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How i win back my husband. 21 Dec 2017
HELLO!!!!! I am Teri Lyn from United State, When I eventually found testimonies about this spell caster Dr Adoda, how he helped many people to get their lovers and broken homes back, i contacted him through his email address (adodalovespelltemple@gmail) because I was absolutely desperate to get my husband back. Life without my husband was a real mess for me and my children. i wanted a dramatic change and I thought magic could be the solution. After discussing the resolution with Dr Adoda, he gave me hope that he will restore my marriage. I felt confident that he will actually make my husband to return home and he did! It’s fantastic what this great spell caster have done for me, his help is Kimbaly! I don't know what I would have done without Dr Adoda help,he does his job so well he is organized and highly functional, i believe he is the best spell caster i can count on when it comes to all kinds of spell, I was floored that his spells worked, if you need help, contact him on adodalovespelltemple@gmail
Teri Lyn Send Email
There's hope and love on the other side 18 Dec 2017
It was too late for me to realize that my six-year-old marriage was only an episode, I feel that I try every time to convince my husband to love, commit and respect me as the queen of his heart but time worsened everything, he never changes to becoming the man I once fell in love with despite my humanly efforts.
I was encouraged to share this review eight month after my husband’s loyalty was restored by a man I call my spiritual father; dr. wakina {dr. wakinalovetemple @ gmail. com}. My spiritual father practically made our hearts unbreakable and our love 10 times stronger. We have been enjoying the benefits of his spell on us.
Hope you are encouraged never to let go after reading this review? Note that there is hope and love on the other side only if you begin now to fight for the future. Thanks for your time.
Carson Dane Connor Send Email
testimony 25 Aug 2017
I am Mrs ANDERSON ANN from USA, i want to share a testimony of my life to every one. i was married to my husband Barry Morgan, i love him so much we have been married for 5 years now with two kids. when he went for a vacation to France he meant a lady called Clara who en charm him with his beauty, he told me that he is no longer interested in the marriage any more. i was so confuse and seeking for help, i don't know what to do until I met my friend Miss Rose and told her about my problem. she told me not to worry about it that she had a similar problem before and introduce me to a man called Dr oboite obodo who cast a spell on her ex and bring him back to her after 3days. Miss Rose ask me to contact Dr oboite obodo . I contacted him to help me bring back my husband and he ask me not to worry about it that the gods of his fore-fathers will fight for me. He told me by three days he will re-unite me and my husband together. After three day my husband called and told me he is coming back to sought out things with me, I was surprise when I saw him and he started crying for forgiveness and that he never knew what came upon him that he will never leave me again or the was the spell that was casted on him that was working on him. Right now I am the happiest woman on earth for what this great spell caster did for me and my husband, you can contact Dr oboite obodo on any problem in this world, he is very nice, here is his contact (
Ann Send Email
cure 30 Jul 2017
Hello everyone, am Grace samson by name, I have great joy in me as i am writing this testimony about the great spell caster oboite obodo who God has as send to cure me from a problem that nearly take my life for many years I was passing through heart problem, I was told by my doctor that it we be cured until I meet this herbalist Doctor online, Who cured me and make me free, you can contact him by
grace Send Email
real spells 09 Jul 2017
My name is Mariam I want to give a big thanks to a great spell caster called Dr oboite obodo helper who help me get back my joy, by bringing back my husband back to me after many months of breakup and loneliness. With this i am convinced that you are sent to this word to rescue people from heartbreak and also the solution to every relationship problem. for those of you out there who have relationship problem or the other why not contact Dr oboite obodo helper email him ( that is the best place you can solve all your problems.
Mariam Send Email
HOW I GET MY CURE 31 Jul 2016
i am Mr Katumba Richard from Kampala, Uganda, I Am really happy that i and my wife are cured of hiv Disease with the herbal medicine of Dr john , i have been suffering from this disease for the past 3 years without solution until i came across the email of this doctors who have cure so many people with his herbal medicine, i also chose to give him a chance to help me and my wife, he told me what to do and i kindly did it, and he gave us his herbal medicine and direct me on how to use, i also follows his direction for use and he ask us to go for a check up after 2 months and which i did, to my greatest surprise our result came out as negative, we are really happy that there is someone like this DR who is ready to help anytime any day. to all the readers and viewers that is doubting this testimony stop doubting it and contact this Dr and see if he will not actually help you. i am not a stupid woman that i will come out to the public and start saying what someone have not done for me. he is really a great man contact him now. (Indiaspelltemple123) or add him on facebook (Benjamin Joseph Boadi Herbal Cenre's)the great herbal mercy add him on whatsapp on +2347064365391 thanks once again dr john you are the best I have ever seen
joy Send Email
Elder Norgrin 23 Oct 2015
Hello. I am looking for Elder Norgrin, who was serving in Idaho Falls in 1989. Thanks.
Camille Hally Send Email
is real 12 Oct 2015
My name is Angela Mark,my husband has abandon me and the kids for the past 7 months now, and refuse to come back because he was hold on by a woman whom he just met, for that, my self and the kids has been suffering and it has been hell of a struggle, but I decide to do all means to make sure that my family come together as it use to be, then I went to the internet and there I saw so many good talk about this spell caster whose email is drkaluspeltemple@gmail .com so I had to contact him and explain my problem to him and in just 3 days as he has promised me, my husband came home and his behavior was back to the man i got married to. I cant thank the spell caster enough for what he did for me, i am so grateful and i will never stop to publish his name on the internet for the good work he has done for me. Dr,kalu you are the best of all
angela mark Send Email
How i got my husband back 21 Jul 2015
MY name is Peggy morris i am from USA I wan to give this testimony, which is unbelievable. I had a problem with my husband

for over 18months and we break up. since then I was not my self again, i was so confused and empty, my love and financial

situation everything became worst, until a close friend of mine Cindy directed me to dr Johnbenson spell caster who solved

her problem,immediately i contacted him and he did a marvellous job for me,today i can prouly tell the world that my husband

is back to me and we are happy.Thank you dr johnbenson i am greatfull.if you are facing challenge in your marriage or you

are having problem with your boyfriend and you need help Please kindly contact him on this Email:( dr He is good and trustworthy.
Peggy Morris Send Email
How i got my ex back 13 Jul 2015
My boyfriend dumped me a week ago after I accused him of seeing someone else and insulting him. I want him back in my life but he refuse to have any contact with me. I was so confuse and don't know what to do, so I reach to the internet for help and I saw a testimony of how a spell caster help them to get their ex back so I contact the spell caster and explain my problem to him and he cast a spell for me and assure me of 2days that my ex will return to me and to my greatest surprise the second day my ex came knocking on my door and begged for forgiveness. I am so happy that my love is back again and not only that, we are about to get married. Once again thank you DR JOHNBENSON spell. You are truly talented and gifted. Email: is the only answer. He can be of great help and I will not stop publishing him because he is a wonderful man.....
he can solve the following......
(1) If you want your ex back.
(2) if you always have bad dreams.
(3) You want to be promoted in your office.
(4) You want women/men to run after you.
(5) If you want a child.
(6) You want to be rich.
(7) You want to tie your husband/wife to be
yours forever.
(8) If you need financial assistance.
(9) Herbal care
(10) If you can be able to satisfy your wife
sex desire due
to low erraction.
(11) if your menstruation refuse to come
out the day it
suppose or over flows.
(12) if your work refuse to pay your, people
owing you?.
(13) solve a land issue and get it back.
(14) Did your family Denny you of your
(15) Let people obey my words and do my
(16) Do you have a low sperm count?
(17) bad lucks
Mendy Send Email
How i got my ex back 04 Jul 2015
my name are andrea loops.and i want to thank dr john benson for saving my home and making my husband ten times rich than he was before. I was in a relationship where my partner was not paying enough attention to me, never told me that he loves me only when I asked him and I was never a priority in his life. One day I start searching for help and I heared about john benson Hightemple. He just safe my relationship. He did a spell charm to safe my relationship. Today I'm grateful to john benson Hightemple who did an amazing work. He safe our relationship and today my partner treat me like a queen. I became everything for him. Don't think too much anymore because god has sent a great spell caster who can do all things,just to see smile on the face of young lovers and family. contact him at He is the one who will and can help you in what so ever situation you fine yourself into.
once again i say thank you for your deeds john benson me and my family are greatfull to you and your gods....
Andrea Loops Send Email
Thank You Papa 21 May 2015
I am Mrs Ella Briggs from USA i am very happy and satisfied because i have finally met a real man a spell caster Dr Etiosa( he is a real spell caster he brought back my husband and now we are living happily now. my husband and i have been married or 15years now with two boys and a girl we were a happy family until my husband started showing strange behaviors and he started coming home late he would shout at me at any given opportunity, started to see other ladies and he was planning to divorce me to move in with another woman i was so devastated as i love my husband and i don't want my children to suffer so i started looking for help i tried everything humanly possible to make him love me again but nothing worked out.. i met a friend of mine who told me about a spell caster Dr Etiosa so i decided to contact him because i really wanted to have my husband of 15years back so i hoped and prayed and Dr Etiosa told me my husband will come back to me and love me again i had my doubts but i hoped for the best and two days later after Dr Etiosa casted the spell my husband called asking to take me out we went out to together and there he apologized to me and saying he loved me and he didn't know what he was doing. we are now happy, thank you Dr Etiosa for bringing back my joy thank you sir you a kind and powerful spell cater,, he also told me he can cast any kind of spell, money spell, love spell, good luck spell, vengeance spell, promotion spell and so on contact him now on
Ella Send Email
Hello, my name is Marian from Dubai, i want to tell you people about a spell caster(DR OSELE) who helped me get my husband back, for i never thought i could get my husband back after 6 months of break up, i tried all i could until i met this spell caster(DR OSELE) who did a love spell to get my husband back with ease and i am now living with my husband in peace. If you need his help you can contact him via this for your solutions is with him.
Marian Send Email
i am Mrs Albert from Spain praise yea DR OSELE the redeemer of our time,the brightest light to the darkest knight glory to him who without pain has made me a mother of princess and princes and who has also made me a fulfilled woman glory to him who has returned my long lost husband to me without pain nor shame with DR OSELE all things all bound to be possible i have heard,i have seen and now i say that DR OSELE is the chosen one and the right solution to any problem what so ever.his email address
Mrs Albert Send Email
DR OSELE 14 Dec 2014
if really and truthfully you are searching for the perfect solution to your problems what so ever please contact DR OSELE on this email:DROSELEISE@GMAIL.COM.He saved my collapsed marriage.
Mrs Peterson Send Email
aolution man 07 Dec 2014
When am counting my blessings in life i start with the blessing from Dr abulu the spell caster who helped me get conceive for my husband after 5 years of marriage , i am Kendra Smith i get married to my husband smith and we were living good but due to my low fertility of bearing child i went for a surgery to high my fertility and this lead to the block of fallopian tube and at this time my and my husband was lost and depress because there was no way i can be able to conceive again and we were like this one day my friend EDWINA told me about this man called Dr abulu who helped her conceive at this time my husband parents were planning for a new wife so i say to her i need Dr abulu help too and when i contacted him via abuluspiritualtemple@gmail com for pregnancy help/solution he told me what to do and i did after 4 days and on march 20th this year i went for check up and the same doctor who said i can not get conceived again confirmed that i am pregnant so am happy today thanks
kenfrae Send Email
my helper 29 Nov 2014
Getting to contact DR OSELE on these details +2348143654448 or via email at gave me a very huge joy because this details were not just useful but through DR OSELE my relationship that was heading to a break down was restored and i am proud to say it on this site that i have been successfully married to the woman that i have always wanted to marry. You can still fulfill plans to marry the person of your heart desires by contacting DR.OSELE through those details above.
Fabian Send Email
ex back 29 Nov 2014
HI My Name is Sonia Fletcher and i am from United state of America(USA), I wish to share my testimonies with the general public about what this man called Dr Musa of:,for what he has just done for me , this man has just brought back my lost family to me with his great spell caster, i was married to this Man called Richard Brown we were together for a long time and we loved our self's but when i was unable to give him a child for 2 years he left me and told me he can't continue anymore then i was now looking for ways to get him back until a friend of mine told me about this man and gave his contact email: then you wont believe this when i contacted this man on my problems he prepared this spell cast and bring my lost Husband back and after a month my i miss my month and go for a test and the result stated am pregnant am happy today am a Mother with a baby girl, thank you once again the great Musa for what you have done for me, if you are out there passing through this same kind of problems of you need a lost love back or any kind of problems for you can contact he today on his email:,and he will also help you as well

Contact him today on His Email:, or his phone number: +2347057284586
sonia Send Email 26 Nov 2014
Your love spell has huge powers! I cant believe
what's happening to me! It's been only 3 weeks
since you did that spell and hector is already after
me. Since the last week-end he phoned at least 5
times. I believe he seems to realize his mistakes. It's
absolutely happening as you said!! Thank you! Your
work is helping me so much… Without you I would
feel so lonely and miserable... Thank you!
angela if you need help contact him via email.. is their temple cell phone number...+2348084267780
angela Send Email
gea 12 Nov 2014
victory Send Email
gea 12 Nov 2014
victory Send Email
The Great African Spell Caster You Can Ever Trust 25 Oct 2014

My name is David Anderson from U.S.A, am here to share a testimony of what I pass through in my life, my wife and I were married over 7years but no child I have been to many places searching for a solution but I couldn't find any. Both of us got tired of the marriage and my family members said I had to send my wife back to her parents, and everything got me confused till I meet a friend of mine who direct me to the GREAT WEST AFRICAN DOCTOR, DR ODUDUWA THE GREATEST who brought back happiness to my home, I contacted him and he told me what to do and after which my wife conceived, as am talking to you out there now am carrying my twin babies.
My dear whenever you are facing any type of problem in life contact the GREAT DR ODODUWA he is there to help you out, because am a living testimony.
contact him with his email;
David Anderson Send Email
BEWARE 19 Oct 2014
my name is williams i will like us to share tips on how to identify a real spell caster cos a lot of people have fallen victim of scam as i have come across lots of comments lately (i was a victim too) and from experience and what i know i decide to open this thread, only fake spell casters ask for the followings: COURIER CHARGES: no matter where you are in the world, no matter the distance and continent a real spell caster will cast a spell effectively without you seeing it or the spell caster getting it to you to use it so long as he has the names or pix..the spell will work itself.. STRAIGHT: no excuses for failure, if money was needed in the first place for courier he should have say so, so one can know how prepared he is..i did rather pay $2000 at once to get my result rather than paying $200 for excuses to get more money..its not bad paying for items but the end result might be an excuse THREAT: if you get fed up of sending money after money, they begin to threaten one with death and madness.. NIGERIA; about 80% of them are nigerians not saying they dont have real spell casters cos they are spiritually gifted in africa but the impersonation is too much, the fake are more than the real.. i fell a victim of scam twice to a certain dr wodu and dr isaka they but ripped me to shred before i realised almost $3700 was gone until i came across Dr imador who told me how to know a fake spell caster, he helped me get my ex back without failure or excuse in 5 days..we are back and happy now for about a month..his e-mail or +2348120330923.. lets beware of Scammers and share experience, suggestion and solutions..thanks
williams Send Email
a real spell caster online 25 Jul 2014
Hello, my name is angel I can't hide this amazing testimony that took place in my life. A powerful spell-caster named Dr. parjero helped me to bring back my love who left me while I was six months pregnant and went on a peace keeping mission in Holland. We both love each other and it was a shock to me and it really broke my heart. I tried to call him and both of his lines were disconnected. I tried to reach him on social networks but he deleted me off of them. I tried to reach his parents and they told me that their son said that he does not love me and does not want to see me and they do not know what is wrong. I cried and cried everyday because I loved him very much. Until I gave birth and the baby was one year old, I could not get my love back. Again, I was confused. I do not know what to do and I also lost my job and I have no money to take care of the baby. I was miserable in life so I cried to my sister and told her my problem and said that she knew of one powerful spell caster that helped her when she could not get pregnant. I contacted him by email and he said he will help me and told me that a woman cast a spell upon my man and said he will help me break the spell so my man will come back to me and be mine forever. It was a great surprise to me that everything that he said came to pass. My man came back to me immediately, saying that I should forgive him. I am sending a very big thank you to this powerful and real spell caster. I pray for him to live long and do more of his wonderful work. If you have any kind of problem disturbing you in life, you have to contact this powerful spell caster! He can help him through this email;
angel Send Email
Remove spellcaster messages 18 Jul 2014
Is there any way to remove the spellcaster messages on this web page? It reflects poorly on the mission and on the church.
Betty Heath Send Email
Elder Frances 18 Jul 2014
Dear Missionaries,

In 2012, Elder Frances contacted and taught the Huerta family in Idaho Falls. His mission was just ending, and he went home. I would like to update him about the two recent baptisms in their family. Do you have contact information for him?
Betty Heath Send Email
soultion 30 Jun 2014
My name is Blessing Peterson, and I base in USA...My life is back!!! After 2 years of Broken marriage, my husband left me with two kids . I felt like my life was about to end i almost committed suicide, i was emotionally down for a very long time. Thanks to a spell caster called Dr Okoh Oboh, which i met online. On one faithful day, as I was browsing through the internet,I came across allot of testimonies about this particular spell caster. Some people testified that he brought their Ex lover back, some testified that he restores womb,cure cancer,and other sickness, some testified that he can cast a spell to stop divorce and so on. i also come across one particular testimony,it was about a woman called Sonia,she testified about how he brought back her Ex lover in less than 2 days, and at the end of her testimony she dropped Dr Okoh Oboh e-mail address. After reading all these,I decided to give it a try. I contacted him via email and explained my problem to him. In just 48hours, my husband came back to me. We solved our issues, and we are even happier than before Dr Okoh Oboh, is really a gifted man and i will not stop publishing him because he is a wonderful man... If you have a problem and you are looking for a real and genuine spell caster to solve all your problems for you. Try High anytime, he might be the answer to your problems. Here's his
solution temple were all kind of problem are solve 27 Jun 2014
My maria I am from canada I want to give thanks to dr ikoko for the grate spell he has don in my life, for the past 5year after my marriage I have no child and it was causing a lot of problem between my husband and I. He have no choice than to get other women into the house he sleep with anybody that he like also do any thing that he wishes to do, all because I can give he a child, I have look for a spell caster that can help me all I see is scam, scam, but I just said let me give dr.ikoko a trail. And he told me what to do which I just did' it. After a month Later I just said let me want to the hospital so the doctor told me congratulation woman u are one month pregnant it was unbelievable I am using this. To tell every one, so if u are in any situation like this or any problem at all just email or call is personal phone number +2348077841571 he is the solution to all problem
maria Send Email
Miracle 23 Jun 2014
I want to testify of what a spell caster did for me and my hubby.we
have been married since 2007 without a sign of pregnancy.I went off
birth control then and did not have a gyro gave me
progesterone to jump-start a period and it did.,but i did not have
another one.we did another round of progesterone followed by 100mg
clomid for 5 months,we followed all doctors instructions but all to no
avail.I have been buying ovulation kits pregnancy test AND i finally
got 3 test when i was ovulating! So ever since that we been trying for
years now! Well i was very confused because i keep taking ept test AND
they all keep turning out to b negative! I really want a baby girl
while my hubby want a baby boy LOLL! I think maybe we are just trying
So hard, What i can tell you is that its been so many years now and i
still yet do not have my period??nobody to help because every body
around us was already at the verge of losing their faith on were
to run to until one faithful day i was reading a magazine and i
stumble on a page were i found topic or a head line {A SPELL CASTER}
who can heal someone from HIV AND AIDS,bring back your EX,enlarge your
BREAST,help you win a VISA LOTTERY,losing your WEIGHT and even get six
PACKS AND flatten your BELLY,I gave her a try and before i could no it
Mama Isiabel rescued me from my problem by casting a spell for me and
told me to go and make love with my hubby,then i did,and after nine
months i delivered a twins A BOY AND A GIRL. after all this , i said
to my self that i wont just testify on line, but make the whole world
see and hear of her.This spell caster name is Mama Isiabel. so many
people have witness her wonderful work..She is nice, contact he if you are in any predicament email her
immediately without doubts•Thanks so very much!!
Natalie Send Email
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