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Mission Call 18 Jun 2002
I recently received my call to Thailand. I am having trouble contacting anyone who has served there, and I would really appreciate any advice anyone would be willing to give about what to take and what to expect. Thanks so much!
Rebecca Naomi West Send Email
Anyone in Las Vegas? 18 May 2002
I know a Thai woman who is looking for a host family to help her and her 8 year old daughter (and possibly her 16 year old daughter) with their English study. She is willing to talk about compensation. She has been in Las Vegas for over a year and is trying this last method of "immersion" to sharpen her language skills before returning to Thailand in mid-July. If you have extra room (or know anyone who does) and would like some excellent Thai meals on your table, let me know. I have known this family for over a year and will vouch for their manners and company. We would help them ourselves if we had the room. Phii Nalumol is looking for accomodations ASAP.
Arlyn Collett Send Email
Recipe 26 Mar 2002
I would love a really good Tom Yum recipe. I would also love a good recipe for Naam Tok. Thanks!
Laura Dillender Send Email
Photos 25 Mar 2002

This is a site I just put up that has pictures of my mission. There will be more soon.

Mark Hansen Scott Send Email
This site 24 Mar 2002
Outdid yourself! A most excellent site.
Thanks so much. Greatly appreciated.
R. Tucker
Rodney Lewis Tucker Send Email
wha's up? 20 Mar 2002
Hello peoples,

Great new site. I hope to hear from alot of people on this latest and greatest new and improved deluxe web page. I am doing well and still residing in Provo. My wife and I have 2 children and one on the way. I am still building homes like a Banshee in the area and having a great time. I still have the late night SOM TUM cravings like many of the rest of you. I would sure love to hear from any of the phuu khon yuu nay bandaa luuglaan manud sung kheey pen khon thai nay cid cay! I really miss the mother country of smiles and haven't had the opportunity to return and visit. Give me a buzz if y'all wants ta chill. I would really enjoy remeniscing with anyone interested. Take care and hope to see you at the reunions.
Michael "T" Merrill Send Email
Welcome 18 Mar 2002
Hello, and welcome to the new Mission Alumni Site. Feel free to add messages.

Dale Fritchen Send Email

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