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Mission Cookbook 23 Jun 2004
Does anyone have a cookbook from the Wold/Gashler era. If you do please call me or email me.

Sean Short
Sean R Short Send Email
Anyone headed to Saratov this summer? 15 May 2004
We are getting some geneology information from the state archive in Saratov. We'd need somebody headed there that could carry our payment to the bank, and then drop the receipt off at the archive downtown. If anyone will be in that area, and could help us out, please drop me a line.
Rachel Land (Beier)
Rachel Land Send Email
I am taking the plunge 14 May 2004
I am getting married May 21, 2004 in the Settle Washington Temple. To one of the most wonder people I have ever meet. Anyone who would like to come is invited.

Information can be found at Feel free to leave a message in the guest book.

Elder John R Wilcox
John Robert Wilcox Send Email
Russi Samara Computer Virus! 10 May 2004
Hello Everyone:

In the last week or so, I have received 10 or so e-mails from people in the mission. They are all one or two lines long and have a file attached and each one of them has a virus. Most of the e-mails are from people that I never served with, so I know that they are not being sent to me intentionally, but the virus got into their address book and is sending itself out to everyone. So, if you get an e-mail from someone from the mission and it only has a few lines of text and an attachment, make sure to scan and delete the e-mail (trust me, it is not a letter from your long lost companion, it is a computer generated message). Budte Ostorozhni!
Jeff Mark Bennion Send Email
On the road again 29 Apr 2004
This week we decided to move to South Carolina. I guess it is time to getsome overall and a banjo. It is really nice here. I will be working on the naval base here for homeland defense. We are very excited to be here.
Carl Stuart Agren Send Email
Kiev Temple 18 Apr 2004
With the announcement of the temple being finished in Kiev in 2005, I was wondering if anyone was planning on making the trip. I would be very interested in going. Let me know.
Troy Kirk Lundell Send Email
Way to go Dave 19 Mar 2004
My little brother got his mission call to Kiev too. He also reports on the 5th of May, only he is going Russian speaking. I'm proud of you, little guy.
Jeff Mark Bennion Send Email
I got my Mission Call 18 Mar 2004
Hey everybody its Dave. I got my call today. Im going to:
Ukraine Kiev Mission, Ukrainian Speaking!

Wow I am very excited!! I enter the MTC May5th 2004 where I will learn to use the letter "I" in my spelling, and say words like 'Dokobachenye" inplace of "Dosvidanye".
Or complete scentences like "Daruyu tobe tsiu taranichku" instead of "Dayu tebye etu ribu."

That is about all the Ukranian I know no but I will learn. Im sure there will still be lots of Russian speakers like there were in 94-96 when we lived in Kiev.
David Franz Gashler Send Email
Howdy 30 Dec 2003
hello there everybody! I'm not sure why I've never gotten on here before. Just laziness, I guess. How are you all doing? Anything exciting going on?
Matthew Spaulding Send Email
finding Elder Childs 14 Dec 2003
I am trying to locate Elder Childs who served for some time in Saratov. Anyone know where he is now?
Rachel Land Send Email
Spaulding 11 Dec 2003
Does anyone know how to get a hold of Spaulding?
Jeff Mark Bennion Send Email
Andera Jukes 18 Nov 2003
Andera, I got your email, but tried several times to write back. All my emails came back. just send me another email with your phone number. I have no clue where I put that or send me and email address that will accept my email. Now that an Austrian is ruling over California your provider should definitly accept Austrian emails!

Karin and the freckled spogs
Karin Tarbet Send Email
just saw Karin's message... 16 Nov 2003
I'll try and make it a point to get copies of the recipes up on my website somehow... not sure if it would be easier for people if I scanned them in and you could just read the pages or set up the recipes in simple text?
Rachel Land Send Email
Cookbook(s) 16 Nov 2003
I have copies of 3 of the mission cookbooks, the one with a picture of Sister Nelson(?) on the cover, one that used to have a cover, that has lots of little inspirational quote things scattered throughout the recipes (someone stole the cover off it, probably for the recipe of Sizzle that was written down there), and the one from the Gashlers with the drawing of Roman's bystraya mashina. I can make copies of any and all and get them out to you... just let me know.
Rachel Land Send Email
Cookbook 16 Nov 2003
Purves has a cookbook she is sending me. I will scan it into my computer and post a link where all can download and enjoy as soon as I can. Thanks Jones!
Chris Ayers Send Email

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