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Basic Web Design

 LDSMN Web Design Tips

General Web Design Tips & Tricks

Advanced Web Design

 Creating "Modem-Friendly" Pages

 Switching Between Multiple Languages

 E-mail "munging"
(tools to mask your e-mail from robots)

Translation Services

AltaVista Translator Translator

You can get your site automatically translated into another language, but be careful--since the translation is done by a computer, the syntax, wording, and meaning can be very different (even comical at times) than what it should be.

If you decide to use these translation services, we suggest you go back and edit the translation once it has been processed.

Alumni Databases

 RM Database (Perl CGI) MySQL
 Site-in-a-Box (PHP) PostgreSQL

Programming Resources

The following resources contain various CGI, PERL, and JAVA script info and source code:
HTML Writers Guild
Matt's Script Archive

Maps & Flags

Country Maps
CIA World Factbook
Public country domain maps

Country Flags
Free Animated Flags
Free international flags

Multimedia Palace
Animated country flags

Media Builder
More free country flags

General LDS Links & Information

Official LDS Site
Official LDS Church Website

LDS Book of Mormon Referrals
LDS Meetinghouse Locator

Travel Advisories
US State Department Travel Advisories

International LDS Resources
Links to all international LDS Church News articles organized by country

Missionary-Related Thoughts Etc.
Over 100 articles & 1400 quotes, discussion helps
Westra's Inspirational Missionary Thoughts
LDS Missionary Mothers

Free Weather Resources

Search Engine Resources

 Using META Tags

search, html, optimization Search Engine HTML Optimization Tips

Below are several popular search engines, many of which already list mission Web sites. If your site is not listed, use these resources to "suggest a site."

Please note: not all search engines upload your site immediately and, like in the case of Yahoo!, may take up to 6 months before your listing will appear.

Search Engines--General

Search Engines--LDS

Track & Measure Your Site

Hit Tracking
Extreme Tracking

Link Popularity

Search Engine Ranking

Review Your Site

Image Optimization

Site Review

Country & Culture Information
Information Please Almanac factbook/country.html
CIA World Factbook
UN City Population Database

Religion News
LDS Church News
Worldwide religion news
Mormon News
General LDS News for your site
Custom news ticker on your site that displays headlines from over 300 publications based on keywords you specify - your mission area, country etc
Human Rights Watch & Religious Freedom 1999 Report

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