Families For Children International (FFCI)

The SDRCM Africa Orphanage Project


Families For Children International (FFCI) is a non-profit, volunteer based, non­government organization (NGO) registered with and approved by the IRS for 501(c)3 status. This means that financial contributions to FFCI are tax deductible. The officers and Boards of Directors in both the US and Ghana bring to the organization a wealth of talent as well as national and international experience in administration, education, health services, business and humanitarian service.

There are a reported 12 million orphans in Africa and if the present trend continues it is projected that in 10 more years there will be 40 million (World Health Organization). Essentially all of them live a short unrewarding life of suffering and disease, with a lack of education and no preparation for a vocation or parenthood.

Children are orphaned in Ghana because of poor or unavailable health care. Many mothers die in child birth and many children die at a young age because of malnutrition and high susceptibility to disease. Many young women are unable to provide for their children, even though both survive childbirth. Statistics are inconclusive as to the degree that AIDS contributes to children being orphaned.


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