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Sue Veazey 20 Nov 2012
previous Oakdale missionaries:

If you served in Oakdale in the last fifteen years. You probably are familiar with Sue Veazey. She had a stroke a week ago and can use our prayers in her recovery. Along with this tragedy though, she has been blessed to give up smoking. She is planning to get baptized on December 15th! Come see her or call her if you know her: 337-639-2091.
Jared Melvin Beutler Send Email
Mission Reunions 03 Jan 2012
To Whom It May Concern:
let me know when ever there is a mission reuion and also I was wondering if there is one in April?
Stephanie Horan Send Email
Utah Crawfish Boil Spring 2011 Update 30 Mar 2011
This is an update to the Spring 2011 Utah Crawfish Boil I posted about below.

It will be Saturday May 7th, at noon in Riverton, Utah. It will be in a park behind the church at 11970 S 1900 W in Riverton. The $10 per person must be paid in advance if you want to come. Deadline for RSVP & payment is Saturday, April 30th. Paypal is probably the best method for payment.

Remember, anyone can come, but I need to know who is coming & have received the $10 per person by the deadline. Don't forget to include anyone who you will be bringing in your RSVP/payment info.

Contact me @ if you are interested (you can also send a PayPal payment to my email if you're sure you will be there).
Skyler D Hall Send Email
Utah Crawfish Boil Spring 2011 05 Mar 2011
We're planning another Utah crawfish boil for Spring 2011. This is not specifically a mission reunion, but it would be cool to see as many GLBRM alumni there as possible (mostly from the Simson/Borgquist era, but anyone can come if they want). We're doing it at the same location as last year (in Riverton, Utah). The date has not been chosen yet, but will be on a Saturday in late April/early May, somewhere between the 23rd of April and the 7th of May. Anyone who has a preference on a particular Saturday in that range should let me know ASAP, because around the 14th of March I will be choosing a date.

Also, like last year, there will be a cost per person of about $10, but this year everyone who wants to come has to pay in advance (just insurance against no-shows). Deadline for that will depend on the date of the actual boil (expect the deadline to be about a week before the actual boil).

Anyone interested should contact me for more info
Skyler D Hall Send Email
Mission Reunion April 1, 2011 02 Mar 2011
We will be having a GLBRM mission reunion for all those that served under President Caldwell. It will be Friday, April 1 at 6 p.m. I will post the location shortly but it will likely be in the Highland, UT area. You may contact me at 801-375-3785 for details.

Randy Lewis
Randy S. Lewis Send Email
Possible Utah Cajun Crawfish Boil 13 Jan 2010
Currently planning a Utah cajun crawfish boil for sometime in spring '10. GLBRM alumni are invited (especially the President Borgquist group). Money will be required from participants to help cover costs. If interested, contact me for details.
Skyler D Hall Send Email
President Caldwell 05 Jan 2009
Does anyone know how to get a hold of President Caldwell ??
Kurt Allen Patterson Send Email
Trying to track down Teunis Kruger... 22 Mar 2008
Hello everyone,

Has anyone heard from Teunis Kruger? A former co-worker of his told me he had moved to Canada quite awhile ago.

Best wishes,

John Grigg
John Grigg Send Email
Ms. Josie Parent 29 Jan 2008
Ms. Josie Parent posted the following in the comments section. If you know her, please contact her at, julianna77 -at- hotmail -dot- com
About 3 years ago I was Baptised a Latter Day Saint by Brother Taylor, of
the Hammond, La. ward. I can't remember the names of the friends I had
known. I made 2 good friends of 2 young priests. One was from Utah or either Colorado...I can't remember. They were so kind...I will never forget them...I have a picture of them. I live at 49009 Hiway 51, Tickfaw, La.
70466. I was missing them today. They have been on my mind for several weeks. Thanks.
Darrell Davis Send Email
Great Business for Returned Missionaries 02 Nov 2006
Hello all GLBRM missionaries. i served from 2001-2003. since i have been home the Lord has richly blessed me and i want to share my good fortune with the GLBRM missionaries. I have an easy, and highly profitably business opportunity for all returned missionaries. if you need a full time income or if you just want a few extra thousand dollars a month please call me 702-445-0121 or email My wife and I own 3 businesses we want to help you do the same. Please conact us Jason & Michelle Glass
let us help you achieve your dreams!!!!
Jason Robert Glass Send Email
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