Letter from the Hamblin's

January 24, 1996

Beloved Elders and Sisters of the Spain Las Palmas Mission,

We didn't send out Christmas cards this year.  We have received so many

wonderful greetings

and so much good and interesting news from missionaries and loved ones, that we

decided to send

a new year's letter and update you with some of our news and a thank you for

your greetings,

your love and your loyalty.

We have been richly blessed this past year and feel that we have received so

many gifts that it has

been Christmas all year long.  We have especially enjoyed the Spirit of

missionary work again

in our home since Dustin has been in the Managua Nicaragua Mission.  He entered

the MTC on

March 1, 1995, and arrived in Nicaragua in May.  We left Phoenix the day after

our Mission

Spring Fling to see him off in Salt Lake City.  His call has been very special

and just "perfect"

for him.  He loves the Nicaraguans, his missionary associates and his president

and family very

much.  He has been blessed with a lot of success in baptisms and has perhaps

struggled most with

the problem of couples living together in common-law situations that have to be

remedied before

they can be baptized.  The main problem, is the poverty, with so many of the

people who really

cannot afford the $6 It takes to purchase a marriage license. (Shades of Cabo

Verde!!!) We had

a wonderful telephone visit with Dustin on Christmas morning.  He had just

attended an

all-mission Christmas Zone Conference and was excited in that wonderful

missionary way.  We

could certainly relate, and longed to be sharing an "all-mission" zone

conference with each one

of you.  Since Christmas, Dustin has been moved from the mountain country back

to the City and

is now a senior companion and district leader and trainer, all in one transfer. 

He says that he is

a little overwhelmed, but is very excited to be working with a "latino"


Jill was at home with us from Ricks College for the holidays.  We loved having

her here and

enjoyed a wonderful 2 weeks or so with her.  She is planning to go into the

nursing program, and

has applied for it at Ricks to start next fall if she is accepted.  She still

says that she will finish

that and then serve her mission before she settles down.  We surely support her

in all of these

good decisions.  She received a congratulatory letter from the president of the

college for her high

grades for the fall semester.  She is living off-campus with her cousin and 4

other girls and has

enjoyed the independence and exciting life of being in college.

Leisel and Travis are our last two in the nest.  Travis is 13 and Leisel is 16. 

They are doing their

best to keep us young and active.  We still do a lot of boating, fishing and

swimming.  In fact,

we just had a fishing trip to Bartlett Lake near Scottsdale with our son, Lance

and his little boy,

Justin.  Lance is the fisherman in our family, and true to his style, he was the

only one who

caught a fish that day.  Leisel is working part-time at a "Bagel" shop.  She has

just started the

job and seems to like the people a lot.  She worked at 31 Flavors during last

summer.  She is a

good student and never has to be reminded about homework.  She will be a senior

this fall, and

then we'll be losing another chick out of the nest.

Sister Hamblin is the Mia Maid advisor in our ward and keeps very busy with

their activities and

lessons.  She recently went on an overnight trip with them into the mountains. 

They stayed in

a cabin so they weren't roughing it too much.  She loves being a grandmother and

spends a lot

of time with all of her children and grandchildren.  She gives them turns

staying overnight at our

house where we get the chance to spoil them individually.  She especially had

fun this Christmas

shopping for a gift for each one.  There are 14 of them, with the eldest being

nearly 9 and the

youngest not yet one year old.  We are expecting three more babies (at least)

this year.  One in

May, one in June and one in July.  Sister Hamblin is still a fan of the Phoenix

Suns (in spite of

their record this year.) She is loyal to them and records their games when they

play on MIA


We had a quick trip during the holidays with our daughter, Julie and her

husband, Roger and their

children to the theme parks of Las Vegas.  While there we had the chance to

speak on the phone

to Elder Berthelson and to Elder Meservey.  It is always a lot of fun to get in

touch with any of

you as we travel to your hometown (or to where you live now.) We were excited to

hear that

Elder Berthelson will get to make a trip to The Canary Islands later this year

(since he works for

America West Airlines.) It was fun to hear Elder Meservey's news about the twins

(boy and girl)

born to him and Julie last August to go with their 22 month-old Kyle.  That must

be quite

something to have three under two years of age.  Wow!!

We had a wonderful letter and wedding picture from Elder Oscariz.  He was

married last June

in the Swiss Temple and just located our new address on the lnternet to send us

this news.  He

and his wife are expecting their first baby in July.  We were so excited to hear

this news and hope

that we can meet Hna.  Oscariz very soon.  We want to thank Elder Hiatt for

getting our address,

etc. on the Internet.

We heard from Elder and Sister Leake who are now in the mission field again. 

They are back

in Spain for the third time, serving in La Mision Espana Bilbao.  We love them

so much and are

so proud of them.  What an influence they have been and are in our beloved


We have heard from Elder and Hna.  Shurtz who are serving their third mission

now.  They are

serving in the Guatemala City Temple.  We have told our son, Dustin whose

mission is in that

temple district to tell the members to look for Elder and Hna.  Shurtz when they

go to the temple.

What an example they are to us.

We heard from Elder and Hna.  McCall who are working hard with the

Spanish-speaking ward

in their area.  Elder McCall is the bishop and Hna.  McCall helps, as she did in

Las Palmas, with

the music and wherever she is needed.  We were so pleased to receive from her

the annual

Christmas carol which she composes each year.  What a tradition!!!

We were so pleased to hear from Elder and Hna.  Wilson this year and appreciate

an update from

them.  They are busy in their home area of San Diego with heavy callings in

their ward.  We

would sure love to get to see them again sometime.

We heard from Sister Susan Ralph, whose parents are serving a mission in the

Washington D.

C. Temple.  Sister Ralph is taking care of their home for them in Centerville

while she is very

active in all her wide variety of interests, but especially in her missionary

opportunities and

callings in the church.  She promises to make a visit to sunny Arizona very

soon.  We will hold

her to her word.

We heard from Jeff and Laura Morrin and their two little boys, Steven and Ryan. 

They are in

Missouri now where Jeff is employed with the Ford Motor Co. at the Kansas City


Plant.  Jeff has completed his MBA degree.  Congratulations!!

We heard from David and Susan Koelliker who are in dental school, in Omaha and

are expecting

their second little boy.  We will always remember our time with them when they

came to Arizona

and stayed a few days with us and let us get acquainted with Jonathon (#1).

We heard from Sister Karen Hales, and her potato farmer sweetheart, Jarrod, from

Idaho (and

little one.) They seem very happy and well adjusted to rural life.  I can

certainly relate to it and

have much admiration and respect for that healthy, hard-working, wonderful way

of life.

We heard from Sister Longhurst who is enjoying her teaching position very much

in the Logan,

Utah area.  She is still trying to decide if she should move to Arizona.  We're

voting YES!!

We also heard from the Lindstroms in Provo, and from the Darrel Hunts and


Other news from semi-recent times that we know of:

Carol Ann Duffys marriage to Rodney Dale Jenkins on 9-23-95;

Elder Kirk Walton's marriage to Elizabeth Long on 8-12-95;

Elder Michael DeGruccio's marriage to Kennan Robertson on 9-22-95;

Elder Brand Reynold's marriage to Marianne Young on 11-02-95;

Elder Mat Church's marriage to Melissa Shumway on 9-29-95;

A baby boy, Joshua Alexander Hunt born to Tim and Cristina Hunt on 9-03-95 in


A baby boy, Connor Coleman Lambert, born to Sean and Lori Lambert on 8-08-95;

Elder Shalynn Loar's marriage to Allison Moody on 10-1 9-95.

Elder Adam Hiatt is organizing a "homepage" on the WWW Internet.  His mission


address is

Please communicate with Elder

Hiatt for any information, announcements, etc. you'd like to get into the

mission homepage."

Elder Adam Hiatt's address is 450 N, 1000 # 1, Provo, UT 84606.

Please know, Elders and Sisters and families, that we love you each so much and

are more excited

than you know to receive any bit of news about you.  Please forgive us if we

haven't repeated

news about you that we might know about.  This letter is getting pretty long.  I

guess we'll have

to do this more often.  Please stay in touch, and share this news and our

mailing address with any

of the missionaries you come in contact with who might be out-of-touch.  Sister

Hamblin and I'll

not be able to host a "Spring Fling Reunions this year but we hear by the

grapevine that one is

being organized.  Please get in touch with Sister Spittle if you are interested

in the details or want

to get involved.  Her number is 303-338-1382.

 Much love,

 President and Hna.  Hamblin and Family

Picture recently received from Dusty.  He captioned it:

"Jacinto's baptism! The next week he baptized his son, and on Sunday he baptized

his wife

and daughter!


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