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News in the Mission:

Bismarck North Dakota Temple

    Selected quotes from an article by Janet Kruckenberg that appeared on pages 2 and 12 of the October 24, 1998 issue of the LDS Church News.

    "Overcast skies and a cold wind did not dampen the high spirits of close to 1,000 people who attended the groundbreaking ceremony on Oct. 17 for the Bismarck North Dakota Temple."

    "Presiding and conducting the 11 a.m. groundbreaking ceremony, held on the grounds of the Bismarck North Dakota Stake center, was Elder Kenneth Johnson of the Seventy and first counselor in the North America Central Area. Also in attendance were Bishop Keith B. McMullin, second counselor in the Presiding Bishopric; Elder Thomas A. Holt, Area Authority Seventy in the North America Central Area; President John R. Reese of the South Dakota Rapid City Mission; present and former Church leaders of the temple district; and the local architect and contractor assisting the Church architectural staff."

    "The temple district includes the Winnipeg Manitoba Stake, Pierre South Dakota District, and the two North Dakota stakes-- Bismarck and Fargo, whose boundaries spill into Minnesota and South Dakota."

    "In his dedicatory prayer, Elder Johnson said, 'Thou doth love us above all things. May angles attend this construction. There are those watching and waiting for this work to be accomplished. We are filled with gratitude for Thy blessings and desire to keep our promises. May every youth desire to be worthy of the temple."

 The Mission Address

South Dakota Rapid City Mission
2525 W Main, Suite 311
Rapid City, SD 57702

The South Dakota Rapid City Mission is in the North America Central Area of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and currently covers roughly South Dakota, North Dakota, and portions of Minnesota, Nebraska, Wyoming, and Iowa.

Mission Song

by Randy Merriman

South Dakota Rapid City
Yes, my heart will sing with pride
Of the men who've gone before me
And have labored side by side.
From the Black Hills to the prairies
We will search with all our might,
To help those who live in darkness
To find the gospel light.

Some came over the blue seas,
Leaving islands of beauty,
Sowing seeds that will blossom,
As a rose gently toss them,
On each lone reservation
We are building a nation.

Through the cold and rainy weather
In our hearts the fire will burn.
It's the spirit of our Father
And His Son to whom we turn.
Could there be a greater feeling,
Anywhere else on the earth,
Than lifting someone from the water
And witness their new birth?

We have left home and families
And our sweethearts behind,
My time is the Lord's now
No longer is mine.
I'll stand like a mountain
So others may see
That living the gospel
Will help make them free.

Yes, you may sing of all missions
Throughout the world
Their footsteps trod
But South Dakota Rapid City
Is where I will serve my god,
Serve my god.

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