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Goajiros Lamanitas 17 Dec 2002
De seguro muchos de ustedes tuvieron la maravillosa oportunidad de poder compartir y enseñar a nuestros hermanos Goajiros (WAYU), en alguno de los barrios de Maracaibo, como Limocito, el mamon, el Marite, la Frontera, etc... Pues el resultado de la obra ha sido grandioso en este lugar, y unom de los mas grandes ejemplo ha sido la Familia Barros, verdaderos pioneros de la obra entre su pueblo.
actualment e esta Familia cuenta con la presencia de Elder Barros en la mision Venezuela brcelona, y hay 5 miembros de esta familia que han recibido llamamientos...

deseo agradecer a todos los Elderes y Hermanas del país y a nuestros hermanos americanos, quienes con tanto ahinco y amor enseñaron a este maravilloso pueblo.... entre ellos a mi compañero Elder Parry (fallecido), quien con su cosntancia y diligencia se propuso aprender el idioma ggoajiro para enseñar las charlas en su lengua...

que el señor les bendiga a todos.....
Jose Concepcion Raga Zambrano Send Email
where are you? 24 Oct 2002
HEY ..... If anyone knows how to contact Elder Van Zant....I'd surley appreciate it.
Alejandro Esquivel Send Email
Turley's at Reunion 22 Sep 2002
Just so everyone knows, I talked with Sister Turley yesterday, September 21, and both she and President Turley are planning to be at our missionary reunion in Lehi this year. HOPE TO SEE ALL OF YOU THERE.
Debra Ann Beltran Send Email
Missionary Reunion 17 Sep 2002
This is the second message I have sent about the reunion for PRESIDENT TURLEY'S GROUP. Please post the information as soon as possible. Muchas gracias!


When: Friday, October 6, 2002
Time: 6:30-9:00 p.m. +
Where: LDS Chapel; 700 South 1700 West, Lehi, Utah
Directions: Take I-15 to Lehi exit (by Motel 6, Lehi Mills, Wendy's, and McDonalds). Go west on Main Street through downtown Lehi. Keep going until you come to 1700 West (just at the end of the new subdivision). Turn left (south) and go 7 blocks until you come to a new red brick chapel with a white steeple.

What to bring: your favorite Venezuelan or American food, mission and family pictures, $2.00 for future reunions

Activities: potluck dinner & program (possibly dancing at the end)

Additional Information: We are still checking to see if President and Sister Turley will be coming. For more information, call Debra Beltran (Hermana Larsen) at (801)766-0630 or Monica Steffen (Hermana Pacheco) at (801) 356-3145.
Debra Ann Beltran Send Email
Where is this guy? 05 Sep 2002

I am looking for two differant missionaries if anyone knows the where abouts??? Elder Paul Lewis and Elder Ty Sherwood?

Feel me in,

Beau Michael Green Send Email
Ayuno por Venezuela 28 Jul 2002
Queridos Hermanos,

Para nadie es un secreto la dificil situacion por la que esta atravesando nuestra patria Venezuela. Cada dia la pobreza, inseguridad e incertidumbre aumenta en las familias Venezolanas. Solamente para mostrar un pequeno ejemplo de lo empeorada que estan las cosas; tal dia como hoy hace una ano atras (Jul 27 2001) un Dolar estaba en Bs.719 , hoy se ubica en Bs. 1321; lo cual significa casi 100% de aumento en un ano! Se imaginan lo que podria podria pasar en un ano mas? El Universal reporta hoy que la famosa Harina Pan aumentara esta semana a Bs. 800. Yo todavia me recuerdo cuando mi madre me mandaba a comprar Harina Pan por Bs. 3 y eso fue hace poco. Estas estadisticas son igualmente alarmantes en cuanto a delitos y a pobreza.

Entonces hermanos la pregunta es: "Que mas podemos hacer por Venezuela?" Nosotros como Santos de los Ultimos Dias tenemos una responsabilidad mayor puesto que conocemos el Gran Plan de Salvacion de nuestro Dios. En las escrituras siempre nos demuestran la gran diferencia que las oraciones de los justos pueden ocacionar para el beneficio de un pueblo. Por consiguiente, mi hermano y yo y algunos misioneros que han servido en Venezuela hemos planificado un ayuno especial para realizarse el segundo domingo de Agosto en beneficio de nuestros hermanos venezolanos. La obra de Dios no avanzara a menos que haya una seguridad social, politica y economica en el pais. Entonces la invitacion es para unirnos en oracion y ayuno para pedir la mano de Dios en la mejora de nuestro pais.

Envienme un email a la direccion: oaa@email.byu.edu si estas planificando unirte a nosotros. Tenemos una meta de conseguir a 500 personas y en rogar a Dios por su Bendicion. Tambien envien este email a cuantas personas puedan!!!

Oliver A. Alfaro
Oliver A Alfaro Send Email
Ernesto Isea 28 Jul 2002
Does anyone know what happened to Ernesto Isea or his brother Amable Villalobos? They are from Libertador in Maracaibo. I'm really wanting to know how they are doing.
Martha Christensen Send Email
Looking for an Old companion 10 Jul 2002
I need to find David McEntire (Elder McEntire 86-88). If any one knows how to get a hold of him or his family... please... let me know. He is from Salt Lake City and his Dad is or was a Doctor. I understand some bad thing happened to him and I need to verify if this is true or not. Please, some body help me... this is very important to me.
Emiro Jose Araujo Send Email
Decaster where are you? 21 Jun 2002
Hey if anybody out there knows how to get Elder DECASTER... could you let me know.

Jesus Javier Ferrer Send Email
Queridos hermanos de Helaman 29 May 2002
Me alegra encontrar esta pagina y saber un poco de muchos de ustedes hoy en dia, recordar experiencias y momentos agradables del tiempo como misioneros, saludos a todos y si quieren practicar su español comuniquense conmigo. I love the church and the God´s blessings.
Johan Alberto Alvarez Send Email
Old Companion 23 May 2002
Hey if anybody out there knows how to get a hold of Alan Ek could you let me know. Thanks. fai97004@byui.edu
Paul Stephen Fairbanks Send Email
Elder jared kump 22 Apr 2002
Can anybody help me locate Jared Kump. He's been back 'bout a year and I need to contact him ASAP.
Torrey Davis Send Email
It finally happened! 19 Apr 2002
Greetings, maracuchos!

I apologize for such a long message, but it's worth reading!


It has finally happened. Miles A. “Mitt” Romney is engaged!!! Friday night, in front of two hundred screaming singles at the SDSU Institute dance, I asked Amy R. Carrigan to be my wife. Thankfully, she said yes, and now it’s official. We will be sealed in the San Diego Temple on August 24th. Here is how it all came down . . .

For the last two weeks I told Amy we should go to a dance because it had been more than two months since we had gone. She was enthusiastic about the idea and we made the plans. Then, I found out about a Padres-Dodgers game sponsored by Deloitte & Touche to recruit SDSU accounting students. I arranged with Becky Scanlan, the recruiter, for Amy to come even though she is a USD student. During the evening I alluded to the fact that I had always wanted to propose to my future wife at a Padres game because of the special place they hold in my heart. Those comments proved to be a healthy distraction.

While at the game I complained to Amy about how tired I was after a long week and that perhaps it was a better idea for us to skip the dance because of how late it would make the evening. This comment was an even more effective distraction as Amy got all riled up about me “changing my mind AGAIN.” I conceded that we would go to the dance, but only because I knew how much she had looked forward to going.

We arrived at the dance where David was coordinating everything for me. He appointed John Collings as the video cameraman, Aaron Evans as the still photographer, and coordinated the six couples to present the roses. I continued to complain about being too tired to dance throughout the evening. We relaxed on the couch until the last two slow songs of the evening came on, the last of which we arranged to be “Forever Young” by Alphaville. That was the song we danced to the night we met on June 22nd, 2001. As the song began we isolated ourselves in the back of the dance floor and the six couples approached us and each handed Amy a long-stemmed rose. David and Chris Earnest were followed by Janilee Pratt and her boyfriend Jim, Clayton Ashcraft and April Hoggan, Jared Eccles and Casey Smith, Greg and Vanessa Davis, and Matt Jager and Kim McGehee. After Amy had the dozen roses in her hand and a confused look on her face, Greg slipped the ring box into my right hand ever so smoothly. I leaned into Amy’s ear and whispered, “I don’t have a rose for you, but I do have something else.” Then I dropped to a knee and the place erupted in cheers and camera flashes. I could hardly breathe—let alone ask the magical question. All I could come up with was a simple request: “Will you marry me, Amy Carrigan?” She waited for what seemed like an eternity before responding, “Sí. Yes.” We embraced and kissed while the place went wild. Everything worked out just the way I was hoping, and we got the whole thing on video and still photo thanks to Dave’s little helpers!

Saturday morning I awakened a happy man and called my new fiancé who hadn’t slept all night. To burn off energy she cleaned the house and went running before I even got up. Then she came right over because she couldn’t wait to see me. How flattering! We spent the day calling friends and family, and Amy of course managed to get a little homework done. What visit to the Romney house would be complete without a little accounting homework. After all, that’s what started the ball rolling last September.

Sunday was announcement day for us. At Church we got up at the beginning of Sunday School to announce our engagement to the Palomar Ward. Amy stole the show as she told the story of how Dave asked a question on behalf of the whole ward a few weeks earlier. Amy asked Dave if the ward members even knew Amy and I were dating because they never see us together due to my calling as ward clerk and sitting in my “perch” on the rostrum every Sunday. Dave’s response was a simple rebuttal: “Ames, everybody wants to know when you guys are going to get married!” Then Amy paid me a little tribute about why I was the love of her life because of how I make her a better person. It was very tender and heartfelt. Then I asked Dave’s question for the ward, “August 24th in the San Diego Temple.”

From sacrament meeting we headed straight to the Graff’s (Amy’s grandparents) home where they were celebrating all the April birthdays. It was a perfect setting for us to announce our engagement to a good deal of Amy’s extended family. Amy let me tell the story for them all and they toasted the “newly-engageds” with champagne (for the Catholics) and sparkling cider (for Amy and me). Then we took lots of fun pictures in the Graff’s immaculately manicured lawn and garden. Mom, Dad, and Dave stopped by to meet the in-laws and watch the video. The remainder of the evening was spent making preliminary plans for our receptions (one in San Diego on the 24th and another in Spencer, Indiana, for the other side of Amy’s family on the 31st).

I am sooooo excited about the next four-and-a-half months. There is much to get done to prepare for this exciting occasion, but we are up to the task. We are in love, have received confirmations regarding our decision from the Holy Ghost, and are ecstatic about beginning the newest version of the Romney family.
Miles A Romney Send Email
Pres Turley Reunion (1991-1994) 17 Apr 2002
I am looking for information about the Reunion taking place in October of 2002. If anyone has any information about this reunion, please contact me at returnedmissionary@telus.net or post any mewssages here so we all can have the same info. I thank you for any information you could provide.
Xavier M. Reyes Send Email
Location of the Reunion 03 Apr 2002
I'm not sure if this was announced....the reunion is at the Eyring Science Center, by the pendulum....same place as last year. It is from 7-9 pm. Just listen for the music!!!
Beth (Peless) Potter Send Email

For those who are coming on Friday to the reunion....please bring any pictures you have from the mission on a disk in .jpeg format. If you don't have pics on a disk, bring a couple of pictures to share with others.

This reunion is going to be exciting and fun. It is going to be a time to catch up on old times and remember the FUN times from VEN-LAND!!!

If you have questions, feel free to call me at 362-5626. See you all on Friday!!

Hna "Pay-less" aka....Beth
Beth (Peless) Potter Send Email
Mission Reunion 07 Mar 2002
Hey everyone, it's mission reunion time again.

President and Sister Wight will be in Provo for a reunion with us on Friday, April 5th from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.

We plan on meeting on BYU campus, just like last year; however, the exact location will be announced shortly.

We're looking for some help in spreading the word, and we need help with some of the preparations for the reunion.

If you have e-mail addresses of Elders or Sisters that we need to contact, or if you'd be willing to help us with some of the preparations for the reunion: please e-mail me and let me know.

Thanks...let's get the word out, and we'll see you all in April!

Jason Smith (August 1997 - August 1999)
Jason Lance Smith Send Email
Members 05 Mar 2002
I've had a little bit of contact with some of the members in Venezuela, so I guess I'll add what I know here...

Maria y Daniel Bedoya were sealed with their family in the Caracas temple last August, one year after their baptism. They are in the Maracaibo Sur Barrio La Paz.

I recently received an email from Franklin Gutierrez, the chapel cleaner from Barrio La Paz. He didn't write much, but it sounded like he was doing great.

The Obispo Alonso y Lisbeth Garcia family from the Merida Barrio La Vuelta are doing great. They contacted me last August and had plans to travel to the temple in Bogota, Colombia for a week. She said the ward was growing rapidly!! I love Merida!

Luis Useche in the same ward was still serving as 2nd counselor in that bishopric when Lisbeth wrote me. I have tried to contact the Useche family recently, if I hear back from them, I will add more.

Melvin Garcia-Giraldo from the Barrio La Vuelta Ward in Merida wrote me last fall, she was actually studying in Boston. I need to try and contact her, as I know she had plans to return to Venezuela for Christmas. I don't know if she returned to Boston, if anyone does know where she is, I would love to get ahold of her.

Thats about it! I hope someone who knows these people stumbles upon this great news.
Janene Nicholson-Wirthlin
Janene Wirthlin Send Email

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