South Dakota Rapid City
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If you're a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from the area of the South Dakota Rapid City, Dakota-Manitoba, or Northern Indian Missions, fill out the form below to add yourself to this little electronic directory. (Note: this directory is not for missionaries who served in the these missions, unless they now live in the mission area. Use the missionary listings instead.)

Member				Unit*			E-mail Address
Baker, Katelyn (Katie)		Pipestone Ward		katie_19_86@hotmail.com
Barnes, Donald W.               Grand Forks 2nd         dwbarns@gfherald.infi.net
Berge, Andrea                   Casper WY 7th YSA       atbrge@trib.com
Burwell, Roddy                  Casper WY 7th YSA       rburwell@coffey.com
Case, William R.                Minot 1st Ward          willrc@minot.ndak.net
Cook, Dennis and Elizabeth      Rapid City 3rd          lizdenco@dtgnet.com
Crasper, Wendy Molash		Cass Lake/Bemidji	wsc41@hotmail.com
Duncan, William & Dorren        Rapid City 1st          duncan@rapidnet.com
Foster, Jennifer                Sioux Falls 2nd         jenniferfoste70@hotmail.com
Franke, Autumn Boyle            Sioux City IA           Spitz@rocketmail.com
Giles, Joseph                   Fargo 2nd Ward          jogiles@prairie.nodak.edu
Goodrich, Jacob                 Casper 2nd              jacobg@trib.com
Gullickson, Brandi              Watertown Branch        bdgully@hotmail.com
Hanson, Jenny			Sioux Falls		meleahh@yahoo.com
Henricksen, Ryan		Morningside Ward	ryanx.r.henricksen@intel.com
Hutchison, Robert and Colleen 	Grand Forks		robert_hutchison@und.nodak.edu
The Kellers			Rapid City 2nd		sarahakeller@hotmail.com
Kulesza, Elizabeth T.           Rapid City 1st          ETKulesza@aol.com
Kurz, Thomas R.	(RM)		Ithaca, New York	tkurz@twcny.rr.com
Mehr, Dennis and Stacie		Sioux Falls 1st		dsm3@byu.edu
Nelson, John and Deborah	Pierre/Rapid City 3rd	gerkhead@hotmail.com
Raynes, Ron and Sue		Marshall Branch		raynesl@gmail.com
Riskedahl, Ron & Linda          Bismarck 1st Ward       riskbek@daktel.com
Sinclair, Norman Ross III       Fargo 1st Ward          mosquitobait@earthlink.net
Spurling, Randi                 Sioux City IA 3rd       spurling@pionet.net
Stone, Martha			Brandon Branch		mrblessing@email.com
Walker, George                  Brookings Ward          finster27@hotmail.com
Wroten, Kandee (Dunn)           Hot Springs Branch      knsfunky2@webtv.com

Red = former unit(s) Green = current unit.

List last updated 19 June 2003.

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