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CTR Rings in Thai 27 Feb 2003
Do they offer CTR rings in Thai. If so, what
are the letters in the Thai alphabet that they
use and what is the translation?

Glade Jarman Send Email
Thai credit via BYU FLAT 26 Feb 2003
I went to college in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and my university enthusiastically accepted BYU's Foreign Language Achievement Test (FLAT) for college credit. It was simple and only cost $25 (and it is still only $25).

I contacted BYU and they sent the materials to my advisor. The advisor scheduled a time for me to take the test and supplied a proctor. She then sent the materials back to BYU for grading and BYU then sent the results to my school and I received credit. That was the best $25 I spent in college.

It was a fabulous experience. My university started recommending the service to other students who wanted credit for languages that are not otherwise offered by university.

Find out more about BYU's FLAT at:

Once there, scroll down to Thai and then click on the "FLATS Proficiency Exam" link for more info.

Here is the blurb at the top BYU's FLAT page:

"The Foreign Language Achievement Testing program provides students the opportunity to receive up to 12 semester hours of university credit by examination. Tests are available to both BYU and non-BYU students. In order to take a FLATS test, students must register with The Foreign Language Testing Program, Humanities Research Center, Brigham Young University 3060 JKHB, Provo, Utah 84602-6098. Tel. (801) 378-3511"
Paul Hite Send Email
College credit for Thai 26 Feb 2003
Hey everyone! I have great news for all of you who are going to school and want to get some credit for your Thai, but don't want to or have the time to go go BYU. I found this company that offers the test over the phone and it transfers into all colleges. The test takes about 90 minutes and costs about $150. You can get up to 18 credit hours for this test. Please email me if you are interested and I will forward you the informatiom.
Christopher Adam Boyster Send Email
Have a happy New Year 2003 29 Dec 2002
Wishing you a Season filled with beautiful monents and cherished memories.
May the Lord bless you,

Noppadon and family
Noppadon Wongsuwan Send Email
Thai Concert on Temple Square 29 Oct 2002
There will be a concert on Temple Square, Friday, November 8 at 7:30 p.m. at the Assembly Hall. The performers are Nat Yontarak, his wife Pawongduen and their daughters Paranee and Pinnaree. Pawongduen is a daughter of Princess Duangduen Na Chiang Mai. The public is invited. Tickets are not necessary. They will perform on the piano and do some Thai dancing and singing.
Larry R. White Send Email
Church Offices in Thailand 09 Sep 2002
The chuch began renting a building in Nonthaburi some time ago. I visited that building on my recent trip to Thailand last month. The 2nd floor is translation, the 3rd floor is the Presiding Bishopric's Thailand office and the 4th floor is the mission offices.

The Soi Asoke building is much as it was in the 1970's. They added second floor offices in the late 70's which are now used by the Bangkok Stake Presidency and Church Education. The Elder's quarters there were removed at the same time or shortly afterwards. The stake presidency is proposing that the building be expanded (remodeled or replaced) to provide true stake center functionality. You can see a recent picture at my web site - click on Thailand Bangkok mission in the left column and then select church buildings in Thailand.
Reed B. Haslam Send Email
RE: Thai Family in July 2002 Ensign 25 Jun 2002
Apparently from what I can figure, the man who wrote the article was baptized in 1976 within months of when I went home (I went home in May). I was delighted with the article and wished that he had give a few more specifics. Maybe some of you know the answers:
1. What univerisity did he study at?
2. When exactly did he find the Book of Mormon in his dormitory?
3. How long after finding the Book of Mormon in English until he was baptized?
I have a few personal reasons for wanting to know more about his. I didn't know the family, but wish I did.
It was a great article. If you have not read it, all of you should.

Dave Kelly
David Kelly Send Email
need help!! 25 Jun 2002
ok my name is Kerri Russell, and i enter the mtc on July 10, so i need help.... pronto!! so any experienced people can give advice, and those that aren't as experienced can share there wisdom as well. (i still don't have all the clothes i need) what is better thigh highs, knee highs, or all the way up the leg?!?!

have a good life!!
Kerri Russell Send Email
Thai family graces the pages of the July 2002 Ensi 25 Jun 2002
For those who served in Thailand, especially those who spent any amount of time in Bangkok, will recognize the family who graces the pages of the July 2002 Ensign. The article starts on page 33. Interesting enough, the picture this family chose for the article is outdated as that is what his family looked like back in 1992 when I served my mission ;-).

Enjoy the article.
Troy E. McFadden Send Email
Newbie here 21 Jun 2002
Hey All~
I recently was called to serve in Thailand and would like to see if I could get in contact with any other soon to be reporting missionaries. I report the 10th of july. Also any tips or pointers from the veterans would be most appreciated. Hope to here from peep soon and can't wait to go forth and serve. Thanks~
Jonathan Andrew Muir Send Email

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