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Bro. Samart and Family update. 17 Mar 2010
Noppadon Wongsuwan Send Email
Bro. Samart & dougther Passaway. 17 Mar 2010
Please join us in praying sincerely for Samart's wonderful family, including praying for Sathit and his family.

Quoted message:

"I received a call early this morning from President Smith in Thailand informing me of the tragic death of President Samart (from Khon Kaen) and the critical condition of his wife and two older children. They were in an automoble accident traveling to Bankkok to attend the funeral of Samart's mother who passed away the day before.

Samart is the brother of Sathit (from Pakkret), who is now dealing with the loss of both his mother and his brother. Samart's wife and children are in the hospital in critical condition. Samart was my counselor in the mission presidency for all three years and my friend. He was one of the finest men and most dedicated servants of God I have ever known."

President Dodge,
Former Mission Pressident
Noppadon Wongsuwan Send Email
Looking for President Dodge 15 Feb 2010
I am looking to contact President Dodge. His former e-mail address at no longer works.

Any help would be appreciated.
Reed B. Haslam Send Email
Old Heads Mission Reunion 01 Feb 2010
There will be a mission reunion on April 2, 2010 for all missionaries from the beginning (1968) through President Brown (1979).

Please make plans now to attend. Further information will be available shortly. James Leigh is chairman for this reunion.
Reed B. Haslam Send Email
Mani Seangsuwan 01 Feb 2010
I am the ghost author of a book about Mani Seangsuwan who was the 5th Thai to serve a mission. The book includes his experiences as a monk and as an LDS missionary (1974-1976).

If you have any experiences with Elder Mani that you feel might be appropriate for the book, please send them to me at

Deadline for submission is February12, 2009.
Reed B. Haslam Send Email
Teaching oppty in Khan Kaen 22 Oct 2009
Hi all, How do I pass on a teaching referral in Khan Kaen?
I would especially like to get sister missionaries involved. Does anyone know if there are sister missionaries presently in Khan Kaen?
The opportunity is with a woman (medical doctor) and her daughter.
Please contact me at if you can help.
Best, Steve Canova
Steven Canova Send Email
Meeting times and places 23 Aug 2009
For up to date information on meeting times and places throughout Thailand please see this web site:
Reed B. Haslam Send Email
Church Groups 21 Aug 2009
I have a friend visiting southern Thailand and would like to attend church. Does anyone have the address and times for the sacrament groups?
Brigham Spencer Tomco Send Email
miss you all ka 31 Jul 2009
he he

I am you know who? Miss all my friend ka

Email me naka
Usaa Sonsiri Send Email
Search for Senior Missionaries in Roi Et 10 Jul 2009
Hi everyone,

I was contacted by Sister Sujitra whom many of you I'm sure remember. She has a friend who recently joined the church in part through the efforts of two senior missionaries who converted his parents in Roi Et aroun d 1991 or so. He would like to obtain the names of those senior missionaries who converted his parents and contact them to thank them. Anyone who can supply this information, please contact me directly at : Your help will be greatly appreciated. The following is copied for your reference.

He told me that his mother was given a Book of Mormon in February of 1991 while he was an embryo.
He joined the church 3 years ago. He wants to know the names of the senior missionaries who served in Roi-et duritng that time. He would like to thank them for the missionary work.>>

Thanks again

Craig Savage
Craig S Savage Send Email

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