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Webmaster Announcement: Change-up Needed

I took over the defunct Canada Halifax Mission Alumni website about seven or eight years ago. At the time, my goal was to reinvent and reinvigorate this site. Since then, I've been in maintenance mode. There are a lot more things that I would love to see done with this alumni site, but I lack the time or will do accomplish them.

I'm looking for a person, or a group of people that would be willing to take over the site take it in new directions. What does it take to run this site? To significantly change the site, it will take web design and development skills are helpful. This would include html, php, css, graphic design/photo editing and the ability to use ftp/scp.

There is also room for anyone that would like to add content such as information about the mission, areas, the people, traditions, flags, pins, cities, etc. This would definitely improve the site and does not take web design skills.

If your interested, please send me a comment.

Thanks - Seth (Webmaster)

This site is dedicated to all the missionaries who served in the Canada Halifax Mission of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Please feel free to If you are not a returned missionary (from this mission) but still would like to contribute, post a message to the Guest Book or join as a Friend/Member of the mission.

Be sure to let me know if we need to correct or add something. Suggestions and Comments are always welcome.
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21 Apr 2016   *Alumni: Steven Todd Stringham
09 Mar 2016   *Alumni: Darwin Hawryluk
07 Mar 2016   Alumni: Jason Schmutz
01 Jan 2016   Alumni: Joanne Childers (Powell)
09 Aug 2015   Alumni: Dallin Darais
28 May 2015   Alumni: Bryan Thelin
22 May 2015   *Alumni: Benjamin Paul Schwabe
16 May 2015   Friend: Mercedes Yadira Alvarez Cervantes (Hale)
23 Apr 2015   Alumni: Steven Huxhold
15 Apr 2015   *Alumni: Steven Kale Smith
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