The following form has been provided to submit any information you may have concerning upcoming reunions for missionaries of the LDS Church who served in the South Dakota Rapid City, Dakota-Manitoba, or Northern Indian missions. I'll post all received information here.

Reunion for all missionaries serving under President Osguthorpe:

Friday, March 30, 2007
1960 North 1500 East
Provo, UT 84604

Bring a snack to share

Phone: 801-368-6908, 801-368-6938

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Which mission president(s)?

John R. Reese (1997-2000) Gene W. Atkinson (1994-1997)
Donald D. Hooks (1991-1994) Marvin Knowles (1988-1991)
William S. Bush (1985-1988) R. Perry Greenwood (1982-1985)
Morris Q. Bastian (1979-1982) Glen E. Van Wagenen (1976-1979)
Clarence Bishop (1973-1976) Rex C. Reeve, Jr. (1970-1973)
Grant Roper Farmer (1964-1967) Other (indicate in notes)


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