due to not meeting dietary guidlines." I told him.. "No problem, I've got it written out on one of the pages in the back." But when we flipped to where the recipe should have been.... (insert sinister music here)

that page had been ripped out!!!

This of course was a great disappointment. Sooooooooooooo.... if anybody has this Top Secret recipe still in their possession, pretty, pretty please, drop me a line or post it here or whatever ;)

Rachel Land Send Email
New User 18 Dec 2005
Hello Samara Mission Alumni.
Most of you I'm sure don't know me, or
did not serve at the same time as I, but it is nice to see that so many good people went to our mission and made such a good impact over there. It would be my pleasure to become acquainted with any, if not all of you.
Elder Tim Belmont
Tim Don Belmont Send Email
Does any one have Derek Wrides Email? 14 Dec 2005
The bum shows up in upstate NY asks for my contact info from some friends, but before they could get it he goes fleeing back accross the border.
Eric Veenstra Send Email
new baby! 18 Nov 2005
We wanted to let everybody know that we had our third child (first girl!!) on November 4, 2005. Her name is Destiny and she is GORGEOUS!
Natalia Howard Send Email
another new baby! 28 Oct 2005
Hi everyone! I finally could remember my password to get in here and post this.. :)

Raymond and I were overjoyed to welcome the latest addition to our family, Raymond Hayden Land III, on October 1st. Big sister Eden is adjusting well, and already trying to help out with baby brother. Hayden is growing like a weed (literally! ...2 inches in the first 2 weeks!) and doing great.

I'm way behind on getting pictures up (two little ones is keeping me busy!) but the hospital has a nice little site up that includes his hospital photo here
Hayden's giving the "hurray for Zion" cheer there in his sleep ;)
Rachel Land Send Email
New Baby! 26 Sep 2005
Amy and I had our third child, Braden Michael Wager on Sept 6th 2005 at 10:21 PM. He was 8lb 10oz and 19 1/2" long. He is doing well as is Amy. Just wanted to let you all know.
Daniel M Wager Send Email

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