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Naadam 19 Jul 2004
Thanks everyone who came to the Naadam party and to the Gibbon's homecoming! It was goi shuu dee!
McKel Harrison Send Email
Gibbon's homecoming and Naadam 13 Jul 2004
Alright, I suppose you all need directions for the place in Lewiston. Here is the basics from SLC:

N on I-15 to Brigham City.
Take 1st Brigham City exit and stay on that road which will soon go in to Sardine Canyon.
(beware of speed traps!)
Soon you will be in Cache valley.
Drive into Logan and go N on Main street. Stay on this road for a while.
Drive through Smithfield and Richmond.
About 3 miles N of Richmond turn left (look for the IFA plant there)-- also note that there is construction going on so the Lewiston turn off sign has been taken down. The road you will be on will be 1600 W. Take that all the way into Lewiston. The address is 10 S 1600 W. If you have any questions (or want to say hello) you may e-mail me or call me at 435-787-2235. tur bayartai, McKel Wilson
McKel Harrison Send Email
Ulaanbaatar Mission 27 Jun 2004
Hello..My son Zach has just been called to serve in the Mongolia Mission... He leaves for the MTC on September 22nd. Is there anyone out there that could please help me with information about this mission and what Zach will need to bring etc. I would really appreciate any and all the help I could get!
Thank you so very much!
Jeri Glynn
Jeri Glynn Send Email
Mark Your Calenders! 14 Jun 2004
Hey everyone! Yes, it's true. President and Sister Gibbons will be coming home soon. Alas, the time has come. Of coarse we all want to see them, so we will be having our very own Naadam celebration the day before their homecoming report. The report is scheduled for 11 am on Sunday, July 18 in Logan, UT (1800 N. 400 E). The party will be on Saturday, July 17 in Lewiston, UT (just 10 miles north of Logan) at 4pm. The address is 1600 W. 50 S. We will get back to you with more details. If you have any questions or want to help out please contact me at or Peter Butler at
McKel Harrison Send Email
Mongolian translators? 04 Jun 2004
We received the following message, so feel free to contact this person if anyone feels up to it:

The following comment has been submitted by Alisa Webb

Hello. I am writing from the Salt Lake City Justice Court as we are in
desperate need of a Mongolian speaker for a court proceeding. I was
wondering if there was anyway possible that I could post this
on your website. Please advise. Thank you for your time.

Alisa Webb
Carl Michael Sticht Send Email
brush up on your language skills 29 Apr 2004
For those of you who want to measure just how much Mongolian you've forgotten since you've been home, check out this website: It's pretty basic, but for some of us, not basic enough.
Garrett Wilson Send Email
Wedding 10 Mar 2004
Hey Everyone,
I am getting married on March 25th, and I am still looking for people's addresses, especially Monoglian's addresses that are here in Utah. I haven't talked to many of you in forever. So please get a hold of me.
Kristie Whiting
Mongolia '99-'01
kristie layne whiting Send Email
Mongol fonts 18 Jan 2004
i'm trying to figure out how i can get mongol fonts onto my computer. i've looked online for the most part and i don't know how to get those fonts. if anyone knows, please let me know. bayarlalaa.
Donald Carl Huish Send Email
Tribes of Israel in Mongolia 15 Dec 2003

One missionary mentioned that the mission president in Mongolia, Pres. Gibbons, has found that 8 of the 10 "lost tribes" are included in the lineage declaration of members in Mongolia who have served missions abroad.

I am currently working on a paper on the twelve tribes of Israel and have collected information from around the world. So far, I have found members from all of the tribes except for one.

I would be most interested in learning which of the tribes of Israel Mongolian members are from. I do not need any indentifying information about individuals, but would appreciate greatly any information on which tribes have been named there. I can be reached at


David Stewart
David Stewart Send Email
The funeral services will be held on Monday Sep29, 26 Sep 2003
Dear freinds and families of Buyana and Kuta,

The funeral services for Buyana and Kuta will be held at 3:00pm on Monday,
September 29,2003. The services will be held at Sundberg-Olpin Mortuary,
795 South State Street, Orem Utah. The phone number there is: 225-1530

For more info visit
or contact me.
Chimka Hansen
Chimka(Chimeddulam) Hansen Send Email
In memory of Sister and Dear freind Buyankhishig 25 Sep 2003
Dear Friends and Family of Buyankhishig Gendenjamts,

As most of you are already aware, our loving friend Sister Buyankhishig
(Buyana) passed away due to a tragic roll-over accident on I-80 near
Toele on Monday morning, Sep 22. She was traveling with her boyfreind Munkhbat(Kuta) who also passed way .

Buyankhishig’s loving smile and friendship will be greatly missed by each of us. Our prayers are with her family at this difficult time.

If you would like to donate to a fund opened for the purpose of helping to
cover funeral costs, you may donate at any Bank of American Fork branch or
send a check directly to her older sister Sylvia. Addresses are provided
below. The account number is: 9240110 It is a checking account at the Bank of American Fork under the name of: Memorial fund for Buyana & Kuta (Buyana's boyfreind).

We will let you know of upcoming funeral service's time and location tonight!

If you would like to visit the website and see more of their pictures go to:

If you have any questions contact me at (801)376-9784 or email me at :

Bank addresses:
Main branch's mail address:
Bank of American Fork
P.O Box P.O. Box 307
American Fork, Utah 84003
Branche are:
Alpine - 113 South Main Street
Highland -5405 West 11000 North
Orem- 1280 South 800 East
Lehi -712 East Main Street
Pleasant Grove- 290 East State Street
Spanish Fork- 625 North Main Street
Draper -408 East 12300 South
Sandy- 855 East 9400 South
Murray -195 East 6100 South

Sylvia’s address:

587 East Point Circle, North Salt Lake, Utah 84054
Chimka(Chimeddulam) Hansen Send Email
Hey, sain uu? 24 Aug 2003
Hey, everyone. It is great to greet the people I know. I am looking for Elder Nathan Hall. And everyone else drop me line.
Sumiya Myagmarjav Send Email
Mongolian Script 01 Aug 2003
If there is anyone near Provo that could teach me how to write something in Old Mongolian Script?
Isaac Haupt Send Email
More pictures! 15 Jun 2003
Hey all, if you have any pictures from your mission that you would like to put on the web site, feel free. We're kind of lacking in that aspect. I've uploaded some of mine and some that have been sent to me, but it would be great to have more. Please help in this way if you can. Za bayarlalaa!
Carl Sticht Send Email
Book of Mormon read 08 May 2003
For those in the Provo area (or Salt Lake area)we are having our next Book of Mormon read on Saturday May 17th at Batbileg's. Time-5:00pm. Please come and join us. Batbileg lives in the Stadium Terrace apartment compllex just to north of the BYU stadium. Her apt #is 18 and her phone # is 371-6918. We had a very spiritual time for our previous Book of Mormon read. Hope to see you guys there. Thanks.
Garrett Wilson Send Email
Book of Mormon Read 16 Apr 2003
We had a great Mongolian temple night last week. On April 25 @ 6:00 pm, we're meeting at Choka and Dan's to do another Book of Mormon read. Choka and Dan live at about 650 N. 880 E. in Provo. All are welcome for those who can make it.
Garrett Wilson Send Email
President and Sister Cox 10 Apr 2003
Does anybody know how to get in touch with the Coxes. If so, please e-mail me as soon as possible. Thanks!
Ben Torgerson Send Email
Mongolian Temple Visit 04 Apr 2003
For those of you in the Provo area, many of us have decided to do bi-weekly Book of Mormon reads (in Mongolian obviously) and even occasional temple visits with as many Mongolians as we can. For those who can make it, we're meeting this Saturday, April 12, at 5:00 pm in front of the Provo temple. The next Book of Mormon read will be scheduled at that visit. We had our first read at Dave & Chimka's house last week. It was very nostalgic of the many reads we did as missionaries, only this time, we got to read in Mongolian instead of translating! Hopefully, this can provide a setting to spiritually strengthen the Mongolian members here and be a place where we can involve nonmembers as well.
Garrett Wilson Send Email
possible lags in postings 12 Feb 2003
Sain baitsgaana uu, ax egch duu nar mine ee! I regret to inform you that my wife Chrystie has had complications with our second baby. This is going to keep me from authorizing any postings for a while, but Jijig Nielsen still has access. So if you make any postings, be aware they might not be authorized with any quick speed. Pray for us that the baby will make it and that mom will be ok. Za, bayartai.

Carl Sticht
Mongolian Mission Website Administrator
Carl Sticht Send Email
Pres. & Sis. Cox's address 11 Dec 2002
Hey all, I was hoping someone might help us on this. If there's anyone that has Pres. & Sis. Cox's address, please let me know. I'm trying to get it for one of the members over in Mongolia. Thanks for your help. E-mail me at, or find me in alumni and send me e-mail through that. Thanks for your help. Za bayarlalaa!

Carl Sticht
Mongolian Mission Website Administrator
Carl Sticht Send Email
Letter From President Clark 17 May 2002
I got a letter in the mail from President Harlan Clark to all the Missionaries to Mongolia. It has some good info in there on the church buildings and some on branches and such. If you would like to get a copy of it, email me because I scanned it into the computer and put it into a MS Word .doc format. I would be more than happy to email it to you. For those of you that would just rather read what was written and not bother with emailing me, I will paste the text on the end of this message.

The Letter is as follows:

Dear Missionaries who have served in Mongolia,

Our tenure here in Mongolia is about over. We have tried to hold onto the reins while the work of the Lord has continued to grow among this glorious people. We have around 68 missionaries serving in Mongolia, and over 150 missionaries from Mongolia serving throughout the world.

We now have branches in Ulaanbaatar and Darkhan, Choibalsan, Zoon Hara, Muren, Erdenet, Baganuur, Nalaikh, Sukhbaatar, and Khovd.

We own the Central Building, the Darkhan Chapel, and a small structure in Khovd. The rest are rented. However, plans are underway to build chapels this summer in Choibalsan, Erdenet, and maybe other cities. The new church building going up in Ulaanbaatar now has four stories of steel. It will be a 5-story building housing the mission office, mission home, CES offices, and a chapel. It is located near the Wrestling Palace and the Chinggis Khaan Hotel.

The Book of Mormon in Mongolian arrived last November, and members treasure their scriptures and carry them to church. The first approved songbook has just arrived. Translation is in progress for the Doctrine and Covenants and the Pearl of Great Price.

In January the Church allowed the Mongolian sisters currently serving in Mongolia to go to the Hong Kong Temple for their endowments. Two Mongolian missionaries who served in Russia without being able to go to the temple also went. It was a glorious experience for all. They came back glowing with the gospel.

Our plan is to settle in Salt Lake for a year or so, see our children and grandchildren, and then go on another mission.

We appreciate being a part of the Mongolian legacy that you have all created. Missionaries to Mongolia are a chosen group. We have a feeling that all of us were called to serve in Mongolia back in our Council in Heaven days. We have been serving with the best!

With love,

President and Sister Clark
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mission
May 2002
Luke A Nielsen Send Email
Mongolian movie! 10 May 2002
Sain baitsgaana uu?
Bi say -d orj uzej baigaad negen sonirholtoi medee olj uzlee. Ter ni bid husvel odoo mongol kinonuud interneteer zahialaad avch boloh yum baina. haygaar orood zahialaarai! Tegej baigaad neg movie party hiij boloh yum baina:-)
Chimka(Chimeddulam) Hansen Send Email
Atlantic Research Company 19 Mar 2002
Sain baitsgaana uu! Just to let you all know, I've been contacted by someone from the Atlantic Research Company, and they help companies find multilingual employees for firms worldwide. So if you're interested in seeing about putting them to work for you, you can visit them at I've also put their link on the links page for your convenience.
Carl Sticht Send Email
A New Mongolian Newspaper 25 Feb 2002
Sain baitsgaana uu, ta nar? Hey all, I just got an e-mail from someone and they told me that there is a new Mongolian Newspaper that just came out. It's a Washington D.C. based publication called "Amerikiin Mongolchuud" (Mongolians in America), and if you're interested in subscribing, you can contact Enkhtsetseg at (703-465-8438). It looks like it's pretty cheap, as little as $1.50 (an issue or week perhaps). If you might know someone who would be interested, pass the word on. Thanks. Za bayarlalaa.

Carl Sticht (Nairuulagch)
Mongolian Mission Website Administrator
Carl Michael Sticht Send Email
Mission Address & Phone #'s 20 Feb 2002
If anyone needs to know what the Mission address or phone #'s are, they are found on the link to Isaac Solmes' personal website off his profile here.
Carl Michael Sticht Send Email
motto 29 Jan 2002
"Father, are you pleased with all I've done?" was the motto Pres. Cook told us we should have while he was mission Pres. from '96-'97.
Carl Michael Sticht Send Email
Mongolian Pictures 19 Jan 2002
Hey, ya'll! Sain baitsgaana yy? Come check out my website for some Mongolian pictures too big to be posted on here! Daraa Uulzii!
Carl Michael Sticht Send Email
Request for interviews 15 Dec 2001

I'm working on an article on the Church in Mongolia. I'd like to interview some returned missionaries who have served in Mongolia either by email or phone. I'm particularly interested in information about what missionary approaches or policies in Mongolia have contributed to the rapid church growth and to the very high rate of native missionary service. If you'd be willing to share a little information and insight, please drop me a line at


David Stewart Send Email
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