E-mail information to be posted on the Alumni Page

To avoid intruding on anyone's privacy, I will post only information that individuals clearly wish to make available for the world's perusal. The site is updated about every two weeks. I've avoided automating the process to prevent improper additions to the list.

I suggest posting the last name displayed on your targhetta so people will know who you are. You can put your married name, web page URL, and a very brief message in the additional information box if you want. Unless someone specifically requests otherwise, I list the sorelle only by maiden name on the short lists and include married names on the extended listings. I DO NOT recommend posting your snail mail or phone number, but I'll post 'em if you want me to.


- first name and the last name displayed on your targhetta
- years you served in the mission
- e-mail address

If your additional comments are too long, I'll put them on the graffiti wall.

Ok, ok, I'd like to submit my info now.

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